Trump wants to meet with Iranian president ‘under the right conditions’

President Rouhani is reported to have responded to President Trump by saying he would only want to sit down with Trump if it meant there would be something substantial done on current sanctions.
3:38 | 08/27/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump wants to meet with Iranian president ‘under the right conditions’
Moved to politics where the president softened his tone in the final day of the G-7 summit saying he was. Open to meeting with the Iranian President. In sounding more optimistic about this ongoing trade war in China and how will play out selling to bring in Karen Travers at the White House Karen good to see you. What accounts for the president's softer tone. I think the president was hearing from other world leaders over the weekend on the global economy and the much concern about a slowdown in growth. I think that interviewed that's a big reason for the president mixed messages over the last few days about the ongoing trade war with China. Remember the residents started off the G-7 summit by saying that. He had second thoughts about that latest escalation in terrorist but the White House insisted it did a wonderful the backing that he didn't go far enough. Still the president I think was hearing from other world leaders who were very vocal. In gleaning the trade war for being a big reason behind this global slowdown right now. President certainly getting earful but insisting that behind the scenes there were no disagreement everybody would getting along great and it was a successful summit. Now on Iran and the pregnant and said that under the right conditions he would consider sitting down with Iran's president grew honey. He had surprise this weekend at the G-7 Kimberly when the foreign minister from around with invited to attend. Kind of work in some European allies there but a little bit of cold water today thrown on the potential for a meeting by were Connie who says. Second to a photo op with the president who only sit down with him if there's something substantial done on sanctions he won a few relief. When sanctions at the United States has put on Iran recently. Yeah always surprises at this summit so now the president is suggesting that the next location the next summit. Be at his luxury golf resort in Florida. He is and eat with highlighting the fact that it's very close to the airport so it would be very easy for world leaders to land in Miami and does travel a few minutes. To get to his golf club there outside the city I think that was in part because the president. Seem to be happy about the travel you do to get to be or it's in France and changed planes once he landed. So I think he was trying to make a big selling point for his own golf course because of the location. Sorting and Twitter as you see you right there the president says there are no bed bugs at to route and the fact that we're even talking about a bit. President tweak something to sixty million people put in the hard by the has everybody grueling that bed bugs at the presidents' golf club. If you do that you'll find articles that have looked at some health violations in recent years the president that this is all made out there is documentation of this. But certainly not the residents favorite headline I think heading into this big sales that she's going to make to have that summit there. But again not fake news you can Google it find some reports. Yeah lots of things things all over the place some very serious look people are asking about in your radio calls lower they focused on. Think big thing that people were interested in is this potential simmering tensions with Iraq it was just two months ago ahead and check the dates on that to make sure but. Two months ago and Iran shot down at US drone and the president ordered airstrikes which she canceled at the last minute. Tensions have been simmering though since then and now the president says maybe Wilson was president or Connie. Kimberly we talked about these before he likes these photo ops he like these need for TV moments as we've seen with North Korea's Kim Jung and striking meant to be president Hani say he is not going to be just days part of a presidential photo op and left he gets something in return. All right Karen Travers at the White House bid to see you thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"President Rouhani is reported to have responded to President Trump by saying he would only want to sit down with Trump if it meant there would be something substantial done on current sanctions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65221683","title":"Trump wants to meet with Iranian president ‘under the right conditions’","url":"/Politics/video/trump-meet-iranian-president-conditions-65221683"}