Trump kicks off his reelection campaign in Orlando

Trump starts his presidential campaign for 2020, plus how China tariffs would affect American businesses.
27:52 | 06/18/19

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Transcript for Trump kicks off his reelection campaign in Orlando
And. Everybody welcome to the brief your mind Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us today we have some breaking news out of the Pentagon coming up. Our global affairs anchor Martha Raddatz is standing by we also. We hear from two sides in the growing debate over tariffs against China to business people with starkly different views including one. Who sells fireworks you wanna stay tuned for that but we start today with president trumps big twenties when he reelection campaign kick off and return with our. Deputy political director Mary Alice parks is here and we're joined in Florida from art truck campaign political reporter will speak in. What I believe is outside the venue will we see there it's great to see it looks like the shots freezing a little bit it's been stormy. Down in Florida a merry house what should kick us off here as we look at this picture the live crowd. Why is president from starting used when each when he did. In Florida how important is that state. Well masked. There's 29 Electoral College votes in Florida and men and it's hard to imagine a scenario where president trumpets able to winner re election if he doesn't secure those 29 votes. He considers himself practically a Florida residents obviously he spends a lot of time to stop persons club Mara lock up its own staff refers to it as. The winter White House. And it was this state that really helped put him over the edge he barely wine over Hillary Clinton and 2016. But what a win that was it is just such a big state with so many votes. Is increasingly. Split politically at least in the blue parts of the stake it lower the rent parts of the stake at Renner. And he can win there again he'll be well on his way to securing an. An attorney and the truck get paid for talking of the big game about tonight's big kick off celebration big crowds hundreds of thousands of tickets. I've requested by voters but it would who remains to be seen how many who actually turn out there we just saw a live picture. It is it is wet in his sock he will speak and what's the scene like. They're. So it's kind of another story of two events here today in the morning it was bright sunny people were dancing here. And and about a couple hours into that rain started pouring down. Rally goers throughout their umbrellas handle it that's kind of situation right now. I'm actually I'm. Multiple blocks away I don't even know how many blocks away and assigned his rock wrapping around. Multiple blocks. You know thousand people lined up dissenters thousand people earlier for what they were calling 45 fast. They had like food trucks and all kinds of life music out there. And done yet every have been never runs excited to see the president speak. And I've heard people saying they're they're they wanna see the trump rally that everyone sees at home they wanna see. The fireworks the verbal virus from the president anyway and they want to see what he's gonna do this re election could that's. He and there's still a lot of interest in the president and enthusiasm for the president as he kicks off what the campaign there also seems that it has never ended just white sixteen in and is Willis pointed out previously were still hearing a lot of the same. Crowd. Applause lines that he used in Torre sixty locker opposite example yet if the president isn't really blurred. Those lines between being candidates in a politician and a president and a lot of his official White House amends he starts talking like a candidates again. But this is going to be an actual whole rally so we expect all the red meat to come out I imagine a lot of the favorite lines want to play in the highlights. And especially for a crown the can just and that. Yet one of those lines he's he's throwing out to the crowd in advance of his arrival in Florida was this tweet he sent. Overnight it's getting a lot of attention the president threatening to deport next week millions. Of undocumented immigrants in this country it's cost a lot of consternation. And fear in immigrant communities in the united states of course. The raises questions about how this would be done the immigration and customs enforcement just deported to slow over 200000 people last year tackle every sources to deport. Millions of people were Mary Alice we're seeing this is a playbook that is familiar for president trump. As campaign season gets heated up. Ring weirdest tiny about how he was it looks when Florida and when he sixteen that helped him win overall and he ran largely on immigration back in 2016 he ran on a I'm not only the border wall but this concept of a deportation for his that he would really bolster ID partitions across the country. But it's a permanent 12018. He also ran on immigration again. The last few weeks before voting last November. He talked about that he cares no trans Atlantic current an hour to hour I'm and we and we all can't hear it in the press and those of us that we're following the campaign closely. That they seemed like he was trying cancer rent he is beast up to get. Those more conservatives and I didn't really work commune never really took an imaginative as this I think you're exactly rent in Florida and the Republicans lost to several seats. And obviously nationwide. Morality the Republicans lost forty Democrats have one of the biggest determinant years. Arnold record so we don't know whether this played two really focus on immigration will