Trump on North Korea: Hopefully it will all work out

President Trump answers questions following a security meeting followed by analysis from Amna Nawaz, Mary Bruce, and ABC News' Political Director Rick Klein.
23:34 | 08/11/17

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Transcript for Trump on North Korea: Hopefully it will all work out
Thank you everybody we had a very good meeting we talked about North Korea has you can imagine. We're very much an agreement we are very unified and we have been right from. This is something that has to stop we will feel that very strongly will be speaking to president she tonight. From China and we're working very closely with China and without the countries. That phone call take place tonight. So if you have any questions go ahead. What it'll do just reassures South Korea just recent tensions. Well I think as far as reassurance that probably feel as reassuring as they can feel certainly they feel more reassured with me than they do with other presidents from fast. Is nobody really done that job that is supposed to be doing and that's why I wrote this horrible situation right. And it is a very bad situations are very dangerous situation. And it will not continue that I can tell you so I think South Korea is very. Happy and you don't mention Japan but I think Japan is very happy with the job we're doing I think they're very. Impressed with the job we're doing and. Let's see how it turns out. What you're being sarcastic when you think but couldn't for expelling 755. Diplomats. From Russia in order to reduce our payroll absolutely I think you know that when I didn't have that we'll see fact. Just speaking to. Just speaking to the secretary. We're talking about coming up with an answer when there much do. By September 1 we'll have a response. We have reduced payroll isn't it yes the president a lot of Americans are on witness with the rhetoric went back and forth between. Faith and North Korea what can you tell them what what what you can have a you know what I say hopefully it'll work out. Nobody loves a peaceful solution better than president trump that I can tell you. Hopefully it will work out but this has been dormant for many years would have been a lot easier to solve this years ago before they were in the position that there and but we will see what happens we think that lots of good things that happen that we can also have a bed isolation. We think lots of good things can happen that there I think you know the answer to that. Talking about war and I think you know the answer to that. Is the law abiding by the nuclear agreement in your view what we have. Some pretty strong opinions. But I would say that they are certainly not. Abiding by the spirit of the agreement that I just effort you know really a further step but. I would say that the spirit of the agreement Iran is not abiding by absolutely in that region do you have the right generals and place right now for the fight in Afghanistan. What we're gonna make a determination Peter is a very short period time as to Afghanistan. I've been looking at and it's our longest war history seventeen years that's unacceptable. We will be making decisions as you know very well. Looking at that very closely. We talked about it opened today which are about Venezuela today also by the way. As well as a mess very dangerous message numbers and situation but we talked about Venezuela lost work we're couple weeks and the general John Kelly I mister chief of staff. What have you done differently what has he done to change the way you act perhaps in the way to your White House ally. Think general Kelley is done fantastic he's in respected person respected by everybody. Things have come together very nicely and I have to say I think probably in I've got through this. But I think very very few presidents have done what we've done in a six month period. Whether it's optimism and business whether it's a stock market whether it's picking up more trillion dollars in value. Companies and equity whether it's all of the many things including his Supreme Court justice. Regulations being cut massively. We have I think it's 48 bills being passed and he let the subject about legislature not just executive orders. I think you have done anywhere near what we've done. And we'll work now on tax reform cuts we'll never we'll never stop working on as you know health care and social work and we're working on. Other things including infrastructure remember very big infrastructure. So I think nobody is done very rarely. I save anybody's done on larger than anybody's done what we've done in a six month period. But I think that general Kelley has ruined. Tremendous. Put something very special. To the office. Chief Mike gone chief. He's a respected man he's a force are from the Marines. And he carries himself like a four suffered injuries and he's my friend which is very important as. And number of Republican senators has. Run defenses have been here since it agreed upon a lot they're so. What do you make of that and he reached I don't make anything up and we should have had health care approved. He should have known that he had a couple of votes. Turned on him. That should have been very easy to handle whether it's through the fact that you take away committee chairmanship would do whatever you have to do. But what happened in my opinion last week is unacceptable. People have been talking about repeal and replace or seven years long before I ever decided to be doing what I'm doing. Seven years they've rejected repeal and replace and it didn't happen. And not only didn't happen it was a surprise. And it was a horrible surprise it was very unfair Republican Party and very unfair to the people of this country so I was not. I was not impressed. Now can do good I think she I think we can do very well on taxes cuts reform. I think we're gonna do well and infrastructure