Trump Meets With Black and Hispanic Leaders in Manhattan

The Republican presidential nominee is meeting with members of the Republican Leadership Initiative at Trump Tower.
3:03 | 08/25/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump Meets With Black and Hispanic Leaders in Manhattan
Meeting at trump tower is in Manhattan and it is still going on at this hour started around 10 o'clock this morning as trump. Pushes harder for the minority vote he is not backing off with attacks on Hillary Clinton calling her a quote big hit. Last night at a rally. And another question today is he changing his tune on immigration. Eyewitness News reporter dollar miles is line outside trump tower in midtown Manhattan dharma. Certainly that being just wrapped up about thirty minutes ago they're about 25 people inside. And this circuits for Donald Trump say. That they discussed education and gun violence financial stability that that this is the beginning of a continuing dialogue on those issues. It hasn't happened in America. And support downturn. Because indeed jobs. The desperate to let that was his country's in this battle that's. It is shoot that over 50% of adult Americans importance of this is that Hollywood's. Policies that talking all that people but there's a large ships and thus were not doing it. In some trump tower Thursday morning the push for the minority vote but roundtable of Republicans. Planning a grassroots effort to get more blacks and Latinos behind the GOP nominee. People are hearing the message but a very important part of the message for me is the African community does it really didn't let. Hillary Clinton and what you've been. Ordered. Make all. Outside of the Fifth Avenue high rise a contingency are protesters. We're calling the meeting at thinly veiled push just to get elected. The not a genuine concern for minority issues whoever. He is meeting risk. Did not rapid that the activist community in this city of New York. Did not represent. The communities of color black and ground. Communities in this city of mile nor anywhere else but just the publicity start right now it's just pandering to the public to try to get the vote that he so desperately needs. The meeting comes after a surprising about face from Donald Trump Wednesday night. Who now says if elected he will no longer planned a mass deportation. And eleven million undocumented immigrants. No amnesty from him. No open borders secure the border build the wall had Mexico pay for no Sanctuary Cities asked for what trump is saying now. It's unclear if this will be enough to sway minority voters by the November election. Title campaign he's been spewing hateful rhetoric has manifested itself and its policy. And this is just it's just like a last minute trying to save himself trying to save himself from everything he set about our communities. Now minorities targets for Donald Trump say again this is the beginning of an ongoing dialogue they're going to work on its platform to address. Minority issues they also say expect a big announcement from. Had revised its platform on minority issues next week. Reporting live in midtown Harlow miles channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"The Republican presidential nominee is meeting with members of the Republican Leadership Initiative at Trump Tower. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"41649985","title":"Trump Meets With Black and Hispanic Leaders in Manhattan ","url":"/Politics/video/trump-meets-black-hispanic-leaders-manhattan-41649985"}