Trump must pay $2 million to settle civil lawsuit against foundation

A judge ordered President Donald Trump to pay large fine for campaign finance misuse; plus, what you need to know about impeachment.
28:15 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for Trump must pay $2 million to settle civil lawsuit against foundation
Everybody welcome to the brief Fairmont Devin Dwyer in Washington great to have you with us on this Thursday a lot of political headlines popping at this hour but first some breaking news out a New York City. A federal judge's order Donald Trump to pay two million dollars to a group of charities to resolve a lawsuit against him for miss using. Trump foundation money during the 2016 campaign this is a significant case the president has admitted wrongdoing of course to personally misusing. These foundation funds and now a judge today has ordered him to pay up. Our investigative reporter and ABC news audio anchor Erica terse. Two million dollar check and that and the trump foundation said just a moment ago DeVon that they're pleased to be putting out. This money to several US charities included the United Negro College Fund and the US holocaust memorial but. This is a case that stemmed out of New York attorney general's office and it dates to 2016. When during the campaign president trump. Held a televised fund raiser for military veterans but the judge ruled that there the fund raiser and then the subsequent donations made. Two veterans organizations will wasn't exactly altruistic but only meant to further mr. Trump's political ambitions. And his business interest and so can fleeting charity with politics resulted in the dissolution of the trump foundation. And now this two million dollar payment that the president's going to have to make. And the end of the case says he said and it it really an embattled story of this foundation Aaron and a footnote to all of this the judge also. Barred any of the trump family members from serving on charitable boards without being supervised. It's right it's it's a stunning bit of punishment that the that the trump family is going to have to endure and and an embarrassing one firm for. People that means because and less board of the charity has. Other independent members and has nothing to do with the president from port his businesses. He nor his Stanley can can sit on on on that charitable board and and that's in effect for the next ten years in addition. Two that from foundation dissolving itself. And this two million dollar payment so it's it's quite a sting. I think after that the New York attorney general's office brought this case but they said that that there were persistent violations. Of New York charities laws. Case closed on that on Aaron there is another speaking of stains in just in case on related matter on related. A person involved but this one on a New York that is worth mentioning today because involves made of America products. Which are fake and could endanger national security because they were sold two US military US government offices tell us about this case a marks a significant. DeVon this is a rather stunning scheme that went on federal prosecutors said for thirteen. Years and in that time have been through technologies a company. In coal Mac New York on Long Island. Was supplying the US government the US military and private businesses with security equipment cameras and surveillance technology. That was installed in sensitive locations. And Nate said that this stuff was made in America it turns out federal prosecutors said. It was all imported from China. The labels were changed to make it look like it was American made. And this stuff may still be in use today. And so prosecutors moved to seas shipping records from the company so they can try to track it all down and remove it. The problem with this equipment it violates federal law against having. Foreign. Spy gear in in US military bases but also there are known as cyber vulnerabilities. Associated with some of this equipment. Yeah a lot of concern right now about Chinese technology in the United States from did. From these fake goods to tick tock this week to of course while way the big Telecom giant. Officials are very concerned about that caricatures he thinks so much for your reporting to lead us off. Today here in the briefing room to the impeachment inquiry now here in Washington in some new reporting from our team. On Capitol Hill about how to house Democrats have now begun to draft. Is minute as many as three articles in impeachment. Against Donald Trump our investigative reporter a Catherine folders this year Catherine this is moving very quickly the public hearings just about to get started next week and already. You're learning that Democrats are preparing to get their documents ready. If for how they will charge the president in all of this policy. We're right exactly they're preparing. To draft these are still have a preliminary discussions about a Devin what we've been told our sources is that. They are considering as many as three articles of impeachment and here they aren't the first one there is discussing his charging president public abuse of power now as it relates to Ukraine and him pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate. Joseph Biden in the 2016 election the other thing that there are considering his obstruction of congress for the in illustrations refusal to comply with these subpoenas you've seen a lot of these witnesses they subpoena though of the White House the administration has told them not to show up. In the comment and then the third one which is. Interest in DeVon is that they've also weighed an obstruction of justice charge there having discussions about this. Of obstruction of justice related to them Moeller investigation now we haven't heard about all are in a long time. But there also