and things will happen. With respect to health care I think things will happen maybe outside of necessarily meeting caps because there are things that I can do as president. So I'll have a huge impact. One health care so you watch it really I think from the governor of Guam and what did you tell him I have not but I feel that they will be very safe. Believe me there will be very safe and if anything happens to blob is going to be big big trouble in North Korea or any change our military readiness. I don't want to say that I just I don't talk about it you know. I'm not one I'm not one that says we're attacking mostly for months it. Are we doing so we don't do it yes you're you're interrupting your trip here to return to Washington on Monday utility why you're doing. Well this isn't really from the trip you know I stay out of Manhattan because it's so disruptive to go to Manhattan will be going on Sunday night at meetings. Monday and Tuesday going to Manhattan. What I say that because it's so disruptive you know all of my life in my adult life was like look in Queens and out of Manhattan. But during the time that I live whenever a president came in it was very disruptive. And I think I'm proud. More disruptive than any out. So where they have to close Fifth Avenue would have to close 56 feet and many other streets so I'm here for that reason. We're doing a tremendous amount of work we're having you know large numbers of meetings and I'm on the phone a lot. When I'm here for that reason I just don't I would love to go to my home in trump tower. But it's very very disruptive to do Washington on Monday yes we have a conference scheduled we have a very important meeting scheduled. And we're gonna have a pretty big press conference on Monday. There goes misspoken emphasizing diplomacy you've spoken increasingly emphasizing the potential for military options. For you to on the same page totally. I can tell you totally music and check. Obviously it's combined elements there we're for the U. Public registry similar to keep performers. The diplomatic solution that you responded that. Moment ago so that when present is doing to try to support our efforts. Archer North Korea what state shall. Right now these recent acoustic attacks we've learned about regarding diplomats American diplomats in Cuba. Who's responsible for the acoustic tax as a Cuba does that Russia who's to blame for that. We've not been him or who's flying we do hope you reporters responsible from society. And security of all our people justice every host country responsible for sales here. Diplomats in the papers we hope you. Orders responsible apartment is. Cared about his health factual not just our. But it said now there are other cases. What awful situation with a losing their hearing these American diplomat all. He's described facts correct are offering. Considering that Venezuela what options are and glory now Ellen. Have many options for Venezuelan. And by the way I'm not gonna rule out a military option. We have many options for Venezuela this is our neighbor loses you know we're all over the world. We have troops all over the world in places that are very very far away. Venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering. And did dying we have many options for Venezuela including a possible military option if necessary. Say. Those eight US led effort that we don't talk about it but I'm military operation and military option is certainly. Something that we could pursue. North. Korean state TV saying we consider the US no more than a lump which we can beat to a jelly. Any time let's hear. Let me hear others say it because when you say that I don't know what you're referring to and who's making the statement. But let me hear Kim Jung would say okay he's not saying it. He hasn't been saying much for the last three days you let me hear him say. You import regime change in North Korea important Venezuelan. I don't want to comment because I think they're very different places so I don't wanna comment. But I support that piece I support safety. And I support. Having to get very tough if we have to. To protect the American people and also to protect. Our allies. By president will be a candidate for president in flooding flooding. I do things. I don't think so at all he's the guy he's just as you know he's four there's places. He's been terrific he's been a great ally and a great friend of mine. Pretty accurate further economic sanctions against North Korea yes we there's a very strong support they're already very strong. We are considering additional sanctions had a very very high level and probably you can say as strong as they get. They thank you very much everybody thank you. They have president trump departing after his second appearance today before reporters. At trump National Golf Club in bed minster in New Jersey. Flanked there by his national security time team rather secretary of state Rex Tillerson UN ambassador. Nikki Haley and his national security advisor HR McMaster. Little bit of news made there and some important comments made a ticket with regard to North Korea. Let's jump into it now down in Washington DC my colleagues Rick Klein and Mary Bruce join me live now skies. We've heard over the days now the last three days a doubling down on it the comment a tripling down I think is it now quadrupling down. Did he get clarification. Rick over to you first on exactly what the US policy is towards North Korea right. No there's no clarity on what that policy is and in fact I think. I heard in there at the air front it from president trump to Kim John Allen. To say what his regime has been saying it statements he is saying that he prefers diplomatic option. But that's the rhetoric of of trash talk that seemed set to lead toward conflict and not less conflict so this is an attempt by the president's it to try to so united front inside his own