Trump's attorney addresses Comey testimony

Marc Kasowitz said the former FBI director's testimony proved Trump is not part of any probe into Russian interference in the election.
12:48 | 06/08/17

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Transcript for Trump's attorney addresses Comey testimony
This is an ABC news special. Now report George Stephanopoulos. And we're coming back on the air right now because president Trump's attorney mark cas which is about to give president trumps response is first response. Today a blistering testimony this morning from James combing the former FBI director fired by president trump. On May ninth Komi testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee today laying out a series. Meetings he had in phone calls it how would present trump over the last several months. Where he detailed how he believed the president trumpet asked him for a pledge of loyalty back in January had directed him. In an Oval Office meeting in May and in February. To let the flame investigation. Go also contradict the president on several points I think he believes he was fired. Because of the Russian investigation. Mark Katz was the president's personal attorney and John were already getting some indication about what he's gonna say Jon Karl. Yet we have a a draft of his statement after I receive did so I was told this was simply a draft. And still had gone through some edits but the president's. Lawyer firmly push is back on the notion. Did he ever asked for comb his loyalty firmly pushes back on the notion that he ever asked call me to let the fleet investigation ago. And claims some vindication on the question. Of of whether or not he did anything wrong when you have the cost call me confirms that he had told the president three times that he was not under investigation. And very interestingly George. This statement or this draft statement from the president's lawyer. Hits call me very hard for it immediately in releasing information on what he calls privileged conversations. Here's a marker on. And this is mark has a let's. President Donald Trump's personal attorney he'll make a short statement. We will not be taking questions this is also Michael vote he has a flop but. Ladies and gentlemen. I'm mark castle it's. President Trump's personal lawyer. Contrary to numerous false press accounts leading up to today's hearing. Mr. Komi has now finally confirm publicly. What he repeatedly told president. Trump privately that is. That the president what's not under investigation. As part of any probe into Russian interference. The president. He mr. Komi also admitted that there is no evidence that a single vote changed as a result of any Russian interference. Mr. comb east testimony. Also makes clear. That the president never sought to impede the investigation. Into attempted Russian interference in the 2016. Election. And in fact. According to mr. call me the president told mr. call me quote. It would be good to find out close quote. In that investigation. If there was quote some satellite associates of his who did something wrong close quote. And he. President trump did not exclude anyone from that statement. Consistently that statement. The president never. In form or substance. Directed force suggested. That mr. call me stop investigating. Anyone. Including. The president never suggested. That mr. call me quote let Wayne go close quote. As the president publicly stated the next day. He did say to mr. Carl me quote general Nguyen is a good guy. He has been through a lot close quote and also quote. Asked how general Wayne is doing close quote. Admiral Rogers testified today. That the president never quote. Directed him to do anything illegal. Immoral. On ethical or inappropriate. Close quote and never. Never quote pressured him to do so close quote. Director Coates said the same thing the president will likewise never. Pressured mr. called me. The president also never told mr. Cole me quote. I need loyalty. I expect loyalty close quote he never said he informed. And he never said it in substance. Of course the office of the president is entitled to expect loyalty from those were serving the administration. And from before this president. It. And from before this president took off this to this day it is overwhelmingly. Clear. That there have been and continue to be those in government who are actively attempting. To undermine this administration. With selective. And illegal. Leaks of classified information. And privileged communications. Mr. call me has now admitted that he is one of these leaguers. Today mr. Komi admitted that he unilaterally. And surreptitiously. Made unauthorized. Disclosures. To the press of privileged communications with the president. The leaks of this privileged information begin no later than march 2017. When friends of mr. Carl may have stated. That he disclosed to ban the conversations. That he had with the president. During their January 27. 2017. Dinner. In February 14. 2017. White House meeting. Today. Mr. economy admitted that he leaked to friends of his days. Purported memos of those privileged communications. One of which he testified. Was classified. Mr. call me also testified. That immediately after he was terminated he authorized his friends to leak the contents of those memos. To the press in order to in mr. calm these words. Quote. Prompt the appointment of a special counsel close quote. Although mr. Koenig testified. That he only leak the memos in response to a tweet. The public record reveals that the New York Times what's quoting from those memos the day before the referenced tweet. Which allies mr. Kohl meets excuse for this unauthorized disclosure. Of privileged information. And appears to be entirely retaliatory. We will leave it to be appropriate. Authorities to determine. Whether these leaks should be investigated along with all of the others that are being investigated. In some. It is now