After: The VP Debate 2012

Vice Presidential Debate Recap
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for After: The VP Debate 2012
This is an ABC news Yahoo! news live street after the vice presidential debate. Now here are ten Cutler and Amy Walter. And good morning everyone what a night last night was in here with -- political director Amy Walter to talk about. The amazing not that I think everyone is right now just taking a breath and trying to. Digest everything that happens right. Mean there was a lot going on last night -- Honda back and forth and as we saw a lot of social media a lot of Twitter and it's FaceBook going on but here's I think. In an essence what happened last night. Many people calling this essentially a -- -- nobody got a decisive knockout punch certainly Joseph Biden was the more aggressive candidate up there. And look I think these two candidates came in this debate with two very different agendas and I think both accomplish them Joseph Biden came in. With the goal of getting that base reenergize -- a lot of Democrats who work. Search you or like after the last debate Brian are hard to candidates so portly now they have -- spring in the step they're very excited. Paul Ryan came in there with the goal of reaching out to those swing voters those persuade able voters who were taking a second look at Mitt Romney after the last debate and -- to them. It's okay come on in the water's fine so I think both of them achieve that goal. And I think now going forward. The focus is no longer going to be on these two candidates it's gonna go back to being all about. The guys at the top of the ticket Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. About last -- obviously supporting -- certainly play their role -- that not eighty minutes of fun at they had to prove their roles we smash it all down in acumen at the fine. Memorable moments take a look. I'm Martha Raddatz of ABC news and I am honored to moderate this debate between two men. Who have dedicated much of their lives to public service -- our pilots are less willing -- with all due respect -- -- bunch of -- This is a bunch of stuff look here's the deal what does that mean a bunch of stuff well it means and simply -- Irish. It's. But it should be surprising for a guy who says 47%. Of the American people are unwilling to take responsibility for life European employment written -- today. Sure do 10%. It was the -- guys came in eight point 5%. That's how it's going all around America I think the vice president very well knows but sometimes the words don't commodity -- the right way to. I'm Michelle letters but to our website and sent -- a letter saying by the way. -- -- -- Mason stimulus money for companies here is the state of Wisconsin sit it out for stimulus -- Iraq. But it would create -- we we we advocated for constituents were applying for grants. I want to move on here -- to Medicare entitlements and by the way -- is some element and I appreciate that you. Your own -- -- -- Islamabad more people signed up for Medicare Advantage out. What -- -- Nobody -- his -- president. I don't know this is a failure under a lot of arrests to -- -- But I think it will be better served if we don't even -- each other. Look folks are all audience is not have been an -- choices and so the next time you hear them say don't worry about it. We'll get a few wealthy people to pay their fair share. -- out of class. The tax -- is coming to you it has never been done before. It's been done a couple of times against never reject any lower -- -- trees -- rivalry Jack Bennett Ronald Reagan. The choice is clear. And a choice. Rests with you I'm Martha Raddatz of ABC news I do hope all of you go to the polls have a good evening. That was it -- -- Martha afterwards is taking a sigh of relief of sight I've been in war zones but this. This is something I've never had -- our very well deserved break I hope for Martha Raddatz after this is Paul -- 42 Joseph Biden is 69 years old. Obviously there is an age difference on their but both of those men last night certainly brought their a game up there regardless of what of your quote political stripe is. Who -- is a genuinely a time. I think instantly at times I think that it's going to be very hard -- actually -- -- -- person by Gallup looks genuinely to be a time. I think with most debates. What you find is -- marinate and -- for a little bit before you get to see who really. The folks decide was the winner before me the culture at altogether decide to the winner went so it's sort of like a crock pot. It's been sitting -- doing. And we're gonna open the -- In a couple of days stirred up a little bit and see where the public came -- but fundamentally the reason why it may not matter as much because we have a presidential debate. And Tuesday so by the time we opened the lead to the crock pot. We're gonna already be -- the next meal but arguably this vice presidential debate blowing all absolutely look this was the most. Aggressive this was the most combative. There was not a moment in which you could turn away from the televisions and -- you never knew what was coming next. -- he very different from the first debate which was much more stayed much. Much less animated certainly. And Martha Raddatz obviously you know. No stranger to dealing with difficult situations and she held control last night and I think -- was -- -- obviously