administration. But there is no clarity right now I think he he's really anyone's guess struck. On the one reporter asked are we about to go to war does this mean military conflict he said I think you know the answer to that. I don't know the answer that maybe the reporter did I don't think that reported yesterday there and how much are present fund has street in his head at this moment what the answer that question. Neighbors he was asked about a message to America many people who are on edge because of this. Escalating tension in the war of words that's going on this its response the prize he. I don't know it if there was a lot of reassurance there from the president necessarily when asked that question he said hopefully it will work out that's his message to Americans were concerned about this ratcheting up of rhetoric that they are hearing. And Annie didn't seem to offer much reassurance that and the people of south Couri either when asked directly about them it. With interest and we know from our troops there on the ground that they are familiar and an accustomed to this kind of rhetoric. Coming from the north what they are not familiar with what strikes them as very unusual is to hear this same kind of language coming from the president of the United States. And Rick is exactly right I mean. You mentioned a quadrupling now of the president's statement he continues to be long on talk and very short. On specifics he said he made very clear that it didn't that threats from North Korea have to stop. But what is the plan to stop that and then. It would in the same breath almost unit you have secretary Tillerson saying that the president here in his words is just trying to make clear in the stakes to North Korea and that he does prefer. A diplomatic option but again what is that look like when you have the president continuing to double triple quadruple down. On raising the stakes here and mentioning of course that a military option always remains on the table. What comes next is I think the big question on everyone's minds there. One the other question here and Rick take this for a America created jumping in but. The question is where is the offering bright because for all the public bravado know and and a lot of the big talk. Coming from both president tram and Kim Jong Hoon that do that state media there we know that there is back channel diplomacy going on right now. So how does this all and. One startling thing about the Som is that I don't it was really clear on how this all you can be gat. It seems to be that the president was put off by a report in the Washington Post that suggested that intelligence officials. Have learned that's North Korea admitted Fries they're there weapons and that there was a nuclear war epic that's that but you put on ICBM presumably president trump would have known that. Before it was in the Washington Post but that seems to be. What's that have often got him talking about firing Fiore so we're used to the north Koreans ratcheting things up I'd argue that president trop has ratcheted things out. And aid may be ultimately that the north Koreans are getting what they want in terms of attention and on the world stage and they're getting certainly be tension the president of states for several days now and we're sitting here on the brink of seem like there's action. But it's not clear what the urgency is or was in I think to that and it's not clear how you ratchet it down what with the north Koreans have to do Boortz today. That gives them that opportunity would seem to have to be something back channel because right now it is it's hard to imagine after all of this Kim Jong-un say you know you're right Mr. President. I was wrong and I'm in a back down that's not his style and I can't imagine that president something's that's gonna. Happen. Any and is Rick have been pointing out this is a very dangerous game of trash talk going on your right we know what bush is president tribes buttons we know that it. Kim is very volatile and and we have the two of them continuing that this back and forth it almost knew you were it becomes a game of chicken here. And as Rick point that you don't know what threat facilitated this necessarily. In the same I think you don't know what the rat the president is referring to that would ultimately spur some kind of action or response from the US so. It beyond wrapped an on ramp and me off ramp both remain unclear. I think it's worth at this point just for a moment taking a step back going back just three dates and time now. To Tuesday it even though these two have been poking at each other for quite some time over the last few months it was at this set of comments. By president trumpet really started to escalate things over the last couple of days let's take a lesson. North Korea. Best not make getting what the rest of the United States. They will be met. With fire and fury. Like the world has never see. He has been very breath. Beyond a normal state. And as I said they won't be met with fire fury and frankly power. The likes of which this world has never see before. So merry here's the thing out in Washington DC and particularly when you're talking about negotiations between two nuclear powers precision. Is everything but we know this president speaks off the cuff. All the time. How does he change his language how cool with it it's gonna get behind him to say neither exactly the words we need to you is now in order to. Well right now as we have seen throughout all of Donald presidency did without his running this shop and we know that when it came to it those initial comments and presumably much of what he said since then. There hasn't really been what appears to be cohesive key here the president is always want to speak is mine and he's doing so forcefully. The question is you know an anyone you know how to they get ballot ever seen each here. The president asked if asked