Trump sued over Capitol insurrection

The NAACP sues former President Donald Trump over the Capitol insurrection.
8:31 | 02/16/21

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Transcript for Trump sued over Capitol insurrection
Impeachment trial may be over but today. A new civil lawsuit takes aim at former president trump for his involvement in that January 6 riot at the capitol ABC's Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas and our senior. Editorial producer Jon said to cheat. Both join us with the latest welcome to both peer. This lawsuit today filed by congressman Bennie Thompson who's a house homeland security committee chairman. And joined by the NAACP alleges that trump his attorney were did you Lowney the proud void oath keepers as far right groups. Conspired to violate a law from 1871. Call the Ku Klux Klan accept what a July Intel what's the accusation. Well us this have been a long time since I lie has been used as far as we can tell Terry. And basically the law makes it illegal for groups to assist the trying to block congress from carrying out his duties. And it's Sicily. Congressman Thompson in the NAACP is making that. That claimed that this act the insurrection if you will was themed ad blocking the certification. I'm Joseph Biden as the president of the United States to block congress from doing its constitutional duty. And in Macon is claiming they're actually going the civil route to try to hold presents problems. His attorney Rudy Giuliani accountable and some of these militia organizations like the oath keepers who were involved. And that law written to address the rampaging Ku Klux Klan was trying to block black lawmakers. In the nineteenth century from doing their job it's a sign of the times it's where we are. So tonight Pierre and Jon you both featured in our new ABC news special airing on Hulu. It takes viewers through the final chapter of Trump's presidency showing that senate trial. From multiple perspectives. Here's a preview. As the weeks have gone by that charges have gotten. Are serious conspiracy. To obstruct government activity in this case the actions of congress there had been loaded felony charges some carrying penalties as much as twenty years. Problem is now acquitted but you have his supporters its use of breaking into the capital. The are going to face significant consequences. I don't know that I was following my president. I was following. What we were called to do. Jacobs can sleep is the man that left and I know it's on vice president Mike Pence is das and saw a matter of time just. By January should exploit oil was cheating the president's call. Just shave hour now. Dominic Mazzola otherwise known as spot so the number of the proud boys. He's charged with conspiracy destruction of property and basically interfering with congress they were misled they were due to the hole stop the steel. Mr. peace all of along with thousands of other people. Bought better. They went to the capital and responsibly requests the instructions. You almost all of the orders of Donald Trump this defenses to some of these idiots have put forward as saying that the president trumpeted. I was urging them to go and engage in any aspect of unlawful activity is absolutely absurd to the president told you to do it at that to mean you had to do it. Heat inside each. Worst fears and your hatred but. That's your hatred. And that's your fear because he did to train your country. That's our dock on Hulu right I'm John let me go to you we actually hear from some of trump supporters this who were involved in the Erica insurrections attack that day when the what's the take away there. We'll aren't we speak to people there went to the rally on January 6 or hurt president Trump's speech and it. And they actually joined the crowd that was heading up to the cap. Capital however the people were talking to cherry support president trump but didn't enter the capital they actually took a few steps. Consider this seems like it's getting out of hand and don't blame president shrub the actions that. And on January 6 most are still support the president stated that he was to running an inch 12040 would indeed be in his corner but it's interesting to hear from other people on the ground cherry. Sun don't. Whom he knew none knew were. Or on the Wall Street Journal that door and people there they didn't have bad intentions but we obviously seen the damage and death. That was caused by those individuals that CAD in poultry capital had a lot of bad intentions as we saw played out in video that senate trial. And the story of every mob in history people who didn't have bad intentions get caught up and do bad things to let me ask you a one of things we see during we saw during the trial. And that this documentary explores is some of that surveillance footage they've never been seen before sept like. You know Terry's we saw play out trial in morbid that we did in short specialists like right now well on Hulu you. Actually get a sense that bird's eye view was happiness and people their cell phone videos capture some angles they. But we explore more what was happening to members senator Mitt Romney running down a hall being ushered by officer Eugene Goodman. As the mob was coming down the seam hallway we see video what leader Chuck Schumer who was heading down one hole quickly turned around his security detail. Because they were also about a common touch Ramallah and the footage charity that we shall try. I know but I think we really enjoy a good job in the special tonight at. On attacking it she's what was happening in Nancy Pelosi office we know the speaker was safely evacuated. Put her stamp. Unfortunately. I didn't have time to get out the high club and barricading the doors and we see just seven minutes very dirty barricade themselves and the mob enters an anti close he's all this is incredibly for. And dare we mention that president Biden warns support to creation about nine elevenths style commission to further investigate the attack on the capital so. What are the outstanding questions to be explored and do you think a commission is the right place or. As was dumb of Watergate and Pearl Harbor and so many other major moments in our history that congressional commission might work. Well it's clearly there are a lot of outstanding it is very specific details that we don't have all the answers to. Exactly what was all of the intelligence. That. The law enforcement had available to how much of it was made available to the capitol police exactly what did they do what the intelligence. How forceful for example was the FBI. In making the case it hey you could happen. Farmed insurrection is show up and tried to attack the capital why weren't they are more people on the outside. Of the building why wasn't there more physical security on the outside and obviously they're a lot more questions. Quite frankly about what was going on at the White House what did the president do an interim. How much pressure was put on him to call in the national garden was he asked specifically about calling in the National Guard. But lots of details a be unpacked and the commission went to. What the speaker seems to be doing it'll be issues and you see is just how bipartisan will this be. You have to have a congress approved of this measure. President will have to sign it and we see may be trying to do is get some independent nonpartisan people who go just for the facts. Aren't and John we have yet to hear from former president trop since his acquittal what do we expect that to happen. Well cherry you know someone in this documentary and Asian (%expletive) he Aaron I sizzle Monday but don't count. Tunnels from bat and he might just be back soon enough and I think Terry Murray and I. Escorted message from this Jerry weeks we don't think I'm just yet but. Our sources are telling. President trumpet. Actually going to be quieter longer we expect he's obviously as you point out in quieter the last several weeks and seen or horror from him there were rumors. The president was gonna you sounds like the press conference celebrating. These vindication as some people around the holy being acquitted by the senate but the momentary. I don't think we're gonna seeing former president trump for quite some time. I think you're right for what it's worth he's Biden is time picking and choosing his spots to reemerge I think he's going to be with us for a while our thanks.

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