Analyst: VP Debate Battle Between 'Mind and Gut'

Yahoo analyst Chris Moody explains how Joe Biden, Paul Ryan will try to sway voters.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Analyst: VP Debate Battle Between 'Mind and Gut'
Let's get back down to stand on that Chris -- who is a political reporter -- -- Yahoo! is there hey Chris how are you. Great to be here thanks for having me. You you put up today on your blog that -- got to follow Ryan's mom may be in this spin room tonight is that true. Well I'm not sure -- they're gonna send her to the spin room but she's -- an issue a statement about the debate what it's all over. She was in Florida last week where she lives seasonally and I got to tell you she's quite the politician herself bikes are working with -- -- reporter shouting questions with her and a whole crowd of people wanting to talk to her. She's got some charm I think she could have been pretty good alternative vice president Paul Ryan wasn't available at. Come back. If that would abandon now that would have happened in this race just it just a teeny bit I just and I'm really curious question you -- the mom so anything that he really. Com. OK so the prince tell us what the mood is -- there. You know we know that. Going into vice presidential debate. Typically. It's a lot less intense people aren't going on and on -- -- as they are in the presidential. But are -- feeling like. Presidential level -- I think this debate is a little bit unique because. This stakes are so much higher because of the way the debate was handled. Last week between Obama and Romney. Obama seemed a little bit subdued and so there's a lot of pressure on Joseph Biden right now so a lot of people Democrats -- Republicans are looking to a Biden's performance. I think in a way that people don't necessarily look at vice presidential debates especially in the past. You had an unusual exchange where Paul Ryan earlier in this campaign season. On your birthday. -- what what is was like one on one what is it like when you when he offers you a hot dog you have to Medicare. Well -- -- very personable guy anybody that's ever covered Capitol Hill knows that he likes to talk he kind of acts like an -- In a way that he is very personal and and and friendly. He's been muzzled them away here on the presidential campaign held back a little bit you kind of see him when he walks by the past the press he looks -- -- was so he really wants to talk to you but. Then he shies away says I'm not allowed to you. But when I get asked him -- Medicare question he looked minis are you serious I just wanted to buy a hot dog on your birthday which. Which with the story -- but you know when you buyer reporter hot -- I did pay him back by the way you're gonna get a question back -- -- you know no good -- goes unpunished for journalists itself. -- -- -- on Yahoo! News about but. Looking back at Ryan's previous debate obviously never debated in it -- on states like tonight but he has surprised in the past. Up against them some more senior and seasoned opponents right. Well he's he's run several congressional races and and -- debated several Democrats over the past fourteen years. And but what they told me you know I -- do you have any advice for Joseph Biden and they said come prepared with your numbers do not get caught flat footed. Because Ron Ryan has a way to to memorize all this encyclopedic knowledge of data and statistics. And he can throw them out their way most people kept the difference between Ryan and Biden tonight is I think Ryan goes for the mind and Biden goes the heart. And they got and that's going to be the battle you -- tonight. Chris great to have you won't we're gonna get back to you almost as soon as the debate and for your instant analysis we'll see you then.

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{"id":17457378,"title":"Analyst: VP Debate Battle Between 'Mind and Gut'","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo analyst Chris Moody explains how Joe Biden, Paul Ryan will try to sway voters.","url":"/Politics/video/vice-presidential-debate-2012-joe-biden-paul-ryan-17457378","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}