weighing that's what's important to note that these discussions are still preliminary. Know what will happen is these public hearings as public phase won't happen. Mostly in the House Intelligence Committee and then they will turn over their results their findings to the House Judiciary Committee. Which of course we'll then drowned these articles of impeachment of the conversations. Are still ongoing but I live now this is what Democrats and senior sources we've talked to have been flattened. Yeah and for folks not familiar the articles of impeachment will basically lay out the allegations of wrongdoing against president trump why. He's going to be voted to on for impeachment it will be laid out there it's of this is significant new reporting from Catherine callers and team quite notable captured they might add. The Muller reporter Muller obstruction to battle but hasn't been finalized a very interest in Catherine thank you so much. Of course all of this the swirl around impeachment the new allegations. Hot topic today on ABC's the view were the president's son Donald Trump junior was aghast. And there were fireworks tickle. In the memo of the call that was released from the White House between your father and the Ukraine president. Your father said I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot. And Ukraine knows a lot about it and we have the entire. Part part of the memo here. The other thing there's a lot of talk about Biden's son the Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney general. Would be great. This is the basis of the impeachment. Inquiry why is that a sham. The hope is now hardly at all because. Nothing was withheld beat the other guy on the other side actually said I have no idea where your talk about no one knew anything what would you can bwic hell's. The the other guy in the Ukraine they in terms of aid being withheld so no one knew about these. I'm not sure that's a light military aid was withheld yeah. No no when nobody did you create their underwear and there was no quid pro quo you see all the other states that a lot less withheld pending a prima fashion place whatsoever for impeachment the transcript is there at the witnesses are telling according there was nobody around a lot of more articulate out here purely military paid what all the time. But not because of that re enter the the other guys. I was online has been really doesn't at a July hey there have been several ambassadors that have testified. All right that it ended the discussion on the view there a barometer for much of the country debating what is a quid pro quo is it really bad to do quid pro pro. And what's the president's defense in all of this you saw the president's on their defend him. I've got a couple of experts here at ABC news with me now to talk. More about quid pro quo what this is really all about order to step back here the next couple of minutes and break this down for a micro dean our senior investigative. Our reporters here and flared EU heads up our agencies unit is here as well you guys have been. Taking a dive into this and we're start with you because. You think this sort of zeroing in on what people have been Google in about here and it actually is the very same question that they put to Don junior on the view what is a quid pro quo it does seem like. There's a dispute over whether there was one but what he's want what is. Quick profile it flatten and it means literally something for something. And this is not uncommon in US policy protect loop when you're dealing with other countries treat a trade and and it's something that than the button former vice president Joseph Biden did when he threatened to withhold one billion dollars in US aid. To the Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor that they didn't think was doing enough and so it happens all the time it was another question people who are who lean what's so bad. Rate well what's so different about this case is that went trump was appearing to suggest to the Ukrainian president. Was you might not get the military money and you might not get a meeting with me at the White House and usher willing to investigate my political rival and 20/20. Took self serving rumors and that's national security threat that's the allegation in this case as well. I'm Mike what's the president's defense here. We've I have heard some of what MS talking that this happens all the time there's nothing to see here. Other doubling down on this Don junior said there wasn't even a quid pro quo there wasn't even something for something. Bomb but well what are they are. Well the president is arguing is that. He what he was trying to do was look into corruption is trying to get Ukrainian government to look into corruption corruption is a serious issue that should be looked at. There are what he views as credible allegations. Blades between sixteen election related to John Biden. And at those should be looked at and so we're gonna get into that in a second because if there we were allegations said there are proper channels that that should go through perhaps more than just a phone call to Ukrainian president. Classic a step back because as we head towards public hearings next week which will be very significant the first time this process is televise millions of people will tune in. I'm and a lot of people wondering why were seen overseeing this week the drip drip of depositions a lot of the same witnesses. What's going on right down what are we what are we learning might we need to see it again. What we know that the Democrats have been pulling these people behind closed doors but they've also been criticized for that for not bringing in into the public. I think what they're doing is they're building and narrative a lot of us are reading this back and forth and worked we're slowly beginning to understand. The tension that