well deserved praise for that this morning. She would actually talked to George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America to get her reaction that because it was interesting to see kind of what her reaction when she was gonna jump in when she was gonna -- amounts they. You need to explain a little bit better. This is what her thoughts were on the debate last night. There's the debate unfolded. Wasn't the debate you prepared for the when -- saw in your head as she wrote those questions. What I think is a little surprised that I got in as many follow ups and and I know you've got -- story you try to listen and you try to react to what they're saying sure I had a lot of follow up written -- a lot of questions written. But when you're there -- near in the moment and really you really have to go with what's happening. So when they were talking to each other when they were going after each other you do you want to -- a step back from that. And yet when I hear things I think how I've got I've got to jump in there -- -- and there was so much happening was moving so fast from the very beginning -- if -- have any insight -- the the personal dynamic. Between the two men from that close. Well it and that's a really interesting is the dynamic because that table is very intimate so it's very different in the presidential debate last week when they're up on the podium. That close to one another in their sort of going at each other and and the laughter and some of the jabs at one another it it it felt. Way more personal just because of that it's and it's that'd take it you're so close to them right there and -- -- anything -- after the debate. I'm you know I I shook their hands after the -- I saw both of them after the debates with their with their families briefly they were both very nice. They both said -- were tough but good job then and they they seem to enjoy themselves. Well -- hit. I'm -- might be close but I certainly Martha Raddatz is seem to enjoy herself in hand and her role there and and of course we know that Martha Raddatz spent a lot of time overseas that is her day job she's been in wars and obviously -- -- A good amount of time focused on some very pointed questions. Especially it's going on in the Middle East and specifically about Libyan this is where I think we're gonna see the next be here in in in the followup to this debate is. On the questions surrounding that attack and then -- you know when it. Just take a look at at at some policy moments here from the debate. Where the two candidates really came out swinging on the issue pentagon. What do you and in his speech of the UN he's had six times tuchman YouTube video. Look. If we -- hit by terrorists we're gonna call for what it is a terrorist attack. What -- you first told about the attack and why why were people talking about protest when people in the consulate. First saw armed man. Attacking with guns there were no protests because lies in that. Want me well we were told by -- intelligence community. Intelligence -- told us that as they learn more facts about exactly what happened they changed their assessment. That's why there's also an investigation headed by Tom Pickering a leading diplomat -- from the Reagan years. Who is doing an investigation is whether or not they're any -- is what the lapses were so that they will never happen again. They want to let our security. Well we were told there would do what want more security and we did not know they want -- more security. And that issue we weren't told they want -- -- security is what Republicans are pouncing on right how they're saying look there was just a hearing the other day on Capitol Hill where. You had members of the administration saying we did ask for more security in the State Department said no so I think we're going to see. Both Mitt Romney surrogates going after -- he -- yesterday in Asheville, North Carolina. At a big rally last night Mitt Romney saying that the president quote failed to grasp the seriousness of this I think. We are going to see a debate there and it's not just exactly -- what happened. In the Libya read that the goal I think of Republicans right now pointing out that the administration looks like it's fumbling around dozen house. Doesn't have answers should be taken seriously. On this issue and the issue of competence is going to I think come up time and again. Obviously the talk about that the economy now they're trying to talk about them. -- and certainly the strongest point of foreign substance and foreign policy being brought and then as you said -- we brought to next Tuesday to meet for the presidential debate. Stylistically though substance aside stylistically though nothing short of pure entertainment for ninety -- absolutely I mean it really wasn't wasn't. If you have absolutely no political aspirations -- interest last night was great television moments was not. And Joseph Biden showed why he is Joseph Biden I think that he -- -- then any other politician can turn -- -- debate. Into an actual physical backs -- Whitman's -- regret that you can find as many clips as we found. Joseph Biden right. Crossing his arms throwing his head back the big smiles I mean it was like nothing we've. Republicans are jumping on that are they not mean there -- saying that that was that that was a demeaning way that that seemed almost an immature way to hope not -- for the