work or will backfire. And as the president arrives in Florida today he does face some opposition on the ground there stiff opposition in fact the Orlando sentinel. The major newspaper in Orlando area came out. Right as the campaign is getting started with a non endorsement for Donald Trump the paper writes that. There's really no need to evaluate his candidacy would it is no need to wait for democratic candidate and there are not endorsing him. And then there's this new poll that just came out just an hour or so ago from Quinnipiac University Sharon a bunch a hypothetical matchups in Florida. I'm very close against some of the it's lower tier candidates if you will. Overwork and others but look at that with a matchup with Biden Sanders. Donald Trump appears to be. Far behind at this stage in the race for Alison that would seem to align with what we've heard from the internal campaign polls there from the truck campaign. Together some rumors that even the internal polling had him down and down by big numbers in some and a swing states. And if that were to hold I would be looking at a huge wipe out but. We know that we stick all Paulus and a total grain of salt right now it's just too early and will speak and down in Florida as your in touch with your sources in the campaign Howard if you read about Florida when you hear is they kicked this off. You've had some sources that about the leaking of these internal polls suggest that there's a little bit a concerned there. They are concerned but I mean that it's there's no question of Florida is essential and they know its essentials. They wouldn't be kicking off their you know reelection campaign here in Florida for wasn't. And yet those numbers that you know ABC got a hold of showing that I believe biting was up by seven. Internally back in March is something that kind of kick them into high gear so my sources are saying only. Day those bulls are passer on internally was put a bad day for the campaign for everyone involved. So yeah I mean that's why they're here they're they know that they need to willingness to win the reelection and it and it's a pretty big turnout and mud and Ansonia. Them. All right we'll stake it is going to be covering events on the ground there all night tonight this disposed to what they called the 45 best. A date cook out and live music it looks very sake down there are men right now will thanks for braving the elements forceful see you later on Mary Alice. Are you and I were talking move before the show today that one of the big themes tonight the presence can drag out his promises made promises kept. So we thought we take a look at some of the big promises the president Maine on the campaign trail. It's when he sixteen see how we measured up. Let's start with perhaps the biggest one of all relating to health care a top issue on voters' minds and obamacare here's a president. Are going to deliver real change. That once again. Woods America. Stars. That begins with the immediately. Reaped healing and replay sing. That disaster. Known as Obama care. Repealing Obama care and stopping Hillary's health care takeover. Is one of this single most important reasons that we must win. Right so we remember that promise very well was repeated quite often and let's put up our promise tracker. We give this won't be changed rating and pretty far down from capped her house because obamacare is still the law of the land here in year three that her presence in the there have been some significant changes to it. Graham and they did sixteen and one Republican priority and they got rid of the individual mandate was a crucial. Part of the original obamacare lock there's now a lot of court cases working their way pounds or about the systematic asked whether the entire lisle ill to stand out and there's no longer that individual mandate. And the reason to change is on on the regulatory front to. He now and now they can sell on those of bond market places. Some shorter high deductible plans that we are priority one and much more bare bones kind of stopped got plans I was a priority for some Republican senators. But asking a Republican senator is obviously this president continues to blame. John McCain for not one big vote that went down they were not able to pass the Republican health care and then there. I don't know still clear Republican alternative to obamacare on the table the president just this week said he's draft the Indiana new. A proposal on that we shall see in costs of course is all of us now. If that we engage with the health care system continue to skyrocket OK let's move onto the next big promise are from points sixteen this one. We don't need to play sound for it was president trump said that Mexico. Will pay for a border wall. Along the southern US border so where does that stand here's our promise track on the southern border wall. We give that it changed and in progress. Change because there's no more talk of Mexico explicitly. That's area hardest job but some progress we should note there Quinn Owen who tracks immigration heard ABC news two tells me. I've had zero new miles of new construction. Along the border wall have been completed although they have. I guess refurbished about 45 miles or so of border wall that was crumbling and need to be updated so. A bit of a mixed Baghdad but certainly no sea to shining sea wall and had no more talk about Mexico footing the bill rent. Again this wall that he has hit with the US congress we stock Capitol Hill. When multiple times were jacked his plan to use government funds to build a wall. He's and is gonna declare a national emergency use defense funds to build a wall. And he's going informant that plan even though there