Ryan on Libya: WH First Blames YouTube Video, Then Romney-Ryan

GOP congressman takes on VP Joe Biden, Obama administration over handling of Libya consulate attack.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Ryan on Libya: WH First Blames YouTube Video, Then Romney-Ryan
I would like to begin with Libya. -- a rather somber note one month ago tonight on the anniversary of 9/11. Ambassador Chris Stevenson three other brave Americans were killed in a terrorist attack in Ben -- The State Department has now made clear there were no protesters there it was a pre planned assault by heavily armed men. Wasn't this a massive intelligence failure Vice President Biden. -- was as a tragedy. Chris Stevens was one of our best lost through the brave Americans I'm committed absolutely to commitments to you and all the American people. One we will find. And bring justice. The man who did and secondly we will get to the bottom of it and would ever wherever the facts lead us. For everybody in the news we will make clear to the American public because whenever mistakes -- -- -- will not be me again we look at that a president. -- seems to me that you should take a look at his most important responsibility that's. Carrier for the national security country best way to do that is take a look at how he's handled the issues of the day. On Iraq the president said he would end the war. Governor Romney said that was a tragic mistake we should -- third in fact he ended. Governor Romney said that was a tragic mistake we should -- 30000 troops. With regard to Afghanistan he said he will end the war in 2014. Governor Romney said we should not set a date number one and number two with regard to 2014 it depends. McCain Osama bin Laden. The president the first day in office I was sitting with him in the Oval Office he -- in the CIA -- signed an order saying my highest priorities -- and lot. Prior to the election prior to the can be sworn in governor Romney was asked the question about how -- would proceed is that I wouldn't move heaven and earth to get a lot. He didn't understand was more than about taking a a murderer off the battlefield it was about restoring America's heart. And letting terrorists around the world know if you do harm to America. We will attract you to the gates of hell -- -- And lastly the the press United States has has led with a steady hand and clear vision. Governor Romney the opposite the last thing we need now is another war. Congressman right. We mourn the loss of these four Americans were murdered. When you take a look at what has happened just in the last few weeks. They sent the UN ambassador out to say that this was because of a protest -- YouTube video. It took the president two weeks. To acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack. He went to the UN in his speech of the UN he's had six times he talked with the YouTube video. Look. If we -- hit by terrorists we're gonna call for what it is a terrorist attack. Our ambassador in Paris as a marine detachment guarding him. Should we have a marine detachment guarding. Our ambassador -- -- Ghazi. A place where we knew that there was an al-Qaeda cells with arms. This. Is becoming more troubling by the day. If first point YouTube video -- trying to blame the Romney -- ticket for making this an issue. With respect to Iraq. We have the same position. Before the withdrawal which wise we agreed with the Obama administration. Let's have a status of forces agreement to make sure that we secure our gains. The vice president was put in charge of those negotiations by President Obama. And it -- to -- the agreement. We don't have a status of forces agreement because they failed to get. That's what we're talking about. -- -- comes our veterans we -- -- them a free debt of gratitude. For what they've -- force including your son vote. But we also want to make sure that we don't lose the things we fought so hard to get. With respect to Afghanistan between fourteen deadline we agree with -- -- fourteen transition. But what we also want to do is make sure that we're projecting weakness abroad and that's what's happening here this. And got the issue would be a tragedy in of itself. But unfortunately it's indicative of a broader problem and that is what we're watching on -- TV screens as the unraveling of the Obama foreign policy. Which is making them were marked more chaotic -- -- less. I. -- -- -- about right in the middle of the crisis. Governor Romney and you're talking about this again tonight. Talked about the weakness talked about apologies. From the Obama administration. -- -- really appropriate right in the middle of the crisis. On that same day the Obama administration had the exact same position. Let's recall that they disavowed. Their own statement that they had put up earlier in the day in Cairo. So we had the same position but we will it's never too early to speak -- for our -- We should've spoken out right away when the green revolution was up and starting when the mullahs in Iran -- attacking their people. We should not call Bashar -- a reformer when he was turning his Russian providing guns on his own people. We should always stand up for peace. For democracy for individual rights and we should not be. Imposing these devastating defense cuts because what that does when we -- -- Kate on our values. We show -- -- her own defense and here it makes us more week it projects weakness and when you look weak. Our adversaries are much more willing to test us the more brazen attacks and -- Ellis are less willing to. All due respect that's a bunch of Malarkey. And -- that's has not a single thing you said is accurate first of all be specific I will be very specific number one. The this lecture on embassy security. The congressman here cut embassy security -- his budget by 300. Million dollars below what we asked for number one. So much for the -- security number two. Governor Romney before -- know the facts before he even knew that our ambassador was killed. He was out making a political state which was paid by the media around the world. And this talk about this this weakness. I I don't understand what my friends talking about. -- this is -- president's gone out and done everything he has said he was gonna do. This is a guy -- repaired our alliances -- the rest of the world follows us again this is a guy who brought the entire world including Russia and China to bring about the most. Devastating. -- devastating. On. The most devastating efforts on. Iran to make sure that they in fact stop with -- -- I just I mean these guys bet against America all the time. Hit -- we -- but let me go about maturity. What -- you first told about the attack -- why why were people talking about protest when people in the consulate. First saw armed man attacking with guns there were no protests because lies in that now on what we -- hole but -- That's why there's also an investigation headed by Tom Pickering. A leading diplomat -- from the Reagan years. Who is doing an investigation as to whether or not -- any -- what the lapses -- so that they will never happen again they want to let our security. Well we weren't all there -- -- want more security that we did not know they want -- security and by the way. At the time we were told exactly we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they -- That was the assessment. And as the intelligent we need change their view that we may be quicker they change their view that's why should we will get to the bottom of this. You know usually when there's a crisis we pulled together. We pulled together as a nation but as I said -- before we know what happened in the ambassador. The governor is holding a press conference was holding a press. That's not presidential leadership. Mr. -- I want to ask you about. The Romney campaign talks a lot about no apologies as a book called no apologies. Should the US -- apologized for Americans burning around in Afghanistan should the US apologize for US marine. Urinating on Taliban corpses oh gosh yes. -- agree -- Calvin court corpses. But we should not a party restaurants what. Idiot with what we should not be apologizing for our standing up for our balance. What we should not be doing is saying the Egyptian people while. Mubarak is cracking down them but he's a good guy and then the next twenty -- What we should not be doing is rejecting claims from. For calls for more security. In our barracks in our marine we need Marines -- Ghazi. When the commander on the ground says we need more forces for security there were requests for extra security those requests were not honored. Look this was the anniversary of 9/11. It was Libya a country we knew we had al-Qaeda cells there as we know al-Qaeda and its affiliates are on the rise in northern Africa. And we did not give our ambassador in Benghazi. A marine detachment. Of course there's an investigations we can make sure that this never happens again. But when it comes to -- up for bellies -- not apologize for.

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{"id":17457832,"title":"Ryan on Libya: WH First Blames YouTube Video, Then Romney-Ryan","duration":"3:00","description":"GOP congressman takes on VP Joe Biden, Obama administration over handling of Libya consulate attack.","url":"/Politics/video/vice-presidential-debate-2012-paul-ryan-libya-wh-17457832","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}