office of the vice presidency but also to have -- -- -- a debate have a serious talk. In the spin room afterwards this is the number one word we heard from Romney surrogate. He was rude and it's gonna turn off swing voters percent of the beginning you know Paul Ryan came in did this really trying to. Continue to -- to go after those moderate swing voters -- -- think Republicans that is think that that condescending. Some rude tone turned off those voters and it's curious you look at the front pages across the country today you can see that. It really is -- look there's the picture right hands going up in the air -- -- an Arizona. Sparks fly. Again more movement there. Didn't take it there the journal sentinel and was content and it didn't pick the most memorable but there we got out. -- the buckshot react. And -- a -- smile and a lot laughing a lot in -- that split screen I think if people a lot of insight into thinking you know how quickly Biden was gonna react to something that Bryant said and -- for the most part I didn't notice much reaction he seemed to really kind of pulled himself into the moment. Well remember you and you brought this up earlier. Paul Ryan's -- to -- rent so he needed to go up and and look. Presidential -- and one way to do that is by stature not looking like you're overreacting you don't want to look like. You are being that kid being schooled by the older. More serious man I think he he did that effectively but I just want it it reiterate for Democrats they thought that Joseph Biden's performance was. Perfect it's exactly what they want -- in fact. During the debate I tweeted out boy that I don't know about this facial gestures seems like it's over the top would you guys think sending it out to the Twitter verse. And it broke down really on partisan lines Republicans saying it's disgusting Democrats said Iowa but. Vice presidential -- debates is if not they'll also the arena where they can more -- -- -- attack dog for the president because they can kind of get in there and kind of rough things up a little bit more than what the top of the ticket cannot do. Absolutely that's why you see vice presidential debates with the most sort of seeing errors branch and where you're gonna really seats -- the long knives coming out and then they -- Back into the background that's interesting remember when when he was picked the consensus on many of us in. And -- currency against. Hypocrisy and I'll see what is that. This was able Lou Grant -- -- he's picking somebody who has. Not put forward -- controversial budget plan who is yes -- seen -- sort of the next generation of leadership in in the house. Com and that he was an embrace that this was going to be their agenda we're not we're no longer -- -- kick the can down the road we're gonna go forward. With the plan especially on reducing the deficit that's going to be a little bit painful but it's the right thing to do. We've really seen that Poland and -- At I want to bring in now Katie Connolly who's a senior editor over Yahoo! News because this debate was really just quote would look -- social atmosphere. Not only with Malarkey which -- trying to figure out exactly is Irish for what he is -- that was that. That was Biden's answer to that Malarkey is completely -- and Elton -- that is a bunch of stuff -- Phoebe what happened last night because clearly you got -- visit. -- the great thing we've looked at Yahoo! what folks were searching for and what jumped up into the top of all searches not just political surges once Malarkey. Not -- he definitely. Didn't like. People want to don't they got -- threatening talk to search to find out it. We thought he wants it more about the candidates after watching the debates at the top search terms sob at Yahoo! around the candidates where -- biography. -- biography and -- debate winners of that question. That you're pondering earlier is something I think I'm looking for answers as well. Phoebe we discussed this many times about what is the -- worthiness. Of any of these debates so. What was the mean coming out of this when you look at the social media we've talked about this thing capped it can actually take a picture of your screen and and and and put your words to it what you thought it looked like. -- -- -- It actually looks this time to see what -- the most like to share it happens that -- when ABC viewers created. And and then shared -- once which built up on the screen which says something. Really we're trapped into the energy and the dynamic gestures that -- Typically -- -- that was top ones that that was full gallery art on -- in the. This coming after after those. Amazing work out shots -- yesterday from time magazine from Paul Ryan means so say that you're dreaming -- my goodness -- could hire actually Matt. Twitter. Crazy numbers for there what was -- -- was the big driver. Isn't that the -- was lower than we -- for the presidential debate so. Overall there are balanced and arrangements for the presidential debate -- the vice presidential debate around three millions of the volume was much Lawler. But we did -- noted spikes around so. The spikes saw the biggest spike was around the Jack Kelly comment that bite me on and then most tweet and comment about that might -- it was about Hampton -- Bryant. Around Obama care -- care. Well -- inching its almost the exact same numbers so it's a little bit too about the kinds of