Veteran Gives John Kasich Advice at New Hampshire Town Hall

A combat veteran gives John Kasich advice on potential military intervention at a New Hampshire town hall.
5:46 | 02/08/16

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Transcript for Veteran Gives John Kasich Advice at New Hampshire Town Hall
Yeah round of applause. Hey everybody it's talking to you. Come all right get over here you wanna hear. Us talking their happy. I don't why are. Nervous that the US. Something that Paul column that people want to come to know. It all right equipment. Yes. And you can't do things you can't do this or use that's it ridiculous its absolutely. And so we've you dress that had told the country today. Currently on the decrease lol very slow to commit American forces. Well you know that's true there's you know my history. If you absolutely. They're gonna go get the job done we're not putting constraints around. Go get the job done and that we're gonna bring them home or not happen trying to convert people you can tell you these pictures of news. This individual is Jesus. I want to dozens and destroyed. The plan. I want it done as quickly music can be done. Now the origin. Table. As weapons of mass destruction. But I sure hope weapons of mass destruction every weapon we. We want all of Powell maxis people. How does little metal kinda thing. OK we want this war won't end in the shortest period of time. Go to live arms and that you. Trained to do that is. You all costs. Get rid. We are miserable and you just put your thoughts and asked if you use a absolutely. Yeah. Another thing is that. Anybody's. We can't be the policeman who. An integral is that we these. Yeah and here is funny let me tell you sir you know eighteen years. I served on that defense community. Barry Goldwater. John Tower. The greatest defense mines here in my advisories now is Richard Allen. The former national security advisor to Ronald Reagan in he sent an email this morning. And you know what it said was highly classified. You were wrong the Broncos won. I don't look I got Fuzzy and guard performers. See CEO of the CIA. Lots of generals and all but here's the things that I wore. Because you learned it is in Vietnam when the commanders didn't have the power. And they said we've heard it from Washington. I have been involved in strengthening of provision. In the defendant's due back many years ago. There commanders on the ground ought to be in charge and bunch of people who were sitting in the Pentagon in west. General country okay here's the other thing. There we did lease listen to this one. I don't hear which branch of the service you're involved in your little train together and work together. We're not divisions between the army and us air force and we get in trouble and we do right. Yeah and secondly could you imagine. Be it war. And income one more in the Italian that you can't do these treatments which you can do those were things like your playing basketball right you know. Well that's unacceptable and of these and other things that I believe we need is when people think this is not doable or possible. People like you need to be hurt. In the administration and he cannot just be a bunch of people sitting behind the gate out there I don't do that at Ohio. I want regular folks people with the voters the chance to not only talk to me let yell at me if they wanted to I get Smart. You cannot let that he would fight should get. Military that I hope you agree with you just can't listen to the people it is ours on their shoulders. That's you gotta get amongst them up idiot out of here at what they all say once you know sit in the sand right here they have this. And we. Here's a Vietnam. Combat veteran. And some of them when they came home they hadn't changed their clothes in the bath. Take their uniform and never again in this country and we effort are. In the country yeah exactly right now here's the thing that everyone's wondering. Seems you say that you were so nervous she sure broke out at. And in Kabul.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"A combat veteran gives John Kasich advice on potential military intervention at a New Hampshire town hall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36789710","title":"Veteran Gives John Kasich Advice at New Hampshire Town Hall","url":"/Politics/video/veteran-john-kasich-advice-hampshire-town-hall-36789710"}