Trump, Kim Jong Un sign undisclosed 'important' document

"We're both very honored to sign the document," Trump said of he and Kim.
14:40 | 06/12/18

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Transcript for Trump, Kim Jong Un sign undisclosed 'important' document
This. Is an ABC news special report trump and the historic summit bell reporting from the sale. Did he did Mueller. Hello again everyone we come on the air because there is more breaking news to share with you let's go right to the images right now president trump sitting down with Kim Jong owned the North Korean leader and let's listen with presents things. Which is in. Little bit less than two hours. And we'll discuss this at great length in the meantime I believe that they'll be handing it out. On behalf of chairman Kim and myself. And we're both very honored to sign the document thank you. Q I'm sure is an honor it was me humans and can people went to England thing we'll. We're looking to influence a 200 democratic support until 100 of which Chris. Who should act as an acceptance than we did not in keeping an entity that Boavista built as an investment isn't imminent. And then collecting good for the continent I don't need to detonate if you put it was thought I was. I. Would be like. And it was a hidden imam. Orders for couples and old from other. News of the we had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and we are all signed the historic documents. Says. Yeah good other political. The world will see a major change. All right well let me even competitors. Is. Located in little bit and get. I like to express my gratitude to president front to me is meeting that. Okay. Do you see it. President trump signing along with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Hoon. And you heard the comments from Kim Jong who just moments ago saying we are going to sign. Pretty comprehensive. Document we've had a great time together we are we're going to put the past behind us and that the world is about to see when. Amazing change. Let's listen to president. Begin to see the change. Quickly. You recently everything in just a little while asking questions the letter there was Sonny is very comprehensive. And I think both sides are going to be very impressed with the results. Lot of goodwill went into this a lot of work a lot of preparation I want to thank. Everybody on both sides secretary. Pale and all of his counterparts they were absolutely fantastic. Vehicles unknown and my equipment and images of what I did this person that's our biggest need and in new plants and even I'm thankful. My youngest englishman but this is indeed under the management right. Hunt humans and it. I'm not McCarthyism I'm an unconditional and anybody who would have looked unbeatable Jesus. Leon to get downtown buildings and that it is okay. That was given who goes on government ended up. Two of them to get. I don't know that nobody comes looking. Thank you very much it's been there. We'll hear of it later. And we're very proud of what took place today. I think our whole relationship with the North Korea and the Korean Peninsula that is it's going to be a very much different. Situation that it has in the past. We both want to do something we both are going to do something. And we've developed a very special bond so. People are going to be very impressed people are going to be very happy. And was going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world than. I want to thank chairman Kim. Spent a lot of time together today very intensive time. And I would actually say that it worked out for both of us far better than anybody could have expected I think far better I watched. The various news reports I would say far better than anybody even predicted and this is going to lead to more and more and more and it's an honor to be with you very great honor thank you thank you do all of you represented us very much. To what we heard from them god and it you don't that was should not go. The community but I'm Hugo and instead this act it will you know acting under ninety it's not at Arlington did he get it she doesn't that it will be. Passengers face death. Q you don't need it comes at the people. Still they don't you know and in my and then he could do that he did the woman there who could then its gets delivered another woman and listening to I don't eat it he doesn't cook us. The opera on my hands into the music of that book on economic it was a young voters and union and it happened. Thank you very much everybody. Thank you. Scene unfolding here in Singapore about 144. Our time here in the afternoon. Over twelve hours ahead of eastern standard time 1:45 in the morning eastern time back in the US. A president trump Kim Jong-un signing. Paperwork just moments ago a document the president said I think our whole relationship it is going to be with the Korean Peninsula he said. Up much different than in the past we want to do something we're going to take care of a dangerous problem he said. He's called this a letter. As it is very comprehensive a lot of goodwill when into a lot of preparation. They did not offer any more details and of course the details are what matter here. There has been debate in the last 24 hours with the president in these meetings today get. Kim Jong-un. To decide to give up his nuclear weapons of complete demilitarization. Or would this just be the beginning. Of a new relationship with North Korea a reset if you will. Secretary Pompeo saying in the last 24 hours that the sanctions will remain until North Korea completely and verifiably eliminates its weapons of mass destruction. And Martha Raddatz are cheap global affairs anchor joins me now and Martha that's unclear how far we've. Have gotten yet between the president and Kim John what is clear is the history made the fact that they were both sitting at this table together signing this letter. History indeed made it is at historic day this is less than five hours when they sat down together and know. We said earlier that she's following a script. It seemed like that script went even better than he expected I think the only thing that the president said that Davis any hint. About nuclear weapons where it's we're going to take care but dangerous problem and that of course. To the rest of us means nuclear weapons so whether they sign something that says we're going to go