isn't big push on Capitol Hill. To override his use of national emergency bond funds and upper and here's a third promise for tracking today here's president trooper for sixteen. Our roads have been our school's Urbana highways tunnels bridges bridges of pulling out. So we're gonna get our infrastructure is taken care of going to be jobs but we have to do it for a cut. Parent get our infrastructure taking care of that trillion dollar plan that was gonna fix all those potholes and repair LaGuardia Airport where it's unclear that stands groused. Just a couple of the flying and black. I don't know about that the president did say he was ready to spend two trillion dollars get his party unborn bride Nancy Pelosi and the resolve this camaraderie over infrastructure in yeah we are stall. Right from day one and we send missiles the area where there is bipartisan agreements both sides seem to want to spend money and work on this. And yet a who ran over it's become a running joke here in DC that they can't even get in the same room to discuss an of the structure package. Just last month we have the president are really threatening Democrats saying if they don't stop some of those investigations he's not getting up for an infrastructure at all. And let's take a third and fired a fourth and final promise today this one involving the president's promise to get rid of NAFTA. Put up her prom instructor there that's actually in progress since successor president from back in November you are renegotiated NAFTA with Canada and Mexico he's calling that the US NCAA the US Mexico. In Canada agreement it has been signed we were there Argentina for that but congress Mary Haas hasn't approved it yet. To be a bit of a battle to get that sealed right new trees have to be ratified by congress and be happening in start up all right thanks so much Mary outskirts for your political analysis we'll have much more coverage of the president's big reelection campaign rally. Our leaders tonight here on ABC news live in tomorrow here in the briefing room as well thanks Mary Alice let's bring in now Ers are senior global affairs chief global affairs. Anger and extra. From the Pentagon Martha Raddatz is here is Mary Alice takes her her brow. A ballet here I don't know why haven't you know of breaking news out of the Pentagon Martha just as short time ago another big shake up. Another image the governments cannot and really surprising and and Joseph but this. Prize that it was announced by tweet. Which is the acting secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan has removed his name from confirmation he removed her trump removed him well trump announces. That he had removed that Shanahan had removed his name from confirmation from Sharon and add to spend more time with his family. And that family is really at the center of the reason he's removing his name from this because details. Our coming out now that instantly had it with will be less than a decade ago. Some very serious domestic violence incidents. Involving the washing post first reported this today. Saying that chain -- wife once punched him in the face. They have no comment from her we've also reached out to her as well. But police records also show that Shanahan son who was seventeen. At the time. Beat his mother with a baseball bat was arrested for speaking his mother with her baseball. And this is perhaps one reason why this confirmation was hung up for so long he's been act teens is secretary of defense for quite some time is also confirmed as deputy. Secretary of defense several years ago in this did not come op certainly in public. And Shanahan says now would just be too painful for his Stanley. To go through this again and that they have been healing all we share since he hit his wife for divorce but. He did have all three of his children behind him at his confirmation hearing for. Deputy secretary. Of defense. This is very significant we should remind people I mean this is the head of the Defense Department the largest agency in government at such a critical time a threats from North Korea Iran. Wars going on still in Afghanistan is huge. Shanahan was you know approving a thousand more troops. To the Middle East because of Dick it what he called the threats. To our forces are from Iran in the C in the air on the ground so who's your place and who didn't I don't and in its its the current secretary of the army in Casper. And he is a West Point grad it graduated the same year from West Point 1986. As Mike Pompeo. So there's a very strong. Army presence in their. Secretary of State's secretary of restaurants are answering our answer he was confirmed as well yes yes oh yes he's he's happy. Monster once already Jesse house Nancy hands. As for very well respected in the Pentagon I think that will be a pre any. Seamless cross. Espy will take over before we let you go at a time when this tension with Iran is really at a level we haven't seen in years a short time ago the secretary of state Mike Pompeo was his and sent comments you know and very issue always sandwich is urine uses his secretary of state at cent com that he came out to address the threats and winds troops as you said. We're sent to Iraq. We are there to deter aggression are present trump does not want war. And we will continue to communicate that message while doing the things that are necessary to protect American interests. In the region. And not sent to Iran that sent to the Middle Eastern descent. But but but what what does all this mean Martha and as you. Sort of X put this into some context this deployment of a thousand troops of the 15100 troops just a few weeks ago I think a lot of people are wondering. You know are we gearing