Trump says he will not send lawyers to 'hoax' impeachment hearings

White House lawyers will not participate in the House Judiciary Committee's hearing on impeachment this Wednesday.
3:55 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for Trump says he will not send lawyers to 'hoax' impeachment hearings
What a turn to Catherine folders on Capitol Hill now because the impeachment battle. Does continue you heard Jordan mention the next hearing comes up on Wednesday but before that Catherine the intelligence committee. Has been drafting a report based on all the public hearings we heard in the last couple weeks and members start to do that today. They have so the Intel committee is done drafting this report beginning at today at 6 PM members of the house. Intelligence committee but Democrats or Republicans will be able to view that report in draft form. Behind closed doors who were not going to see this report. Today Aron weren't going to see it until tomorrow at 6 PM when they're expected to hold this meeting where what they'll do. Is potentially vote on this report now the vote is it expected to be along party lines. And what it will do is essentially blow this report out of the committee to the House Judiciary Committee now that will be at the next phase of this impeachment inquiry in the house. A Judiciary Committee will hold its burst. Public hearing. On Wednesday EC chairman Nadler there ho have the first public hearing on Wednesday in this hearing is really a supposed to be with a legal scholars and constitutional scholars that you heard. The president mention this says he was departing for London also recently tweeted about this he's upset about the fact that Democrats want to have three witnesses on this panel on Republicans. Will only get one now these witnesses. Of course are not public yet but the thing is that that Warner is for the White House are not participating and that's the difference between at these hearings in the intelligence committee is there wasn't. They weren't allowed to participate there was no White House but his vision and this is something that Republicans in the White House have been making noise over for weeks you've heard it. The lawyers now have the opportunity to participate in this hearing on Wednesday they say that they're not going to put to spit on Wednesday. The chairman Adler has given them a 5 PM. Deadline by Friday to say if bill participate in any of the proceedings I'll. But this this one really this weaknesses it's an academic exercise. It that's right there's going to be for academic legal constitutional scholars and what they'll be doing is assessing and analyzing. The idea that the president committed these in their words Democrats worth high crimes and misdemeanors now we will see it. Some of shifts report of course at be brought up and that hearing but you also see a lot of theatrics from both Republicans and Democrats. A Republicans are upset that they're going to be getting. This report Republicans on the Judiciary Committee member they won't be able to view it until its public. So they're upset that they're going to be getting this late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning as the ranking members said they'd don't think they'll have time. To digest the report in time but yes it won't be with any fact witnesses you heard the ranking member of this committee Doug Collins say he actually wants to call Adam Schiff. As a witness in their proceedings but Wednesday he'll just be hearing from scholars who will be assessing those. Alleged crimes a high crimes and misdemeanors the president. Allegedly commitment. Catherine we're just the Judiciary Committee stand and at this point is there any doubt that they're going to move toward drafting articles of impeachment. Don't doubt now essentially they're using these hearings to determine whether tuned to recommend articles of impeachment but. Day it's. Will likely that they will begin. Drafting these articles and and look here and it's pretty fast so you have these hearings this week now. Has indicated that he's ready to hear. The White House the president present a defense. As early as next week and has also. Indicated that there could be a full house vote on these articles of impeachment before December 20. So it's moving rather quickly there doesn't seem like any doubt that they will begin drafting these it's just a matter of how many. They draft. All right ABC's Catherine folders with the latest on the impeachment inquiry into president from from Capitol Hill. Catherine and thanks to you.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"White House lawyers will not participate in the House Judiciary Committee's hearing on impeachment this Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67441427","title":"Trump says he will not send lawyers to 'hoax' impeachment hearings","url":"/Politics/video/trump-send-lawyers-hoax-impeachment-hearings-67441427"}