Trump Slams Carson as 'Super Low Energy'

Trump took on Ben Carson in Miami.
4:29 | 10/24/15

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Transcript for Trump Slams Carson as 'Super Low Energy'
I love Iowa. And I honestly think those polls rule. Presbyterian. I'm a great Christian. Room. They say in the Paula I'm the best leader. They say in the poll out the best on the economy by thoughts that like like duplex like quite well. Out how important is the economy Iraq remembered the economy. Never that. It's the economy still that I mean if you cannot stop bleeding on the economy. I'm sleeping with men big late. I'm not doing as well with women we helped me. Oh which I don't. Nobody respects women more than me made his first ever it was my mother leave the grain. Nobody's going to be better what do more for women that Donaldson that I could that I could. And I think they know. I'd rather do well with women that Whitman Whitman and doing great deal and everybody with women. Not parable Monica do better. Fellow. So what happens. Line up is the bulk of them. And the press was so happy yeah. Not understand why weren't first place it would be discussed. Nobody would pitch in. But here it is all day long mine actor in the television. Line. Bigger than Hillary's talk yesterday on main guys. So headline. News ahead line. Headline the biggest worry. It it in my right. Dropped balls that. It plays and I allies that no way. The press was going crazy they loved it they would still happy. I won't mention the names but you know some of. You know them. We have a breaking story. Donna drop. Has fallen to second place behind. Ben Carson. We informed Ben. But he was sleeping. Donald Trump has fallen to second Lewis. You know it's funny you got all these guys to people dropped out right parent you know about that and you know the governor of Wisconsin very nice right. Walker the book not that they became so anxious to me. They parrot usage this guy like two months ago and the bad part is I want it wouldn't even in. It wouldn't be as. Said to myself out. I have to to recognize that it is because I have to I have to tell them. Ben Carson thank. Ben Carson is the one that's leading Iowa supposedly. It's gonna talk about. A friend of mine who happens to be a great great athlete he happens to be African American he calls himself black on black. And I can't say that mr. politically correct. Said. He said Donald get the greatest trash talking that ever lived and I never he says that each and I never thought I'd say it about a white guy. You believe a and I said I don't that's true or not because I refused to god he said when you said low energy published you to find him showing men. It was over he can have a 125. Billion dollars in the bank Donald. It's over it was just defined. But I said but Ben Carson is super low energy right super super. Super low energy we need tremendous. Energy. Okay.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Trump took on Ben Carson in Miami. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"34694680","title":"Trump Slams Carson as 'Super Low Energy'","url":"/Politics/video/trump-slams-carson-super-low-energy-34694680"}