Univision's Mariana Atencio on Winning Over Hispanic Voters

RNC 2012: Atencio talks about need to address education, immigration policies before election.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Univision's Mariana Atencio on Winning Over Hispanic Voters
As you -- many you know we have a partnership we're really excited about it's great new -- with Univision. And that. And that but that's what's again so -- it is the third night crowd so let me. Peter out and that I just get your reflections now that we're in the final night here. Right we're coming right up on Mitt Romney's speech -- cents from being here for three days in terms of how this Republican Party it's gonna go moving forward for the next I guess 68 days an -- things that gap that they have with the -- of. I mean I think you think -- made an effort. Especially in terms of the speakers as speakers have just been spectacular. That repeated as -- Really impressed. You know community but I think that they need to be more specific it's especially -- -- -- immigration. Don't speak get a little Spanish. Talking about the fact that -- holiday. Really enough I think that I think the -- -- so -- in. One sad that we have ahead. And I think the Hispanic community have to be addressed -- -- that. More in terms of policy. And her -- Republican -- if they. -- from Arizona style laws -- move away from either -- basically many of the policies that that. Immigration platform them. This week basically. What did bush try to do that he used his speech today on educate. Well obviously feels very strongly about immigration. Education is the way -- thought the coverage is -- yet you can get. Helpful -- they know that. You're talking agent singling out the demographic -- -- education as a. Education and sacred. Like Arizona many of the -- I'm the education system has affected on the -- doesn't attend public schools. And a governor bush has its influence in Florida feel very much fell because of his. Initiative on educational even invite him on education specials and things like that I think that people. I expected something else something more specific -- regarding immigration especially because he had been the one. To beat you know sort of the bearer of bad news in the in the coming weeks telling the GOP -- Mitt Romney that he needs to cater. And more aggressively to the Latino vote. -- Believe that there is big and actually was made today it with the federal court struck down voter ideal -- Texas. Because. Much because it accords that it discriminated against minority. So. This means not just for Texas but nationally. In terms of these ID laws that are getting a great deal pushed back from the democratic groups and and it. I think it dot I mean they do. And prevent minorities from the going to the polls and that the cases of fraud have. Animal in the last ten years. -- -- just think that that that there -- laws that. Want to prevent -- In the primary exactly. And I hope this is an unfamiliar. In that regard maybe they've -- Arizona the -- something very small -- that'll that'll bring forth you know sort of on what -- warm water climate in that in that state. -- -- We're gonna hear tonight from Craig Romney went of the Robinson speaks fluent Spanish -- from and I think but the security -- that we miss him on my I feel -- solid Filbeck. Paragraphs of Santa -- and outlets has -- Amazon may -- you know super -- middle American girls there. I think that C I IC doesn't. Politician with. And Ronnie sometimes you really get behind -- but that is not what -- variety. -- -- -- Immigration I think that amongst all the speakers this week you know he really he's the one who spoke them. The more Spanish and thought about his you know his experience until -- and and his family being you know the that the byproduct of up to two immigrant laws. All right Arianna and to thank you so much of the court to talk to you as next week -- yet again he could -- It over again.

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{"id":17121698,"title":"Univision's Mariana Atencio on Winning Over Hispanic Voters","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: Atencio talks about need to address education, immigration policies before election. ","url":"/Politics/video/univisions-mariana-atencio-winning-hispanic-voters-17121698","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}