Trump tweets that EPA chief Scott Pruitt has resigned

Over the several months, Pruitt has increasingly come under fire for multiple allegations of abusing his power.
2:53 | 07/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump tweets that EPA chief Scott Pruitt has resigned
And we've got some breaking news to bring you just moments ago as a passer on the air right here president trump has weeded that Scott Pruitt. The embattled head of the Environmental Protection Agency has resigned that the president has accepted the resignation. Johnny this a long time coming and that is setting all kinds of news new records as an end of we have volume. News again and again and again in the recent weeks and months involving a number of different scandals in a book it has six security or other scandals. And had a president right now he's its tweeted I've accepted the resignation of Scott Pruitt as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Within the agency Scott has done an outstanding job Niles be thankful to him for the self. You know thanking Scott Pruitt for the workings on and that and you know to be fair separate has really been one the most consequential cabinet secretaries of this administration. A spark and we're gonna get a lot more information on this as the afternoon developed through wanna get over to Meredith McGraw who's standing by at the White House for us up. It is anyone see this coming today we've seen so many pro its stories and including a couple of headlines earlier in the week. The war or we on resignation Washington how did that have of the word get out there at the White House. Now I just got word of this right now and in a presidential suite. I got Scott Pruitt of course headed ban in battled for months now in scandal. But. We really did not see this coming that this would happen this afternoon it was only last night that Scott Pruitt was spotted at the White House's annual fourth of July barbecue. And president trump pay is his call them out in recent speeches you know saint Scott Pruitt is doing a wonderful job. Now the White House and White House spokespeople have sad that president trump and the White House are aware of all of these reports. I am about Scott Pruitt Scott frivolous and dean time and Sydney his controversial. Ayman management and of course over at the EPA but this is really taking me by surprise and I'm sure other colleagues here at the White House that this resignation comes this afternoon. Yeah and did we should add to this time Mena under under other circumstances. Maybe half or quarter of the number of scandals that have been Belarus got through would have been enough. To end it you saw his support on Capitol Hill collapsing. That said he wasn't in danger of losing his job until or unless the president wanted him to lose the job we probably we saw Pruitt whether a whole lot of stocks. So we're led to believe because it was coming from the president that this is got to be the presents the city. Absolutely and you see with the other cabinet secretaries that either resign or sort over push out. You know the same thing where there is law scandals but at the end of the day. This is really the president's decision and I think you you right to say how long Scott proton pump for for all these scandals and this is clearly so the president. Either you know it's not as a not for just time to move on. Yeah we're gonna get a lot more of that to come as that it goes on and on earth are brought you've got to run in and do the rest of the beat is this breaking news develops against Scott Pruitt out at the Environmental Protection Agency according to a presidential tweet. A president is now on his way to the state of Montana and back heavily he tweeted this from the plant.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Over the several months, Pruitt has increasingly come under fire for multiple allegations of abusing his power.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"56389835","title":"Trump tweets that EPA chief Scott Pruitt has resigned","url":"/Politics/video/trump-tweets-epa-chief-scott-pruitt-resigned-56389835"}