Trump Supporters Rally in Iowa on Caucus Night

ABC News' Tom Llamas takes us inside Donald Trump's event where supporters are waiting for him to speak.
6:50 | 02/02/16

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Transcript for Trump Supporters Rally in Iowa on Caucus Night
Over now to another ABC colleague. ABC's Tom dumbest will be joining us shortly of course you're seeing down there in the bottom of your screen over what the pictures that we're seeing. I believe that is picture the yep that's right track that they're now. We're waiting of course for the senator take the stage there. And speaking supporters but LV. We've got a Republican winner now in Iowa and we also got some interesting numbers. We know that the turnout. Number there shattered previous record set in 2012 for more on Africa and go to ABC's Tom Thomas who. Joins us live from the Donald Trump that Tom near us. Be perfectly. Great to tell us what's going on there right now below two trump or shore what is the room like the what are people saying. Yeah at any moment we're waiting for don't want to take that podium to speak we expecting the storm right after senator Marco Rubio is done keeping his. Second third place victory speech covered yens up in this race but this is a devastating loaded Donald Trump there's no doubt about it. This really sense a tomahawk missile confuse me main argument on why should be president. First and he's a winner second that he's the strongest and third he makes the best deals well. A majority of violence clearly did not want and could deal with Donald Trump tonight out he may have sensed this earlier in the nineties it was getting nervous. But so that he was optimistic about his large crowds at the caucus precincts know that the thinking of wasn't working. It came to caucus isn't the first time caucus goers would break for trump act clearly wasn't the case tonight. We get to keep in mind you still worn away the leader in both New Hampshire and South Carolina with a team where this race although now. Absolutely so then what the town. With its campaign you spoke with anybody or with his supporters that behind you. Look you here's a telling sign. Donald Trump past crowds that are hopeful this group does not want the victory party here and I would add one clear sign his staff has just come out the kind of coming out in rips. Clearly nobody at this moment base nobody really talked me they never do at this point in the campaign. You'll wind Speed Racer like wings and they're still an unknown it's easy to second place her birthplace that was we still don't know what's to tight race between him and review right now. But again he came out here he was asking. His supporters to come out and caucus even if they were sick if you were a woman at her husband left and if he remains their flight left them he said it doesn't matter we need your help it's now or never. Clearly there was a lot of hiking and dunked them campaign a lot of media coverage. Covered in every single day but Iowa voters when they when he got to get it they decided to caucus they chose to cruise I don't from. It I'm going into today's so. Much was made about the voter turnout everywhere and that if more people turned out more first time caucus goers have a good bridge from we know now that even if Republican caucuses. They will turn out record and that still. Out. And one of. And if your question after noted but he's speaking he's taken the stage right now let's listen in they. I. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much I love you people I love you. It I have to start by saying. I absolutely. The people of Ireland. And so. On June 16. When we started this journey there were seventeen candidates. I was told by everybody. Do not go to Iowa. You could never finished even in the tapped him. And I said but I have friends and Iowa know a lot of people in Iowa I think really like me. Let's get any shot they said don't notice it I have to do it. We finished second. And I wanted to use thing. I'm just honored I'm really honored and I want to congratulate. I don't want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates including Mike Huckabee who's become a really good friend my so. Congratulations. Everybody. Congratulations. I want to thank all of the folks that worked with us we had a great team and we will continue to have a great team. And it would just so happy with the way everything worked out and most importantly I have to think my wife. And Lar and Aaron and Vanessa. And done they went out and they would dueling speeches and in fact Don and Erica that you did route six weeks. So I just want to thank my family they have been so amazing it says support. And we've had every indication we're going now on we have a call where a 28 points ahead. Okay New Hampshire would love New Hampshire without south Carroll. We're leaving tonight and tomorrow afternoon we'll be in New Hampshire and that'll be something special it's going to be great week it was going to be up here next week I think what going to be. Proclaiming. Victory I hope. I will say this. I don't know it's gonna wind between rarity. And Hillary I don't know what's gonna happen with Hillary's got other problems may be bigger than the problems she's got in terms of nominations. Okay. But we've had so many different indications and halls that we beat her and we beat her recently and we will go Od. To get the Republican nomination. And we will go on to easily beat Hillary or burning. Or whoever the hell they grow up there. I know we love you we thank you. This bank note we will be back many many times in fact I think it might come here and body of arm I love. Thank you thank you everybody. Thank. Thank you very much. All right folks there you see Donald Trump wrapping up remarks to supporters in Ohio after the news that senator Ted Cruz. Is the projected winner of the Republican caucus there we go back now to our colleague Tom dominant. Who lead in the room. I apologize I think we've lost Tom. That you see Donald with his family leaving the stage.

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{"id":36656797,"title":"Trump Supporters Rally in Iowa on Caucus Night ","duration":"6:50","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas takes us inside Donald Trump's event where supporters are waiting for him to speak. ","url":"/Politics/video/trump-supporters-rally-iowa-caucus-night-36656797","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}