Creigh Deeds Attacked at Home

The Democratic senator is in critical condition after being assaulted at his home.
5:39 | 11/19/13

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Transcript for Creigh Deeds Attacked at Home
This is a special room. I'm Dan -- -- New York -- this ABC news digital special report a Virginia State senator stabbed. And a body found inside his house state senator. -- -- who also ran for governor 2009 was stabbed inside his home today and is currently in critical condition in the hospital. The 55 year old has been in public office since 1991. The body found inside the home. Has yet to be identified. Virginia State Police are giving a press conference let's go there now -- -- -- -- in the -- Borough community and bath county. Chambers and -- county deputies and rise to find senator -- it's stabbed multiple times about the head and upper torso. He was flown from the scene to the University of Virginia hospital in Charlottesville. -- is right now and he's being treated for serious injuries. Senator -- son and -- its age 24 also Navarro. Was found inside the residence. Suffering from life threatening injuries associated with a gunshot wounds. Despite efforts by troopers and first responders -- the residents and he had died at the scene. The investigation on zoo remains ongoing right now by the Virginia State Police -- -- criminal investigations Salem field office. And this -- with the assistance of the bath county sheriff's office. And as I mentioned investigators are working right now -- confirming a -- in the exact sequence of events that involve these assaults. At the residence. Or less than five hours -- the investigation there's still a lot of work to be done and it will release more details once read that stage where we can we can confirm. The -- and and release them at this time. We've been listening to a news conference by Virginia State Police where they've just started an investigation that is less than five hours old responding to calls from a state senator in Virginia their creed deeds 55 year old. When a call came in from the sheriff's department on earlier this morning shortly -- 7 o'clock this morning. When the sheriff's department responded to deeds -- home they found the 55 year old state senator. With multiple stab wounds to his head to his torso and as we just heard there from the state police. The wounds were indicated as serious he. Was stabilized. Taken to a hospital and as we heard from that news conference he has been providing information. And some statements to investigators as they are now beginning their work. Also. At that home was his 24 year old son gusts. As we just heard there. Had suffered from gunshot wounds also this morning. First responders attempted to stabilize him at the scene there he died from his wounds. At this point state police say that they are not looking for suspects but again they are emphasizing the fact that the investigation is only five hours old. And they are just beginning. To speak and to start their work now. -- wanna bring in ABC's -- Walsh in Washington. To talk a little bit more about this is judged the police not seeking any suspects at this time. If any kind of indication. Of what that could potentially mean -- as far as how the investigation may go. Will act as we just heard the -- stressed that but still ongoing investigation that they have to interview several other people that they were able to get some information and some statements. From. From Craig deeds McCready excuse me directly and so that should. That one is a good sign that he was able to communicate in somewhat even though he still in serious condition and then. Able to move from their investigation but. What the most important thing -- -- what what the police are saying at the crux of their investigation is the motive and that's something we just don't know right now. Tell me a little bit about -- deeds in in the political -- -- he's played in the state of Virginia. Well -- most widely known for his play a significant loss in 2009 to Bob McDonnell and lost by eighteen point. And something in the -- reporting afterwards. It seems to have really affecting himself which obviously a big loss like that any kind of -- Boyd as also affected -- he said his. On family life he. Got divorced -- he had had it was married to his wife of twenty years and after that. Got lost he did get divorced but of course we have no idea at this point of any of actually -- to this incident is just too early. That race -- a very publicly watched race that was run. It was and he gave several interviews afterwards -- it was very difficult. Upset stomach that kind of huge -- even -- friends and so this is just another. Absolutely tragic situation. And but yes it was a very significant widely watched race and -- Lost by a huge margin what's interesting is he won the democratic gubernatorial up primary that year. Against Terry McAuliffe who as you know just one that. Against -- -- to Melanie is now the governor available at governor elect of Virginia. Right ABC -- -- Walsh in Washington fish thank you for that we've we appreciate that. And again a complete -- -- right here on As Virginia State Police are beginning an investigation. Of a stabbing at the state senator -- dean's home and the subsequent death of his son from a response earlier this morning. For now on down -- for -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20937984,"title":"Creigh Deeds Attacked at Home","duration":"5:39","description":"The Democratic senator is in critical condition after being assaulted at his home.","url":"/Politics/video/va-state-senator-creigh-deeds-attacked-20937984","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}