people who are watching these debates I think much more partisan then. Maybe get with the with the presidential. You know I want to ask is -- you surprised about hearing Jack Kennedy brought up in this debate because honestly when you look at this new kind of -- the best of moments last night. You're really was like going to your favorite rock concert where you wonder if you -- if they're gonna play the old stuff in the way that you want to hear it certainly -- -- around. I -- to bring up Jack Kennedy and it was very artfully broad. -- and you gotta wonder. If that was planned all along run. You know we've talked to people who were part of the Lloyd Bentsen team in nineteen mediated he of course -- came up with me. Quip about. Dan Quayle you're no Jack Kennedy. And that they said that actually sort of practice it wasn't as spontaneous. As it looked at the moment so. You have to wonder where that where that came in but look I think he was told Joseph Biden was told me to go win. The aggressive -- Paul O'Brien off and and get it get it done. But if it's if we look both towards the Twitter and also. What hash tags that -- -- acting like every minute. -- -- a new hash tag and also that we had new Twitter handles created. Thanks to. What happened at -- let's debate it was just big bird. It was just heard this with a lot of risks on Joseph -- -- I'm asking you -- -- Joseph Biden's notebook. He was -- everyone's -- of kind of circled around. So different answers it was -- the winner parents -- moments to rip off an -- and come up with something interest around you got your answer the winner. Is the Internet. The winner is Ali oh well Ellison Martha rat we have yet some army -- got a huge contract last night as well she -- she -- was -- throughout the evening. Actually this morning I checked what was tightening across the United States. Martha Raddatz and hash tag to -- yet these are not with the movement out there for Martha Raddatz for BP. Or at the top of the ticket and I think we'll get right that people don't really pushing for her to take on both roles at the same time and and -- -- when it measurements that were -- late last night was this study of biometrics essentially took Republicans and Democrats. They hooked up to electrodes and they wanted to find -- essentially how viewers react to different things that they were seen. It's a little bit different than actually voluntarily having to turnabout saying yes. That really gets me going and Allen turned off by that it's essentially checking out -- bio rhythms are reacting to what you're seeing here. We've got a couple of graphics up there just to kind of -- some of the points that really -- to love what you see in the blue there is a group of Democrats in the red as Republicans. What really resonated with the Democrats is when Joseph Biden says that's a bunch of Malarkey and that was obviously coming off that that defense that he was making for the administration for Libya. You can see also speicher from Democrats saying -- -- -- -- accused fine of being under duress in it's it's fascinating to see at the start of the debate. How quickly dropped off -- that we picked up and what it -- there. As he spoke about -- that the significance of that is when Joseph Biden said. Now you're Jack Kennedy and that clearly -- it resonate with Democrats -- Republicans like parents love it. It's just passing through there's another way we can study to find exactly how voters of consciously without having -- -- really turned me off right actually jazzed about that yes in fact. That did get my blood going literally. Right and if if what we're seeing here is any indication. I think it suggests that it really was Joseph Biden who was more successful in getting his team. The blue team engaged and excited and energized. But that wasn't necessarily -- job. In that very true picture as we permanently that's great news last night -- mean big hits in eight bruised right. Hunt down and -- just for doing pretty excited about. -- -- but we can't show it because apparently it. We can't -- all day but let me of that for Democrats. That. That I mean that that's been going up and and -- -- -- I think it. To see images of Joseph Biden being super express it continued to resurrect reference -- the elections. The -- that's more -- as well we've got to others opt to -- Capturing him jump. -- -- -- -- -- With the drinking a lot of people -- on the water he was drinking. And our viewers. Lemonade and -- -- New Hampshire over the next couple of days until next Tuesday where we will. Reset everything well. -- -- -- -- Who watch you all eyes and hot and -- where of course the presidential debate we'll take place the second that's when folks in on foreign policy next Tuesday night. The next is and I actually this is going to be -- town a town hall on that right so it's another female moderator Candy Crowley from CNN will be the person. Up front trying to negotiate -- town hall questions between the two presidential candidates. And then we wait till the week after that we go to foreign policy are counting down in Florida -- you can watch it. All here. On -- -- Yahoo! the YouTube election channel. We got it on mobile devices everywhere you are. You can see us and -- the debates right from all of us here at ABC Netanyahu thanks so much for watching. Have a good day.

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