Trump speaks out about Mueller report

President Donald Trump addresses the report and the House subpoenaing White House aides.
3:39 | 04/24/19

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Transcript for Trump speaks out about Mueller report
Right now I want go to some sound from president trump this this is. First time speaking since the Mueller airport and he just appeared on the White House lawn so just let's take a listen to this really quick. Polk. Actually thought it would owe a lot. It makes it ballots. Powell. How. I. Do we ears. How. It's not. Want to know everything that I haven't thought out well I don't. In. Fact. Checked. Records. Eyes. And I. Should probably. In this. All right so there you hear president trump again speaking for the first time since similar report was released. I want to bring back in that Ben Siegel whose NRDC bureau and just get your thoughts illness he's saying no obstruction no collusion what do you what do you make of his comments they are on the White House lawn. Well. You see the president trying to use the ultimate findings from the special counsel. Sort of indication nests really paint what Democrats are doing us. As an effort to add to go after him personally he's saying there was nothing there and they didn't find any. Any issues of the structure and of course that saw exactly what what Muller's team rode in their and there are nearly 500 page report. They examine several instances of and indeed tell it episodes where the president. Attempted to impede his investigation into whether his campaign. Was coordinating when Russia of course there was no coordination. The special counsel found but there are plenty of instances where the president worked. Two subvert the investigation into those matters and it. There was it was a legal question that Mueller was dealing with a which is whether or not the sitting president can be indicted and that was something that really. Colored his findings about whether the president did obstruct justice of courts us a little more nuance in the portrait. The president's trying to pain here and Democrats one of the reasons why they want to look into this is to see. You know what else they can do and when they say whether or not there should be any law changed regarding. The president and and concerns about whether or not he broke the law. He and we're seeing that live picture of the president right now boarding his. A flight to Atlanta to talk about OO OP lakes today. Later today then one other thing I want to ask you about as he said and that common he said they've checked my financials. Is that true I mean he still hasn't released his. His tax returns so what do you think of that. Well I don't know if that's clear he seemed is that I think that they could have done that he assumed that they did that. We haven't seen any evidence of that was part of the investigation and we know he's. Bringing that up because he seems to be frustrated with Democrats who have asked for his financial information and also have requested is tax returns. From the IRS he's basically saying they're using these concerns that Mueller looked into as an excuse to go after his entire. His and tile tire financial and personal or business history. An in again in an effort to sort of smear him politically and of course Democrats to their point. Say that they have real concerns about whether the president makes decisions. Based on his best interest financially or the the interest of the country the president was. The person in modern political history to not release his tax returns. As a general election candidate so this whole cloud is still hanging over him and and it's clearly relieved frustrating. All right Ben thanks for sticking with dust. To date your feedback we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"President Donald Trump addresses the report and the House subpoenaing White House aides. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62601389","title":"Trump speaks out about Mueller report ","url":"/Politics/video/trump-speaks-mueller-report-62601389"}