Trump says Kushner security clearance up to chief of staff Kelly

Kelly issued new security clearance rules earlier this month.
3:00 | 02/23/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump says Kushner security clearance up to chief of staff Kelly
Your chief of staff general Kelley has recommended ending the practice of granting an armed security clearances to members of the top administration. If that precedes would you be willing to grant a waiver to Jared Kushner one of your senior advisors. What Jared senate outstanding. I think he's been treated very unfairly he's a high quality person. He works are nothing just so you know nobody ever reports him but he gets zero. He doesn't get a salary nor does it bako who is now. In South Korea long trip. Representing. Her country and we cannot get a better. Represented in fact. The First Lady a lot of it was stunning what great impression she made this morning when she landed in South Korea. Jared it is. Truly outstanding he's he's he was very successful when he was in the private sector he's working on peace in the Middle East. And some other. Small and very easy deals they've always sit peace in the Middle East peace between the Palestinians and Israel is the toughest deal of any deal. There is welcome I've heard this all my life that. As a former dealmaker all that now you could say maybe I'm more of a deal maker than ever before you have no choice as president to do it right but. The hardest. Deals to make of any kind is between the Israelis and the Palestinians were actually making. Great headway. Jerusalem was the right thing to do we took that off the table but Jared could issues right in the middle of that. And is extraordinary deal maker. And if he does that that will be an incredible accomplishment and a very important thing for our country so general Kelley. Who's doing a terrific job by the way is right in the middle of that we inherited a system that's broken it's a system where. Many people have just it's taken months and months and months. To get many people that do not have a complex financial. You know complicated financial say don't have that and it's still taken months so broken system. And it shouldn't take this long you know how how many people are on that list people would not a problem in the world. So that'll be up to general Kelley general Kelley respects journal op and general Kelley will make that call I won't make that call I will let. The general who's right here. Make that call but Terrence doing some very important things for our country. He gets paid zero Ibaka by the way gets paid zero she gave up a very. Good and very strong solid big business. In order to come to Washington because she wanted to help families and she wanted to help women. She said dad I wanna go to Washington I wanna help women. And I said costs Washington's a meeting place. She said I don't care I wanna help women I wanna help families that she was very much involved as you know the child tax credit. And now she's working very much and family leave things that I don't think would have been in the agreement if it weren't for. You market and some of our great senators at such but she was very much in the forefront of that. So what I will let general Kelley. Make that decision. And he's going to do what's right for the country. And I have no doubt he'll make the right decision.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Kelly issued new security clearance rules earlier this month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53315435","title":"Trump says Kushner security clearance up to chief of staff Kelly","url":"/Politics/video/trump-kushner-security-clearance-chief-staff-kelly-53315435"}