Trump rails against Mueller

President Trump says he could run the special counsel probe if he wanted to.
3:19 | 08/21/18

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Transcript for Trump rails against Mueller
A new round of trump vs Muller the president is now saying that he could run Robert Mueller investigation. If you wanted to Karen Travers. As the latest and that from the White House line McCarron civic and presidents not busy enough trying to take on new responsibilities. Isn't it interesting comment from the president at Diane in an interview with Reuters yesterday he says he has chosen to stay out of the investigation but he wanted to you leak it take it over he says he could run. He's saying here is that yes he does have the authority to hire Mahler to order into the investigation or to bring it back on the Justice Department but it's important to remember that. This is an independent investigation this is an outside investigation special counsel. Which was done purposefully to take it away from the Department of Justice of course Everett mall are still reports the deputy attorney general but this is all being done. Outside of that system. The president's you know has certainly tops in the past about. Firing mall are there many hints that he was looking to do that he was apparently considering very strongly last summer. Diana reaction from Republicans on Capitol Hill even very close allies of the president. Is that that would be a disastrous move for his presidency he cannot do this have to just let this investigation. Run its course and come to its natural conclusion. And Karen at a big question has been floating around for quite some time is will the president sit down. For an interview with Robert -- he now seems to be suggesting he won't he says it's a trap. What's the latest on the I think to be taking the advice of his lawyers all of this for months the president has said he wants to sit down with Robert Pollard he says he's done nothing wrong. He has nothing to hide so let's go let's have this conversation but he's only hedge that by saying but I have to listen to my lawyers and there are of course very publicly saying that this would not be a good idea. Over the weekend Rudy Giuliani the president's personal attorney for the rest approach that this could be a perjury trap where the president own words set under oath can be used against him. He says one version of events somebody that gym Komi says something else and then they have to say who's telling the truth here. The president said that could be a reason to not do this interview he told Reuters quote even if I'm telling the truth that makes me a liar that's not good. And it Karen another camp administration has also moved to formally replace that queen flower plan that. President Obama put into effect but the EPA what the new plan and they. Yet this big deal in the Obama administration announced this president Obama's at the time that this is the biggest action the United States had taken to fight climate change you're trying to reduce carbon emissions. I have massive amount 32% but here's when he thirty. The Obama administration citing public health reason saying this would reduce premature births this would reduce current in the in young people across the country. And also of course good for the environment while the top administration has said that this was hurting businesses this was bad for the coal industry. President as a candidate and as president has said he wanted to end the Obama aero war on coal. And the president going to West Virginia tonight for campaign style rally he certainly will be talking about this tonight because this day. The administration says this is going to make it easier for. Coal companies to try and can heat with natural renewable resource companies and things like that we got a lot of attention in the Obama administration. Karen Travers ever White House lawn keeping busy Karen thank you.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"President Trump says he could run the special counsel probe if he wanted to. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57310681","title":"Trump rails against Mueller","url":"/Politics/video/trump-rails-mueller-57310681"}