up is this a military buildup of some kind for some. Action I think part of this you know you had Pompeo down it and it's and convert part of this is a diplomatic push I look what we're doing. Let me let me just reinforce the fact that we we we can do something to you if if you don't wanna come to the negotiating table. At a you know I was in Iran a few weeks ago right you and they are being equally. As stubborn about the best spot both sides in in most parts of both sides some in Iran say we're headed for a conflict that you heard. They're the president bronze saying we don't want war either you've heard president trump say we don't want war either although he did say in an interview last night with time. That if it was about a nuclear weapon. That might happen and and at the very heart of this is president trump saying he will not allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon. And he is and sort of vacillated and whether he's going to talk to Iran over that very proposition Martha Raddatz thank you so much. You continue to monitor that situation much more from your world news tonight our thanks to Martha Raddatz none of a trade war. With China that's a factor in hundreds of thousands of American businesses. And prices for American consumers the president tweeted just a short time ago that president. She of China will meet with hand next week at the G-20 in Japan are. A respective teams he said we'll begin talks prior to that meeting the administration has been holding listening sessions. I'm terrorists here in the United States giving getting an earful ahead of that meeting or Terry were and senior national correspondent was recently opt in Baltimore he got an earful as well. From one company that thinks that terrorists are good idea. How this China's unfair trade practices. Impacted you China does many things to negatively impact marlin for example. They steal or intellectual property they copy and paste my web site. Went to their own web site sometimes they do such a bad job they keep our part numbers in the cutting and pasting and even worse sometimes even inadvertently keeper named. The cutting and faced. Okay. They subsidize their steel they subsidize the labor they filed their environment. We're very good stewards of the environment we're you know we care about the Chesapeake Bay which is right for miles way from where we're sitting so we need. Competitors. That are fighting a fair fight and right now it's not fair so they just need to steal. The stuff you design and sell they steal our products and they copy and paste it and then they pretend it's. Invented by that. We spent a tremendous amount of money with our engineered from mechanical engineers developing. Patents. And coming up with very innovative high tech ways to solve clients' problems but they just steal. It's not right America has to protect its manufacturing base and we just want to have a fair. Transaction. They don't steal from us we don't steal from them and then we're win game off. And that's drew Greenblatt president marlin which is a steel manufacturing. Thank fabrication company or from Baltimore Terry Moran is here Terry it it does seem that that sentiment. Is a bipartisan one there's this feeling that weeping getting ripped off for way too long and a lot of people like drew. Like to see that someone's doing something about it when that story has been repeated on a small scale like like marlin and on big scale. Are you in the solar panel industry right across America for four decades now and the question is what to do about it of course what he will tell you in what he told us. Was you know his pride he found his products. Being completely copy. I didn't look like it from some of the pictures but these are very innovative solutions the kinds of things. The economic and trade for fuel inject or so that the robots that General Motors can move efficiently and and and automated Lee. Are you construct their that a engine. GM car. And he makes that. But he got ripped off within months they basically copy that they sell it now the United States for less than the cost of the steel and pretty happy with what trump still very happy look he's. This is to me that people like him have been advocated polls show. About a third of Americans think the terrorists are really good at it more people don't think it's a very good idea. What you do see some support per product primarily because it. Issues like that. He's speaking people who don't think it's a good idea we know the administration this weeks and home into listening sessions about the possibility of imposing. A terror someone 300 billion dollars of additional Chinese imports a group of 660. American companies. Actually sent a letter to president trump yesterday. About all this this and we know firsthand additional tariffs of a significant negative long term impact on American businesses farmers and families probably have applied they say. They're not an effective tool to change China's unfair trade practices. And they say the tariffs are taxes and that we are paying those taxes not China. One of those companies joins us now couple represented as joins us now live from by Youngstown Ohio. Bill Weaver Bruce's old and with phantom fireworks great to see you guys think so much. For joining us your company it has been hit particularly hard. Because all these fireworks that people use on fourth of July are made in China. Correct actually. This country. Of all the fireworks that the United States imports. Import 97 point certainly sparklers and fireworks on. Pretty overwhelming. And and I think it is even though the president says perhaps you could moves production here. To the states that that's a non starter. Are