Think the Veep Choice Doesn't Matter?

Presidents exit the scene MUCH more often than you think. And then what?
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Think the Veep Choice Doesn't Matter?
Tompkins square park. Maybe you've heard of this New York City landmark. But how -- Daniel Tompkins. He was the vice president for eight years under James Monroe the fifth American says. Vice president it's a job that nobody says they want. But very few ever turn it down it is -- -- office by some. Back in 7089. In the ink on the constitution was still drying. The vice president with the candidate who finished. Goods say the first loser and with a handful of exceptions. The majority of Americans -- as. Have disappeared into the black -- it's like Daniel its performance. The choice for the vice president has been center. -- and according to a a majority of voters says that choice matters but is that true. It Spiro Agnew really helped Nixon in 1968. Was the undecided voter in 1981. Over by the cancer. Dan Quayle -- John McCain's presidential -- have in differently governor Pawlenty. Instead of the hill. But the selection of running a definite matters -- another reason -- Eight presidents have died in office for by assassination. Another president -- -- that means nine. 43 net interest about 20%. Were -- restaurants where facilities. The office Andrew Johnson Chester Arthur Theodore Roosevelt and Lyndon B Johnson became president because of assassin's bullets John Tyler Millard Fillmore Calvin Coolidge and Harry Truman. All followed presidents who died of natural causes Gerald Ford the only president not elected president for vice president. Succeeded the disgraced Richard Nixon. And how of those elevations worked out sometimes the nation gets a Teddy Roosevelt. Calvin Coolidge or Harry Truman all popular president who won re election. But sometimes we get Millard Fillmore or Andrew Johnson. Two men routinely counted among the worst presidents ever and that -- like choosing a vice president really does that. I'm Kenneth C Davis. You don't know -- -- that.

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{"id":16971421,"title":"Think the Veep Choice Doesn't Matter?","duration":"3:00","description":"Presidents exit the scene MUCH more often than you think. And then what?","url":"/Politics/video/veep-choice-matter-16971421","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}