Trump's campaign communications director defends president's controversial tweets

Marc Lotter says that the president is "not a racist" because of controversial comments on Dem. congresswoman of color, but insists that the president is just calling out policy differences.
3:58 | 07/16/19

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Transcript for Trump's campaign communications director defends president's controversial tweets
Two Democrats at the only ones watching that debate the president's campaign also following Joseph Biden com why Harris. A short time ago we had our term campaign spokesman mark water here in the briefing room to ask him about that busing debate and more tickle. Now when the president falls on this. Does he support federally mandated busing which he waited of this debate bully gets into the when he gets into the policy decisions itself that it specifically those go through the White House is all the policy decisions are made you know at the White House as president but I can tell you what the president does support is making sure that. That all students have access to choice and the best schools possible that's why. You see the president really leaning in on providing quality options for four students and Sasha those at the lower economic strata. Our Joseph Biden in Kabul Harris your two biggest competitors right now I think from the campaign standpoint we actually don't look at any of the Democrats as being any different from each other they're having to endorse such radical ideas such as the green new deal. And other radical positions just to get through this primary that whenever they do you come through the primary we know if a few things are gonna be sure. One they're gonna be broke because they'll have spent all their money going through the primary to they'll be broken and bruised from going through that primary. And then they'll have endorsed those that from many of those policies that are just so out of touch. What its shift gears and the focus of the presence message in Los couple of days obviously a lot of talk about racist tweets that the president. Sent doubt he's been defending those tweets you've got white supremacy groups and bracing in this celebrating. The comments as mean. Exactly what they wanted you've got Anthony scared which he's saying this is racist you've got Kelly commerce husband of Republican. Lawyer saying this is racist to the core and it doesn't. Doesn't seem to bother. Campaign although as the president has said he is not racist he's calling out the policy differences that he believes with these radical members and when it comes to white supremacists I'll tell you that. Win they were celebrating some of the things that one of the members of the of the squad were saying I didn't see anybody actually out there talking about how David duke was was praising and endorsing the anti semitism that was being shown by one of those members so. Again it's picking and choosing here what we're choosing to be outraged. I want to ask you let's in the presence said that's her very own Barbara Walters during the last campaign when you or are working with him obstacle this this report fifteen. What words would you use to describe. Donald Trump well I mean I'm a giving a positive I'd I've always had great imagination. I've had great success with money but what they say is. Is he a nice person and I think actually I am a nice person but I think the thing that will surprise people obviate unifier I think they'll bring people together. And that includes blacks and whites and everything. I think people will come together. He say he's fulfilled that promise. I think you can't when you when you look at some of the results when you look at the results that we have we we see African American at a historic unemployment at a historic low. Women unemployment at a 65 year low lowest unemployment in history for Latino Americans he's delivering on the promises. There's also a number of unfinished business items from his first campaign the wall was still under construction under way. You have to trade deals US MCA hasn't gone through congress say you have starts at some green shoots with North Korea but obviously a lot of work to be done their present. Said during his Republican. Convention acceptance speech that I alone can fix it while you remember. Did did he over promise is there any danger there to voters as you head into next phase of this campaign looking back on that England Wayne Sackett. He said he could fix it but we've got some of these big items big ticket items from his campaign that he hasn't completed. Well and I think it's actually it's actually going to provide a platform for him to be able to say why he needs to be reelected so you can continue to work on that job. Yet changing changing Washington DC the culture of Washington DC or even having me a lot of these project takes a while to do things in government. There's gonna mark potter a lot to follow.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Marc Lotter says that the president is \"not a racist\" because of controversial comments on Dem. congresswoman of color, but insists that the president is just calling out policy differences.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64377220","title":"Trump's campaign communications director defends president's controversial tweets","url":"/Politics/video/trumps-campaign-communications-director-defends-presidents-controversial-tweets-64377220"}