questions about Kelly's role is new chief of staff at our first as the chief. And we know that he's been spending some time went up in New Jersey but look. Just consider how much we heard from the president directly over the last eight or more from the president answered more questions directly from reporters. On his vacation than he normally does here in Washington leniency full pack working schedule. The president acting in his own communications director as we've been discussing the president is running this show and as he just announced the little bit and other news ain't going to be having and as he called a pretty big press conference. Here in Washington on Monday. That need changing anytime. We know anything about that now. I bought the house. These days is only communications director what I was struck by and you see uniform policy and you see it in in the communication strategy right now. This the president freelance this is this is actually the comfort zone of present he sought. In the campaign you see it over 3040 years in business but he's doing a remarkable amount of governing on the fly off all the cop right now and I think. This is that this this is a piece of it in what you have to say on Monday. The successive days of official information the way he went out the other day and you that entire jury without even as national security team. Knowing about it this is him governing on gut instinct and it can be dangerous when you're going up against unpredictable world leaders. It can also be. A little bit of a comfort zone for a president who by all accounts is pretty restless on vacation it's MIT H that. Lucky for you and that you may have committed some of the key member through a little extra work we got some news here. Ambassador Hayley could be taking some additional sanctions proposals against North Korea. Back to the UN Security Council his military advisors might want to ready a plan for Venezuela. Because apparently in military option is on the table for interference there. And we have a little bit of news coming out of his Washington DC relations basically saying it kind of a new deadline for going with that being today. They then McConnell in action or inability to get through Health Care Reform was unacceptable. Look the president says this is a working vacation and he certainly is working at scenes and making all of his staff work to and maybe even running into overdrive here when it comes to. These comments that he makes he has seemingly leave off a cop I mean just because you act and I asked about Venezuela now means. Note announcing that there could be some kind of you know military option there on the table he of course. When going to any kind of deet tails there but. You know these are the kinds of things that it we've seen over and over again and it seemed to raise a lot of red flag the apartment a lot of years certainly in Washington amongst even. Even you know within the president's own administration has as Rick points out he continues to freelance a lot as. You know certainly his continued union with Mitch McConnell is not sitting well with a lot of Republicans here in Washington and we just continued to see. That at that fight be laid out a little bit one sided because it McConnell has not been corresponding I would not expect him. To engage the president on this one but the president is clearly enjoying coming out and and volleying back and forth with reporters and answering these questions and that's changing eight. The rate he's got a bit of a home court advantage that he's in his comfort zone as he mentioned this all that's changed when he gets back to Washington. I think. There's a new phase of the presidency and acting maybe he. The firing of of Anthony's Karen which he's communications director made it obvious that he needed to take over Morton obviously in at least that he take over or himself bit. Typical president is fond of of action and being the act or and in creating. You crises in new story lines in the fact that he is created this public feud with Mitch McConnell at the same time it is in this worth of room. A war of words with North Korea sort classics trop we've seen those impulses team that bit by the White House. When he returns to Washington does he run into more of the predictable regiment. Challenges shore I suppose but. It could be that he wants to just conduct itself differently in what it it probably is the cut but what he's right about all that's what it is calculations are right I mean. He's a gambler and the American people gamble on him in November it making him president despite a lot of obvious flaws and shortcomings. And lack of experience in this realm he's doing this is wet. And it is extremely high stakes to put all its ships on the table. But this is that the comfort zone of governing it plays well for his base. And if it's successful. It could he could open a new chapter on his presidency. When you think about that favorites this gamble. It it it isn't Albert makes a very important point that that this you know in many ways is what. From supporters elected him to do they in many ways you know support this kind of rhetoric bait they feel the president front that's coming out and being very strong. The issue here is that the audience is not just trump space you're dealing with a very important. Critical issue of international relations and the audience is not just. What comes base wants to hear but how this affects American allies how this will and it changed. The global politics going forward so. Did that this scope and the rat that this goes way beyond. At happy Friday. If it happened Friday the happy Friday and Rick a group it is not yet calling. Like them. Thanks to all of you for watching as I'm army go over to Anytime for continuing coverage of this story and for now I'm on the and you back here.

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