Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen pleads guilty

The former personal lawyer and fixer for the president says he made illegal contributions at the candidate's direction.
3:43 | 08/22/18

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Transcript for Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen pleads guilty
I looked just minutes after that manna for verdict came down the president's former personal lawyer Michael calling. Pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and other frauds saying that he hush money to stormy Daniels and canned McDougal at the direction. Of then candidate from Karen Travers has more on that case and the president's reaction this morning Karen. One of the big things that came out of this is Cohen said that one or more campaign officials helped him with that stormy Daniels deal explain why that's so important. Now first because that was something we didn't know at this point in time it directly to an effort. To influence the can't hold a couple weeks ago the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani said. After they had the knowledge that this payment had happened is the president repay his lawyer Michael Colin. Visit was really to protect the family to protect the president's marries it had nothing to do with the can't poll now certainly if other campaign officials were in the loop on this in discussing at that adds another layer to hear it and yesterday Michael Cohen did say that. He took that action at the direction of the candidate for federal office and its president trump. In order to influence the election so this is Greta questions come up now about what if any campaign finance laws were violated and what legal implications that has the resident term. And I am also you pleaded guilty Houston bank charges and tax charges explain what there. Yet this was related to business deals related tidbit taxicab medallions that he had an of course officials here are gonna say that has nothing to do with president prompt. These things that came out as part an investigation into Michael college. Remember that there is a very close tight relationship between the president and his personal attorney he wasn't just his lawyer he with his fixer he was confidant. He was somebody who said he would take a bullet for the president. That all changed in April when federal authorities redid Michael Collins home. His office and he's hotel room that he was staying in and found these documents and information that would allow them to build this case for financial crimes per Michael Collins. So the big question for the White House now it is what's gonna come out of these campaign finance violations the other big question is. Will calling cooperate with prosecutors would gathered explicit in the agreement yesterday ad that said that calling it now is cooperating but it wasn't explicitly that he was so we'll see how that plays out now and if that comes up in the future prayer and his lawyers are now going to try. And discredit Michael Collins you had the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani stay in a statement yesterday. That the prosecutors in New York were highlighting what they say with a pattern of lies and dishonesty from Michael Cullen. Over an extended period of time through Rudy Giuliani essentially thing. He can't believe any allegations that Michael Cullen is making about the president even the prosecutors are saying he's a liar. The president himself today was tweeting. Is saying essentially that Michael Connelly was making things up in order to get out of trouble it something heard from the president before when Michael Collins has made claims that. The president knew about that trump tower meeting. They're trying to paint him as a liar and that's you can't believe anything he is thing that he's only doing it to get himself out of trouble. And Karen what's on the president's schedule today is if he does not think and that's pretty quiet public scheduling and have lunch with his I defence secretary Jay and that is coming up shortly and then later he will award. It posthumous medal of honor to an air force sergeant tech sergeant. For courageous efforts and heroism in a battle in Afghanistan in 2002. And as of right now there is no White House briefing on the schedule a lot of questions for Sarah Sanders of course. I was at that it's at a later today Karen Travers from the White House for us thanks Karen.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The former personal lawyer and fixer for the president says he made illegal contributions at the candidate's direction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57335743","title":"Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen pleads guilty","url":"/Politics/video/trumps-lawyer-michael-cohen-pleads-guilty-57335743"}