was building inside both the State Department and the Defense Department. A lot of these diplomats were really frustrated that they couldn't release that aid and they couldn't understand why. And and president from discussing talk to root Brady talked to Rudy Giuliani has personal lawyer so that was an interesting twist. And I think what we're gonna do is hear these people and their own words. Eight in. People we would see in public. Do you delivering their own words what they've delivered in private in here on the screen if you're following us here this is some of the just the bullet point takeaways we've learned this week so far. From B officials you'll hear from get a chance to see we've learned that the top Ukraine diplomat. I said there was a this for that there was a trade by the president he thought it was crazy. Right I mean that was something that Bill Taylor was adamant from the beginning he said he wasn't even interested in taking the job in Ukraine. Because the political lid is that I can't say it at least they sitting there they became so political that he said this is not what I believe in and he actually sent a secret cable. To Pompeo it's that say that this past to be addressed and deeply concerned and. And Mike we saw. Junior presents EU ambassador said he was involved in that as well we saw another top US official. In Ukraine and this was your reporting this morning that it that he thought all of this was self serving. So as we're talking about quid pro quo is happening perhaps all the time the key here. Is that US officials career officials knew that this was improper because of the purpose alone all goes back to the original allegation against Joseph Biden that's really what I was looking at this morning that original allegation. With all this talk about quid pro quo. What about that allegation and would turns out is that some of the witnesses and even trump and his allies are point two saying to everyone look at their testimony. Even their terrorist testimonies saying that the allegations against Joseph Biden. Have been pushed for so many months are not credible and those allegations being that the Biden's were corrupt inside Ukraine on he was vice president. And you found that again these career official says you know there's really no there there the president can have all the theories he wants. There's really no evidence on the table worth chasing well not only that but these allegations. This witness this this envoy to Ukraine trumps our envoy to Ukraine. Testified at these allegations first came from Ukrainian prosecutor who's trying to save his job and that's what this was all about. Tennis and fascinating hour conversation here we're gonna have a lot to follow next week you'll be leading the charge for us and we'll have. Full coverage those impeachment hearings starting next Wednesday I'm here on ABC news live with Mike Levine and thirty thank you so much and much more of and reporting. And Mike's reporting an express. I next to the race for twenty tween a brewing drama developing today down in Alabama. The former attorney general of the United States Jeff Sessions a man who president trump fired. One year ago today. Now wants to return to Washington as a US senator from Alabama of course he served in the United States senate. And for many years is very popular at the time he wants back in the game but you'll first have to face some Republican challengers in his home state. And he may have to face. President trump who could be supporting some of those challengers are Trish turner. Is up on Capitol Hill and has been following that senate battle as it begins to emerge down and Alabama are just a cover Jeff Sessions. Quite some time when he was up in the senate Trish. Why is Jeff Sessions getting in today do you think this is deliberate that he is wants to get back into Washington politics the same day he was fired. That some irony event I would say there there is. There there's no chance that this by accident and that we expect this to happen today not only as an on the day was fired. But he is going to go on and Fox News on one of president trounce. Favorite anchors shows Tucker Carlson it thinking we expect him to make this announcement that he is in the race though that's going to thing. And it's a seat that the Democrats currently hold overture said this is that's something that Republicans are very eager to pick out and they don't wanna squirt. And that's exactly right so on essentially when Doug Jones to have their rates on six years ago are not even pictures and to several years ago at the special election when fashion flap. You know I would say this is dean most endangered seats and Republicans lost present truck got involved in this race. Roy Moore on who when. Got got it got involved in the threes he he you know he ended up winning the primary I mean it was just like a cascading series of disasters so. And being most endangered Democrat Doug Jones. I'm going into the 20/20 cycle so this is business. Totally right for Republicans to pick up this seat you know and they and they want to build a firewall they could lose a couple of other seats for shall work. And us that they want to build a firewall to preserve their majority they certainly do not want to end up with Roy Moore again who is back on the ticket but they're six Republicans in this primary. Sessions getting and would certainly have a leg up. But I was told Devin that on in that seriously. Session state is truly in Trump's hands short term as wildly popular in the state. And he's headed there this Saturday so. We have in her fear any tweets we haven't heard anything from the president but. It's everywhere else yeah it's gonna really well. Once he gets done interest or are they so much the perspective from Capitol Hill as this begins to unfold let's go to White House quickly were White House