Trump tweets racist comment against congresswomen

The GOP has been mostly silent since Donald Trump tweeted for the lawmakers to "go back" to where they came from.
4:55 | 07/15/19

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Transcript for Trump tweets racist comment against congresswomen
Go back to the broke in and crime infested countries where you come from those are actual words from a tweet from the president. Of the United States to four congress women of color. Four democratic congresswoman who are all American citizens. Three actually born in the US a racist week that a sparked outrage from Democrats. While Republicans have largely remained silent want to bring in Serena Marshall in our Washington bureau. In Karen Travers at the White House Serena the president has a history. Of making racist remarks where is the line now when this behavior is becoming normalized. Aunt Kimberly you mentioned in the history the president has been let's look back at it remember Charlottesville those protests in his comments about very fine people on both sides of the debate to calling certain people coming from Africa as saying they should go back to their. Expletive the whole country's and then of course how he'd launched his presidential aspirations with those claims of birth terrorism and President Obama it's. Not the first time we heard this kind of rhetoric from the president I really doubt he'll be the last time but it is sad to win this kind of conversation becomes. Normalized it changes and that the debate in Washington and the past. There's been widespread condemnation from Republicans when the president made those kinds of comments. When the president spoke about a federal judge. A California at speaking about his Hispanic heritage you heard Paul Ryan say those are basically quit essential. Racist remarks now we're not hearing anything from the president that changes the tone of this is the party of president trop. Yang Caron them as we're saying Republicans haven't sent a word come being silent is also a response. Yet they're starting to have some reaction now we saw Lindsey Graham close ally and friend of the president now. Speaking on Fox News this morning and going after the democratic congresswomen. Wendy Gramm said that. These freshman congressman in Ari bunch of Communists he called them at people who hate Israel and they say he says they eat the United States. This is notable because Lindsey Graham with somebody that criticize the president's comments during the campaign season but now he's aligned himself with the president. Congressman from Maryland hadn't republic in. Who did a radio interview this morning with the local station who said that maybe the president was talking about these congress thing going back to their districts or their cities their neighborhood. Did not what the president that he explicitly used the word countries there and said that their countries our crime infested places that are totally broke it. Those that country that three of these women came from where they were born is right here in the United States since it. As Serena let's talk about the consequence of this language as we know the squad as these four I'm congresswomen are called. There already receiving death threats in general. Yet Kimberly they received death threats before the president made these comments you can expect those to increase some of them already saying it received many on the on Twitter on social media following the president's remarks. An ABC news actually looked at how the president's rhetoric has implicated. At many federal cases and back ABC's Mike Levine did a deep dive on this and found. Seventeen cases where the president's own language was cited as a reason for there at their actions for and there are. Contour for actually going and trying today attended either make a death threat or some kind of a mass. And then smashed shooting events. And that was back in 2018 and that number has cent increase that there are real implications brown these women will be impact did within their daily lives. But also on the politics. And Caron but very injure staying here radio calls they always are wanna hear what people Wear talking to about today. Kimberly. Asians are playing it straight asking about the president's tweets. Asking for an explanation. And it yeah and why he's doing as does the president feel that this will help him politically and if this is a good message to put out there for his faith. I think there's an assumption that when the president tweet something like this it's not just spur of the moment that there is a bit of deliberation behind it. And a political strategy Nike may disagree with what that strategy is but perhaps he is using this as a way to rally his supporters you know there's a percentage of the population that is going to agree with the president on this and also strongly disagree with how the media and have Democrats are gonna afraid that by calling erases tweak I had 1 anchors say this morning that he. If not racist nobody can call it racist because the president never explicitly mention race in these tweets. And I was that's well if somebody of color criticizes the president is not racism because they're going after him. You know I cannot answer that question but I think it is notable that as we go forward and report on this story and look for reaction from Republicans. There will be a good number of Americans who say that the president did not say anything wrong. I read I want to thank Karen Travers at the White House and Serena Marshall in our DC bureau.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"The GOP has been mostly silent since Donald Trump tweeted for the lawmakers to \"go back\" to where they came from. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64343510","title":"Trump tweets racist comment against congresswomen","url":"/Politics/video/trump-tweets-racist-comment-congresswomen-64343510"}