forward and talk about this at another time or we're going to address at. It doesn't sound like there's anything concrete that we just don't know at this point. Let's bring in Tom Voss are former Homeland Security advisor presidents from now ABC news. Analysts and Tommy were watching this with us and you have been saying as we've been on here for hours now the devil is in the details. Today it is and it's hard to read the tea leaves here but there's this notion of disarming and disabling and dismantling of the US was seeking and I would be a little and to secretary of pomp and those remarks. That perhaps we got them to agree to disarming which should be a massive breakthrough that was the case. Could come later and sequence fashion at this point we're speculating that put it either way a really historic development that it signed this mutual agreement. Mutual agreement be here Kim Jong-un say himself. That we are going to put the past behind us and at the whole world is going to see change marked. It it it extraordinary statement for kids it's extraordinary just to hear from Kim Jong. Sitting there right next to president trump but as we've said all day all night David. They have to verify what ever happens this is not a relationship and there's your tongue boxer would agree that you can depend on trusting. The north Koreans no matter how friendly that looks no matter how many pats on the back no matter how they walk out together they have to verify this is the relationship which. And we heard the secretary of State's in the last 24 hours we will not live these economic sanctions there will not be economic relief unless we see completely new authorization. We're in the overnight hours back in the states and so what do want to bring in Nightline anchor juju Chang has been watching this unfold with us and juju we were getting word that B South Korean president president moon and the cabinet they were watching. All of this unfold today obviously as they would but with smiles. Including the president smiling when he saw president trump. Sheikh Kim Jong one's hand and as Martha points out that was just a few hours ago. And now they have signed this letter from of the world. And what strikes me David I have to say is when you see the smiles and you see the handshakes and you see. Canada walking around as a tourist in this futuristic city of Singapore all I can think of is here is a dictator ahead of state. Who has sense according to defectors people to prison just for watching K pop videos are taking part. In anything that's west arm or even engaging in capitalism and yet serious today shaking the hand of an ultimate capitalist. And and making nice with the west which was just equated with evil for decades under his regime. His family's regime and went looking at. Live pictures right now presidents from North Korean leader Kim Jong moon walking down a colony there the capella hotel that's on since those islands. The president was asked at the White House in recent days when North Korea's former chief spymaster visited delivering that letter from Kim Jong Hoon. If they talked about human rights while meeting the Oval Office he said he did not come up. Is it perhaps it will with Kim Jung who knew her juju allude to that a moment ago. So obviously we don't have a full readout of their discussions as of yet unclear if human rights came up. And unclear Jon Karl who joins us now whether or not there was any kind of agreement in principle. For complete. Repeatedly on of the last 24 hours and you heard the president John. Asked about that as he walked down the Colin night there at the hotel at you've gotten Kim Jong loans will agree to give up his nuclear weapons. Bob a lot of unanswered questions David a lot of woman's question about what exactly signs of what the mechanisms will be. For for putting an agreement into action whatever it was but on the human rights question that you bring back to the present State of the Union Address. And keeping guests in the first lady's box keep it to the North Korean to crack Turk. Who who would the president told the story about I think it's affected all this crutches who made his way across China. That emotional high point of the speech the president in that speech. Seven this is an exact quote. No regime is suppressed its own citizens more totally or brutally in the pool dictatorship. In North Korea that. Was just months ago during which they the union address. Going into this meeting today all items all that I've been hearing from senior administration officials boasted this. Meeting today would be about the nuclear issue would not be about human rights so there are a lot of a lot of question is that are. A real nuclear agreement that they will be in place. The president talked about North Korea into your becoming a part of the real world possess the FT quoted it is Kim Jong-un watch. Actually make that move. Ultimately any assistant. The authority he most. Dictatorship in the wolf and do something. To scale back. What is your work. Look I can only imagine what. To send us this is life. Did you learn about their. It is at right now. It has been a day of firsts here in Singapore the first time a sitting US president has met with the leader of North Korea and president from. Proving as he so often does that. He's a skilled and television personality from the past and talking to reporters moments ago telling them that he will hold a news conference before the international press corps gathered here for a short time from now when he does. Hold that press conference to questions offer more detail about the letter that was just signed by these two leaders we will carry it live we will also have. West Coast Nightline. A live for you coming up here Morrie And he also said they are that we'll be needing many many times you saw the handshake and one thing that struck me is he. Said that of can jungle and I also learned he loves his country to. Those were the final words before days shook hands once again and parting ways the beginning of the relationship. President alluding to. Where there will be many more meetings to cup. Our thanks to Jon Karl Martha Tom and will be joining you again shortly when the president addresses the international press court appearance or object or. It's sort. This has been a special group. From ABC.

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