established. That the president was not being investigated. For colluding with. Or attempting to obstruct. Any investigation. As the committee pointed out today. These important facts for the country to know are virtually the only facts that have not been leaked during the course of these events. As he said yesterday the president feels completely vindicated. And is eager to continue moving forward. With his agenda. With the business of this country and would this public cloud removed. Thank you. President's personal attorney right there mark Katz was with a bare knuckled even brazen response there to the gym coming testimony. Earlier today I'm here with our chief legal course analyst Dan Abrams and wanted to through a couple things of Marquez who said differs only claim to measure. The vindication saying that. James Conley confirmed publicly that the president wasn't under the Russian investigation also there is no evidence that he votes for change. Right and that's true the problem is that he's quoting call me as the ultimate in definitive source in certain places. And then shifting when they don't like what he said to calling in the ultimate liar. And then a leaker so pesos three got it things that they're talking about believe him don't believe them and easily. Saying clearly that column he's not telling the truth when he talks about the January 27 Henry said in his words the presence at nine diaper expect loyalty. From him and secondly he church puts about the February 14 meeting where he believes that. Presidential directed him to let the funny give us. So let's be clear. Their calling. James call me a liar. They're saying he's lying about this there's no middle ground here. He's not saying well you know he may have missed remembered it yes there was discussions about loyalty that he misinterpreted. They're saying in substance and inform. There was no discussion. About loyalty and as a result that means that they're saying James Kobe's line and I said this before. In theory that should mean they're gonna prosecute James combing for perjury because he was under up but this is not just going to be he said he said because James come and told others at the time. That's right and and that would make the lie at the team's call me supposedly telling here. Even more fantastical right is this idea that he decides to make up this lie and then tell other people about it and take notes about it shortly after the fact. Final point we view this whole discussion James coming emitting today that he had a friend who leak information to New York Times a substance of this memo of the for every fourteenth meeting. Mr. Katz was there is claiming this is privileged. Information should not have been the yeah. Let's talk what he hews toward surreptitious that's true unauthorized that's true. Privileged I don't know what privilege he's talking about the executive privilege the executive privilege. I guess theoretically. Could apply in the sense of typically you're talking about trying to prevent someone from testifying etc. He could see invoke some form an executive privilege the problem would that of course is. That he's waived confidentiality on it by discussing these matters publicly previously. And secondly you can't use executive privilege to cover up alleged misconduct. And that's effectively would call me is saying he's doing here. So I think that beat the notion that this is somehow privileged communications is simply not going to hold up. And Jon Karl our chief White House correspondent on that point. As well mr. Katz would seem to chargers say that mr. Conley had leaked this earlier than he said he said call me said it was in response the president's tweet about tapes. There are meetings the New York Times is backing up com these. Coming description of this. Yeah and in fact it seems pretty clear cut George because. The tweet did so that was referenced by combing actually came on May twelfth. The New York Times story that quoted the memos came on May sixteenth soulful four days later. Despite the fact that the charge here made by the president's lawyer was that the story came a day before the tweeting it seems that it could simply did not came well after. And John pretty clear here that the presence would attorneys digging in doing what a personal attorney. Would do I wonder how the white house with the White House is gonna do when these questions quite naturally the next time a presidential spokesman is in the briefing room how they're gonna handle it. Well my only real reference to something close to this was the days of the of the Clinton impeachment scandal and I I remember well being that briefing room. We've Mike McCurry the Press Secretary and on questions related to the legal case would constantly refer it. To the legal team and would not take those questions from the podium I imagine. That may be a lesson that they will try to was try to learn from at that the trump White House that there are some discipline and no answer on whether the president has tapes. No answer whether up the president's tapes of course that would clear everything up quite beautifully but no answer the president is the only person that has suggested that there might be tapes. But they have not confirmed that. Can Jon Karl thanks for senior just correspondent Pierre Thomas one thing pretty clear from this pretty extraordinary series of events. Today that this investigation just beginning now in the hands of special counsel Robert Mueller. George the key thing is that the former FBI directors talked about the fact that he's handed these mammals over tomorrow. Essentially putting the ball in his court as to whether the president of the United States will be investigate. Keep your Thomas thanks very much that's all for us right now back to regular programming full coverage now more news have a good day. This has been a special. From ABC.

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