Trump projected to win New Hampshire Republican primary

Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld was the Republican primary challenger to President Donald Trump.
3:55 | 02/12/20

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Transcript for Trump projected to win New Hampshire Republican primary
Republicans that a primary here tonight is well in native New Hampshire and present sharp. No surprise the big winner. Tonight over bill weld to save a leasing the president's strategy at work over the last couple weeks comes in Iowa the night before the out Cox's New Hampshire and before the Hampshire primary. He likes to so discord in the race and he's been doing that all day today with his tweets he's been tweeting at Bloomberg he's been treating it Bernie Sanders. I'm really struck by a one in the early exit poll numbers that we saw that was of the Republican primary it's at 54%. Say that their allegiance is more with Donald Trump and with the Republican Party. That's this isn't what we we said this on Iowa we we've we've been saying this for the last week given given the state of everything a live that the Democrats preserve her latest. This is Donald trumps party right now make absolutely no mistake about it and he is riding high he is feeling emboldened after impeachment. After the debacle in Iowa. And you see it coming to fruition in Washington today there was this huge stunning move by the Department of Justice that really was. Consider to be unprecedented. When it. A it recommended against its own prosecutors who wanted Roger Stone that trump ally to be imprisoned for so seven to ten year sentence to 710 years. And in this stunning move they came out in and recommended against that and that was hours after the president's own tweak. Now the story line of course coming out of the White House and the Department of Justice is that this they had there was no communication. That the president's tweet in supporter Roger Stone happened hours before. Howard that there were no communication between the two but nonetheless this is or something that so many people have been fearing that that the president. And the White House would step on themselves as their riding high in victory right now. But Chris Cristi is here with us as what we have seen the president unleashed. In the last week both on the campaign trail and back in Washington as well but don't go back we're live for years ago you're of course running against the president yup in New Hampshire primary. Through the primaries he was basically tapping out up until the end around 40%. I've never give women had some trouble in the Republican Party but it's a thing which is saying it is his party right yet. Listen to you know the old saying George you know is. Democrats fall in love Republicans fall in line. Right and and that's what the Republican Party does most time with when they have someone who's elected president. George W. Bush sought equal parts of loyalty especially post 9/11 among Republicans and I don't know that we asked that question in that way during the bush years or not it's a particularly trump being type of question. We may have seen something like that are even more for George W. Bush especially in the post on of the period but that's what Republicans do. When we elect the leader. He would or some folks were in the party originally were involved with them or not. She's been the president for three years now they're gonna fall in line and we saw that lasting one week ago we are all here watching state of the union. Address the president me hitting a lot of different notes the leader since then we've seen it. I guess pep rally. In the east room we've seen the firings of people who testified against him in the impeachment we so it's this is really just talking about today unprecedented move in the Justice Department. He is the president getting in his own way. Well he often steps on his own story unfortunately. And then a lot of us rather have told them that over time but what I've also said over and over him except that day when US we've got and I'm dealing impeachment vote. That this is Donald Trump style this is his personality this is the way he's going to be and he is not going to. Based on polls and he's doing better now to better himself more closely. That's not who yes and so he's gonna be who we is as the president. And you're gonna have days that are putting her voter days where a lot of people have been asked a lot of questions but in the end I don't think it if anything that happened today. Really is gonna fundamentally change the race because in the end. Races come down to two candidates and a comparison of this to carry to binary choice right now Donald Trump I think beats any of these folks are there.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld was the Republican primary challenger to President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68924887","title":"Trump projected to win New Hampshire Republican primary","url":"/Politics/video/trump-projected-win-hampshire-republican-primary-68924887"}