reporter Jordan Phelps is tracking this is Jordan. As Jeff Sessions prepares to get in announce formally tonight a lot at stake here. He has been particularly quiet about Jeff Sessions and not. For lack of asking you've been out there asking the president what what do we know about his thinking towards his former attorney general. Hate coming out there's no shortage of bad blood between these two in the president's opinion on just fashion is certainly hasn't warmed since he fired him. A year ago to the day but DeVon the president has yet to weigh in so far I pose this question to Kellyanne Connolly one of the president's chief. Defenders this morning and she said that the president. Doesn't want to deprive Alabama voters of the chance. To elect their own represented as but DeVon make no mistake a senior official here tells me that the president has been fuming about this. Behind the scenes and complaining to aids. About this process at the prospect of sessions being in the race in saying that he doesn't. Watch him to do with DeVon this comes as our hill troops have some new reporting today that. Mitch McConnell has made a request of the president. To kind of sit out these Republican primaries the concern they are being that the president. Will damage some glitz in the primaries that they end up being their general election candidate. I and in their her going into that general election but DeVon. It remains to be seen if the president will keep up this dis at playing. On Jeff Sessions. He is not happy about that step. Yeah we will see if the president can can keep his tongue. Inviting keep biding his time on this front yard Phelps of the White House thanks so much wrote the Alabama perspective on today's developments are bringing Kyle whit Meyer. I he's a state political columnist or vale dot com joins us from Alabama sir thanks so much for joining us. Are remotely it's great to see so I got asked how popular is Jeff Sessions an Alabama right now as he makes this announcement is he. Immediately a front runner in this Republican race. I think is immediately front runner but it's not clear that he's gonna have a majority write the gay. He's been wildly popular in Alabama for many years. Oh this friction with president trump has is you know. Taken rule that out you know away from him by. You know this is one of those weird things about Alabama politics it might be hard for outsiders to understand that it's possible for. Alabama voters especially Republican voters two U. Support president trop. And Jeff Sessions. At the same time I mean that set that seems like a contradiction. But it's also worth remembering right now that. Twice already Alabama voters have. Rejected the president's advice when it comes local elections that an incredible fact. Galleries he he endorsed Luther strange against Roy Moore Alabama voters picked Roy Moore. He endorsed Roy Moore over Doug Jones Alabama voters picked out jobs and this might be three for three for. It was I was gonna was busy as he heads down their Kyle the president will be down for the big Crimson Tide LSU tigers and it's Saturday which. You know he's kept his silent so far but we will see you he can hold it when he gets down there in Alabama something tells me that he won't be able to resist but. Do you think he's still at what will his influence win the day again I mean will he. Will he be able to break through this time is as we saw in say news you know Mississippi there tonight. I wouldn't even take what happened in Mississippi. It's you know I don't believe the trop gets credit for the what gets credit for that is that Mississippi like Alabama's there certain state and Republicans have an advantage here. And if you look at the margins and the governor's race in Mississippi four years ago there actually much wider than what we saw the other garden. I I believe the what this does to change this race is this race right now they've notes at five contenders and it on the on the GOP side it's not been getting a lot of attention here and Alabama just for the reason that national politics right now. Is is the spectacle it's that thing that everybody you know wants talked about you talk to voters about. If you try to talk them about local issues they wanna talk about trop. But this you know brings. The spectacle back to Alabama. And I'd I'd pitcher does the other thing the other issues you may the other thing that's gonna keep attention here. You know. The deadline to to file is tomorrow we still haven't in sessions has still not officially said he's a candidate yet. There are Republicans in this race who would not have gotten in this race had they known that Jeff Sessions is produce chief among them. Represented brown paper there's no way it's in this race six months ago. If Jeff Sessions says that he has an interest in it. And so he gave up really a free shot for his his old seat. And in the in the house. To run our static out quietly. Yeah he's he's not and you know he has 24 hours now to figure out whether he drops out this race and trusted to run for his house is how scenic. And Kyle 'cause you real quickly because I'm almost out of time but I do want to just. Really shaken things up winning in Alabama does he stand a chance against whoever Republicans put forward here is that is that. A four run conclusion you think. I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that he's gonna lose. I think that he has there's say. Path to victory forum however narrow that might be. But a lot of that includes chaos in the Denver in the Republican primary and and you know against this race had not really heated up until today and he now have Tommy cover poll former Auburn football coach who has this race taking shots at Jeff Sessions. It's going to be it was going to be a wild it's going to be a wild a couple of months ahead as this thing shakes out I am