Trump meets with Canadian PM in Washington

After threatening to end NAFTA, Trump met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
8:55 | 10/11/17

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Transcript for Trump meets with Canadian PM in Washington
And they have president trump and First Lady maligning at trump greeting Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and his wife. As there in Washington DC for an official visit this of course. In the background as NAFTA negotiations are kicking off near Washington hey everyone I'm on in the by the gonna break on the latest headlines for you right now what we know to be happening. Behind closed doors in DC today joining me down in Washington DC and I colleague Mary Alice park freed into the canal I'm. So we just saw the president Agha the thumbs up he gesture to dust and get out and that okay. Great prime minister over year but there's little bit attention. In the relationship that they believed. Absolutely there's been a lot of tension the president has been critical of some of the policies in Canada and the president has said. From Berlin lender in a campaign but also bring frequently since taking office that he wants to essentially ripped up a longstanding free trade agreement between. The United States Canada and Mexico Canada and Mexico both cautioned berries Huntley against the idea of doing Mac still members of his own party. And so we can imagine that there are some very tense negotiations going on behind the scenes there now in the White House. The real sweeping know about Canada's role in this because. Really so far for as long as president of business saying he wants to rip up this 1994 deal a lot of the anger has been directed. Add to Mexico but Canada lot of people that play out is one of the US's biggest trading partner having the largest. Client technically when it comes to US exports what do we know about that negotiation right now. We. We know Canada's don't try to put its foot down it RD has in the past tried to I'm used points of leverage. With some industries where we rely very heavily on and on came products and is a close relationship like you're talking about in party scene katic that candidates start to. To leverage some of those pressure points because frankly cam that thinks that this this is a good deal. Any set in the passing at the French and now in a prime minister has said that that sure there are open to modernizing. The idea talking about. Room for improvement I think that. As a so often with this president there's a fear of bomb. A kind of making some big dramatic sweeping change that could do more harm than good. Where people might be willing to come to the table for our smaller around smaller improvements smaller adjustments on something like that. Well we know NAFTA with Odyssey a big part of president trump economic plan also a big part of that plan is tax reform. Later to eighth inning at Harrisburg Pennsylvania they take going to be speaking delivering some more information about what that proposed plan its own talk about this. Last time when he spoke in Indiana and unveiled some of the broader strokes do we have. Any more details about what that tax reform plan would look like. The short answer is no luckily it's and other Republicans Atlanta here to talk to some of them individually they say yes they are working very hard. On Capitol Hill a number of committees have been. Plugging away trying to get this done. I think it's important to remember that we still just do not have a bill he not have an actual piece of legislation so somebody's he tells are still. Really murky we have tax experts saying what they imagine that they'll be like when they're reading between the lines went their hearing from the White House. It businesses reacting to some of the numbers about. Pretty dramatic. Out and a lot of negotiations going on. Between lawmakers here in DC and some of their state governors and state parties back at home. About whether or not some of the state tax deductions would remain until there's these individual. Negotiating point that people are working not. But by and large there's no bill yet and so it does feel a little bit like a lot of talk with Alex. Without concrete next acts. We know a lot of those details may just be left up to congress for gonna wait and followed that but tonight he's in Harrisburg we understand. Going to be speaking largely before a crowd of truckers are people who work in the trucking industry. Why this crowd what is the message here. In an office in the White House has been that the president believes truckers are the lifeblood. Of America and he's not wrong we're talking about. An incredibly vital part of the US economy and huge huge unemployment sector highlands and tractors. That hit those American highways around a country you know I think it makes sense for this for this White House to embrace. That that that sort of part of the country that population out because it wrapped presents you know sort of great American landscape. Trade and commerce the idea and it went truckers are moving economy is moving. So I think it's partly. A direct appeal to very specific Americans employed in it's very specific industry but it's also kind of a bigger symbolic message about getting at getting then sort of gears of the economy turning getting the roads many Annie Wright is like metaphor to metaphor about the truck and dragging down a hot player like we are moving along. Is raising your rank at the White House says it is going to be a focus of his speech I think it is a pretty. As it is a focus that that makes and may be seems random at first I think that it. And it makes cents a lot of a lot of symbolism there were talking about heartland of America that that does. And as an an industry that does employ. Millions of an. So many metaphors there all I don't think I'm an automatic and other. Up into many will come back and it was an at you about something else before I let you go the president with reading about a lot of things this morning. Wind in particular about particularly. Exit of explosive report. By a and BC and and this is something that raise a lot of eyebrows inside and outside of Washington because of the content one of the most striking revelations in the report. But that in the national security meeting and it would reported the president from. Suggested that an increase. In America's nuclear arsenal within our best interests there a number of other things freeze and that report to but he added tweets this morning calling it fake news of the often. And then suggesting that perhaps and network could have their license. Hold as well and has lot of people talking this morning sort of taking. This attack that we know the president wants before when he comes to the First Amendment takes. A step further. Absolutely you know I think it's been hard for. People like humid high who work for network television to sometimes you know the right way to respond to these attacks on the media it's but the fact is. They're here it's they're growing and they they are afraid to a lot of people in the president United States talks about whether or not. The US government should look into shutting down legacy media organizations. That that is newsworthy it is unbelievable actually and it is something that your right to take pot and take notice the American people sit should think about what that means what the repercussions could be. And what kind of signal and message that cents mean frankly this president time and time again has called news that he doesn't like faith. Called reports that he wasn't ready to share it things that work sort of leads or cannot through anonymous sources which. Austin happens under every previous administration. It it wasn't controlled from a message control from this White House. He cause it date. And that again and that is packed as of this White House practice of this president that said. The cause alarm for a lot of Americans I think give people a little bit of pods to think about a what that means. You know this story in particular Israeli interest Ing I don't think that we Ines and that's our reporting we do know just from the great public budget proposals from this White House. There was an effort and I consideration to do a lot of modernization. That military and the nuclear arsenal. So in that sense maybe is not surprising though. Bill expanding. The nuclear arsenal to such a great degree and modernizing it are two very different things. But this is a president who's talked frequently about the importance of the nuclear arsenal on maintaining that ends ends and and talks openly about wine to make sure that they meant that federal government is investing fully to tap the most modern and most robust military in the world. Mary Alice. Our salmon Washington DC with all the headlines all the metaphors all in one today will tell us good to talk to you banquet at the time Putin. And thanks to all of you for watching as well remember you can head over to ABC is not come any time for the latest headlines or down load ABC news app gala headlined. Right here thanks for being here for now I'm on the not enough feedback here very thing.

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{"id":50422721,"title":"Trump meets with Canadian PM in Washington","duration":"8:55","description":"After threatening to end NAFTA, Trump met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-meets-canadian-prime-minister-washington-50422721","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}