Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Biden Smiling Too Much?

Gov. Martin O'Malley of Maryland declares Joe Biden the winner against Paul Ryan.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Biden Smiling Too Much?
We'll get straight to the spin room and democratic governor Maryland Martin O'Malley. Governor O'Malley. I imagine you're going to say your guy won the debate the let me just ask you this the question that we've been discussing and the deaths here. Did he perhaps take a little too far with a smiling and the laughing. Now I don't think so at all in fact I think he did tonight exactly what he needed to do. He needed to call Paul Ryan now on his phony plans his goofy math that never adds up. And these failed policies from the past. That would have never created a single job and in fact. Led to colossal job losses so out of the vice president of what he needed to do -- mean sometimes the things of these guys say actually are laughable. And they deserve to be left that. I mean anybody that would be thirty days out from an election. And has no plan to put out to the American people as to how it is that they're going to somehow increase. You know tax breaks for billionaires and millionaires and nobody asked to pay for -- come on give me a break. Some of their stuff is laughable and I thought the vice president did a great job tonight I thought it was a decisive win. And I think that congressman Brian looked not only shallow but I thought and I have thought he also looked. And prepared to be vice president. Of the United States certainly -- Our vice president of of many things -- -- let me just quickly reduce its second here I mean I think there are going to be some people in this country who will look. At this split screen with -- vice president constantly laughing and smiling -- say that seems condescending. You know what I think is condescending is to be thirty days out from the election. And for. Governor Romney too and for Paul Ryan with that -- -- had denied an -- ninety minutes to still say. Happy playing this shell game -- pay no attention. To our voodoo economics and the goofy math. Trust us. We've got a secret plan behind door number three that's what's condescending. And I think that all of us you know if we're I think that there are a lot of Americans out here who do find that it's laughable that they would be. Stealing this stuff and not have better details to back it up -- and I thought this was a very decisive win tonight I also think one other thing I think that. Vice President Biden showed his passion. And showed a lifetime commitment fighting for middle class opportunity fighting for jobs and I -- Paul Ryan looked a little bit like a mannequin. You know press my third button -- -- -- middle class one more time he saw one guy who was very passionate. And as a lifetime of public service and you saw another guy that's spewing the cliched in the -- minds on the one liners and kept being brought back to reality and yet. Couldn't fill in the details of his -- not. Ideological and image -- proposals. But governor O'Malley I I think there is also a case be made that we didn't hear a lot from Joseph Biden about. What he would do with the administration would do in a second term we heard a lot of aggressive. And as you send it you know going after the other side for what -- they would like to you. But do you feel like Joseph Biden. Made the case for a second term and if so. What specifically did he say to make that case. I think he didn't make the case by talking about the progress we've made and how we've made it in coming out of the worst job losses. Many. Of any period since the Great Depression he talked about the differences that. The Obama and Biden administration. Made in terms of restructuring the auto industry. Manufacturing jobs are now growing and being created. He talked about the progress that we made and stopping the free -- fall with the recovery and reinvestment act and I am glad he also pointed out. Just how well administered those dollars -- you know they made all sorts of predictions it would be horrible to -- horrible waste fraud and abuse. Those things did not happen -- four tenths of of 1%. So I think he did talk about the things that we have been doing a more importantly he called out there obstructionism. -- the most important part of this debate. Was when he looked to congressman -- it. Who is the leader of these radical obstructionist. A Republican House members to vote against every single jobs Bill Johnson elected jobs -- to jobs bill they -- -- and he said in the look. If you don't have any idea -- -- you can't help. Get out of the way. A second administration will be an administration where we come back to. Reality where we do the things our parents and grandparents need to do which is a balanced approach where the map actually matters. Facts matter where we invest in education innovation and rebuilding our infrastructure. Governor O'Malley thank you very much from the spin room democratic -- -- Martin O'Malley we appreciate your time.

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{"id":17459782,"title":"Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Biden Smiling Too Much?","duration":"3:00","description":"Gov. Martin O'Malley of Maryland declares Joe Biden the winner against Paul Ryan.","url":"/Politics/video/vice-presidential-debate-2012-analysis-biden-won-17459782","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}