not a time but I whip Meir. Thank you so much for for joining us this afternoon costly political columnist. With the ale that come up every back palaces thing heats up. Finally today to a new report by the US Secret Service on targeted mass shootings in America's schools yesterday I visited the Secret Service as they released. Their report of course the agency is known for protecting the president but. In this case they also take a close look at some of the threats that all of us face in our daily lives including its schools and today. Are they reveal the findings taking a look at 41. School attacks over the last ten years from 2008 to 2017. And they found that most of those attacks can be prevented so I talked to doctor Leena all of story this day chief of the national threat assessment center at the Secret Service. For how that can be so. There is no one accurately useful profile of the student attacked her. These attackers varied in terms backgrounds. Social diversity friend groups someone loner someone mainstream. Academic performance. So really to offer avenues for investigation. What we really delved into is. Everything in the background that led them to that point. So the fact there's no profile. Means it must be much harder to identify or at least profile and type of suspect in schools Wright who could perpetrate this so what. What do you tell people about what behaviors they should look for when it comes to potential shooters. So what the Secret Service has found in this recent. Is that every single school attacker had engaged in concerning behavior and that at a lot of times elicited concern in those around. And those included making threats to attack. Suicidal comments depression. But also lower level behaviors that we want schools to be aware up and that includes subtle and dramatic changes in behavior. Maybe declining performance. May be making having one conflicts with other students says aren't behaviors that are observable similar processes so. As are so general though we think high schoolers middle schoolers I mean declining behavior acting out being aggressive may be threatening a friend or bullying someone that. Would seem quite common is there anything that you can distill. Down a level to see what that's actually more concerning. Than your typical high school student acting now. Right and that that's the challenge right is to being able to identify. These kind of behaviors and put them in context so we always talk with schools and when we're doing training so we travel. Secret Service trials all over the country doing training for schools mental health providers. Law enforcement on preventing targeted attacks and what we say is there's no one behavior. On one situation room so most of these attackers. Had experienced dressers. Every single one of them excuse stressed that related to a social context being bullied. Conflicts with students romantic breakup so really have to look at a constellation. Of behaviors. And looking for patterns. And intervening early when someone's industry whose responsibility. Is it. Two CDs patterns emerged to take the whole picture of a potential. Problematic students say something. The best approach that the Secret Service advocates is a multi disciplinary threat assessment approach and what that means is you have to involve. Counselors teachers. Principals school resource officers like to talk to each other they have to talk to each other and they all have to be trained on how to spot concerning behavior. Even the ones that are not what we call objectively prohibited so in the report you'll see a lot of these student attacker is exhibited objectively. Prohibited behaviors that means. Talking about bringing a gun to school talking about doing a school attack in interest in violent interest such as the Columbine attackers. Those are what we call objectively everyone should be able to spot those and those should immediately trigger an assessed. Gavin I was struck when the findings in the report is that you see two thirds of attackers communicated. Their intent to do something within two weeks of actually doing it in image. These cases these attackers were exhibiting behavior in communicating. Making threats to the target. Communicating about wanting to carry out a school attack. And that in two thirds people observed so why is it's not been. A lot of people told curing your study found kids I can imagine this being at highest anything ground my friend is just joking or maybe. He's going to strike back at me so I'm afraid to come forward or. Maybe you assume some and also take care of the problem that's not my problem. Pretty common responses but the message here seems to be if you see something this day and age really say something. So you know that Department of Homeland Security expression from years applies in this series sundin like. And it hooking up for us but it really works that people need to see something. But they need to recognize what that scene which is why the Secret Service puts out this guidance is that we want to give of the communities that fact based. Approach to studying tide of violence so that they can take this. And in act any kind of policies and procedures that would keep the communities. Eric thanks in the back from Renault Ferrari have the US Secret Service national threat assessment setter for having us over at the Secret Service you can find more that reporting an Thanks for joining us yours today on ABC news live in the briefing room or her everyday at 3:30 PM eastern time 530 and 630 you can. Download us on the ABC news app watches live there is wrong with the latest report in all these stories. We'll be right back here tomorrow in Washington with the lead up to those public impeachment hearings next week I'm Devin Dwyer. Hope to see you back here them.

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