Trump reportedly announcing Made in America week

"The View" co-hosts discuss the merits of the announcement, in light of the fact that many Trump-branded products are made abroad.
5:30 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for Trump reportedly announcing Made in America week
Come back the White House is also declared that this is made in America week which will highlight products made here in the USA. Noticeably absent from this list these products fund the current administration. Okay. Spin out Strom. Shirts sports coats suits eyeglasses. Furniture home mirrors ceramic vases wall decorations kitchen items. Lighting fixtures hop picture frames home by its profit. Yeah hotel and Senecal is body lying where they went to raises. They're -- at once to rises. Plus our perhaps wand you bed shoulder de could pan collar is lesion and even. How early everything you need to survive that's been made body out it. You know I love the idea of made in America that sounds great but if you have to practice what you preach it's stunning to me that they don't realize like he knows his own business in history yes but does. No it doesn't know all the world can easily enabled it to look at other ions out of everybody does it take you baucus in noting line also rely. Eyes exclusively on foreign factories employing low wage workers. In countries such as Bangladesh Indonesia and and China and that's from the Washington Post investigation on his action might hit else I was wasn't one of his supporters this morning on CNN. And he said I'd wake up every morning I can't wait to read his tweaks. I love him he's speaks for Nate they don't care about it like flies a switchers lifeline to the 36% of of his supporters and that's why I think. He continues to do it but he's doing is made in America thing and I spent the weekend at a at a farm. In southern Maryland the swan farm Calvert county I met the farmers' Jodi swan the man that you see in there it it has a 350 acre. Farm and we talked about made in America we talked about the farming business. And it was a true American experience wise and the administration constitute a little bit more on people like mr. swan perhaps you know. Really making America great in guess like glass. Our you know all anybody has to do is look in the cities in this country and see where all the factories have disappeared yeah. When you realize that a lot of this. Has not to do with how were taken if this is about the bottom line and dividends. It's about the money the people want to get. And they don't want to pay your health care. Now that they don't want to pay and make sure that you union dues are taking Carol what that you were being taken cab they want to go and what. The money in their pocket now from other countries what nobody's gonna ask questions like what kinda what kind of air resistance hackers this is a this is what this is and I get all the folks that the opponent for him but let's be realistic -- your in the middle opt for one. They met when you when jet missing practice what you preach my dad was not the president the United States but he was an executive at a company here hey she didn't know not yeah. Chains isn't in the box. It heat was an executive at a company at one thing I didn't appreciate Intel later in especially now with this president when we speak the optics was. My dad always insisted on frightening American car and those aren't the best cars necessarily. Beast and I will not sit down and negotiate with union workers and manufacturers here in this country. And not driving American Carney. And yet now when you left the company he now has to different things right I never appreciated that. And tell I watch people that need our country don't even care optically. But they're saying this matters and not living and that's what have all my night. Even the idea they believe in the idea of make America great again because they feel that things happen lost but none in terms of things that they got they believe in the American dream but they're associating it with him because he had the right talking points and the white lines dispute but if they being what they need to do now is just look at them a little bit deeper. And look at what this guy has actually done what he actually stands for what he's our tightened as you can still believe in the closet as. But he's not a guy who's really an advocate for a lot of positive things kind of how we I let us if they actually did the success by trump Cologne. At trump natural spring water and the trump campaign make America great again hats were made in the united state and donate the items it. It was a normal vision Sundance is prudently kind of sentiment. Up up up. You know what haven't done this at ABC does a series. They would do a series they all yearlong about. Things that are made in America how people decided to bring. Things back and it wasn't easy they got a lot of help but hey. It's being done so had missed and it do guy. I. Do we must read that list of products was compiled by the Washington Post last August. You know okay which is actually what you said a few minutes about it back. Wow but see what one when Sonny said it she was talking about the list I'd just read she actually said let you know world that it sent this out.

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{"id":48683885,"title":"Trump reportedly announcing Made in America week","duration":"5:30","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the merits of the announcement, in light of the fact that many Trump-branded products are made abroad.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-reportedly-announcing-made-america-week-48683885","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}