Trump repeats 'open up America again’

President Donald Trump said at Tuesday's briefing that he is reopening the country despite a tremendous war underway with an invisible enemy: the novel coronavirus.
2:56 | 04/21/20

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Transcript for Trump repeats 'open up America again’
They're very big day today. They're saying that. Love and prayers. Every American continue. To be without fellow citizens who've lost a cherished friend or family member to the virus. Amid sir grief where making tremendous strides. Against this invisible enemy. Thanks to our aggressive campaign against the virus in the extraordinary talent of our medical professionals are. Mortality rate remains roughly half of that have many other countries and war of the lowest of any country in the world. And that's do a lot of a lot of things but our medical professionals have been incredible. Since win absurd guidelines soon. Opening up America as we call it actually opening up America and we had the word again today I think we can add that would probably again. But. That's what it is we're opening up America again twenty states represented 40% of the US population and announced it. They are making plans and preparations. To safely recite their economies. In the very near future so that said Tony states. That 40% of our country they're moving along pretty quickly three announced today as you know. And they're going to be doing it safely here going to be doing it with tremendous passion they present. They want to get back to work so country wants to get back to work. The short time ago the senate passed a paycheck protection program and health care enhancement act. With additional funding for the paycheck protection program hospitals. And testing. Lot of money for. All of them especially for our workers and our. Small businesses my administration is work aggressively with congress to negotiate this critical. 482. Billion dollar funding package. We reached a deal that includes 382 billion dollars in crucial small business support to keep workers on the payroll. 75 billion dollars to eight hospitals which really mediate. And very badly very. Proud of that 125 billion dollars to support Carreira virus testing efforts. I urge the house has passed a bill and they're going to be voted and I imagine very very soon. I think while we're here so he's a very busy man as you know secretary religion he's going to be. Running backs Ifill would do we'll talk about that now and we'll take a couple of questions on that and that he can go and start phase four. As the ink is dry probably they'll be voting tomorrow the house but. Shortly shortly and I think we have tremendous support.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"President Donald Trump said at Tuesday's briefing that he is reopening the country despite a tremendous war underway with an invisible enemy: the novel coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"70276398","title":"Trump repeats 'open up America again’","url":"/Politics/video/trump-repeats-open-america-70276398"}