actually used to be certain fireworks production of the states. That's been in the history for. 25 years. And Bruce you met with president trump recently. And directly appealed to him on these tariffs what did you say Norman and how was your message received. While I was with a group of businessmen. In diversify its egregious talked about. Arabs and how they would affect. The ultimate consumer in the United States. And certainly earned it he was listening in week in are really most of the time was spent with. Higher officials at the White House and they were all sympathetic to what I was saying. But holding. They're holding on to the fact that China. Needed to be punished for what date were predatory via. Issues and a unfair trade and they said Oakley a deal will be made and I think today received at that might be a possibility with them. In announcement that he has a meeting set. Next week. You're you're hopeful about that meeting and holding your breath Terry you asked. Drew Greenblatt. Who had a very different view of these terror cell from Baltimore about the concerns of folks like bill. And Bruce. Wooded or what's kind of the answer on the other side to those concerns was no question he he's. Feels that this is a necessary fight for manufacturers like him. And others that there was a bet that was made on China about twenty years ago when they came of the WTO. That if they. If we let them into the world trading system in an open and free way they would change when they did change the got a lot richer and a lot less free and they've been they subsidize their products they dumped them they steal intellectual property and use the state intelligence agencies. To commit corporates aspirin are so it's a big problem there's no question about it. But tariffs are such a blunt instrument as you can say it's consumers are paying them. And answer the question is do they work can make change China's behavior that's what we're gonna find out on him and so in the meantime people are getting clobbered by these tariffs and I did pastor about that bill before Iraq's ago. I just want to go back to you because if these additional tariffs of 300 billion dollars are imposed. After this meeting at the end of the month what will that mean for your business how devastating would that be. Thursday problem Eric's there's no alternative source for us to get. Fireworks we have to stay with China China has been good to us we don't have issues piracy. I've heard on the show as we were sitting here. China has been our friends there but the problems those. They've been making these fireworks for a thousand years there are the experts there just is no available production. It in this country or any other country it would be a substitute. To what China provides to us. An important reminders he hasn't fireworks season here on the fourth of July do we Amer I think he's so much with phantom fireworks in Youngstown Ohio was sold and the president. The company is well thank you both very much appreciate your thoughts on this and Terry Moran thanks for your reporting him. Here integration apparently they want and it producer to some pretty impressive high school students from around the country that are. On Capitol Hill today a bunch of entrepreneur or is in town for the junior achievement national student leadership summit. These are students who have created new companies that are actually needing unmet needs in our country making some money. I'm at the same time our Matt Siler is up on Capitol Hill and talk to some of these kids Matt what's going on out there were some of these companies selling. I DeVon. Gavel we have behind me right now are fifteen teams from across the country on the upper high school students. They're all showing off these companies that they built real companies that are being judged in hell of a chance to win. Some scholarship money come we've seen a lot of eco friendly tech products. A couple of companies are very interesting in that. They're selling something that sort of making a positive out of a negative something coming out of tragedy one of those was. Some students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school and apartment Florida who are working on some sort of aromatherapy deeds that they self bracelet. Thank the Genesis of which came out of the tragedy. Between eighteen. Mexican them with our own product. We did everything right here with little lot would be so actually you used to soak up the oil. Which is a mix. Eleven A Politico mix eaten up by anywhere else. And basically he put a few drop in the loved being collected about three days and he's not even want a lot endlessly stress and anxiety. That it's not. I'll look at present our profits go to Mike in there and that's it I'm not profitable organization that most people have gone through tragedies like act. I'll be created five's with the vibrate and a low heart create. Set by the man. And they win it'll vibrate when I figure it's. When you lose your by your heart rate starts to drop so it'll vibrate when it. That there aren't really is below what it should be so it'll vibrate annually that he'll appoint crash. All right the aspiring future business leaders in this country and Matt salary got a great look at some of those products much more from you online thanks so much for bringing us that Matt. Hot and a salute to those kids in the junior achievements national student leadership summit. I hear in a brief hearing thank you for watching us today on this very busy Tuesday here in Washington. I'm Devin Dwyer were here every day 3:30 eastern time 530 and 630 as well on ABC news live. Hope to see you tomorrow.

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