Trump's ex-bodyguard: I turned away Russian women

"The View" co-hosts discuss the testimony from Keith Schiller.
2:57 | 11/10/17

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Transcript for Trump's ex-bodyguard: I turned away Russian women
Not me. Speaking of sexual misconduct allegations there have been long-standing rumors about trump partying with Russian hookers allegedly during a 2013 trip to Moscow. His ex security chief said someone did offer to send them up to his room in Russian but the offer was rejected. I have to say I believe this story. I could be wrong and hate myself in the morning. I'm going to give trump the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because the bodyguard said he went up to the room and put trump to bed, put him in the room. Watched -- he rejected the offer. He rejected the offer from the Russians. Put him in the room and he said he waited outside for a while. Went to his own room and trump went to sleep. Late night five hookers are going to -- it doesn't make sense. I don't care about the salacious parts of the alleged dossier. I'm more concerned whether the trump campaign colluded with Russia. That's what I'm concerned about. In the law business the investigative business you got to look at the source. Keith Schiller is the ex trump security chief. He was also asked about a wide range of issues. He doesn't know about anything. He doesn't know about meetings with trump associates and Russia. He doesn't know anything even though he was the chief of security but he remembers the five Russian hookers. I'm not buying it. I think when you're the guy at the door that might stand out more. Typical the security guards are watching. If the Kremlin is having a show of people going in and out of the room I think he should remember that too. I have an opinion as the doctor on the panel. I'm not a doctor. You do have your internet M.D. My theory is he's more narcissistic. He wouldn't want anybody to provide something to him. He wants to come into a room and it falls at his feet. People setting things up -- He wouldn't admit he had to pay for it. No because what he can do we heard about. He would want to pick it and say look at what I just brought. I want to ask a question before we go -- Prostitutes and our president. Welcome to Friday guys. I can't catch a break. Wait for my question. I'm wondering what you think about if this were true, let's say there were video tape and we know it's true, do you think his base would turn on him for that? Nope. No

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{"id":51068548,"title":"Trump's ex-bodyguard: I turned away Russian women","duration":"2:57","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the testimony from Keith Schiller.","url":"/Politics/video/trumps-bodyguard-turned-russian-women-51068548","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}