Paul Ryan: 'Nobody Is Proposing to Send Troops to Syria'

GOP VP candidate prioritizes "national security interests" over humanitarian reasons.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Paul Ryan: 'Nobody Is Proposing to Send Troops to Syria'
Let's move to another war the civil war in Syria. But their estimates that more than estimates that more than 25030. -- was -- people have now been killed in march of last year President Obama explained the military action taken in Libya. By saying it was in the national interest to go win. And prevent further massacres from occurring there. So why doesn't the same logic apply in Syria. Thighs -- country. It's a different country it is five times as large geographically. It has 15 the population that is Libya. 15 the population fight on our geographically. It's in a part of the world where you're not going to see what ever would come from that. War -- seep into a regional war. -- in a country that is heavily populated. In the midst most dangerous area in the world. And in fact if in fact it blows up in the wrong people gain control it's going to have impact on the entire region. Causing potentially regional wars we are working hand and glove. With the Turks with the Jordanians with the saudis and went all the people in the region. Attempted to identify the people who deserve the help so that when aside goes and he will go. There will be a legitimate government that follows -- not an al-Qaeda sponsored government that follows. And all this loose talk of my friend governor Romney and -- congressman. About how we're gonna do we can do so much more in -- what war. Would they do other than put American boots on the ground the last thing America needs is -- -- and another ground war in the Middle East requiring. Tens of thousands if not well over a 100000 American forces. That they are the facts. They are the facts. Now every time the governor's asked about this he doesn't say -- he said -- -- He goes up a whole lot of I'm verbiage but when he gets pressed he says now he would not do anything different then we are doing now are they proposing putting American troops -- -- But it American aircraft in the airspace is our -- they did just pick up its sale. But that's not what -- say. We are doing it exactly like we need to do to identified those forces. Who in fact will provide for a stable government and not cause a regional she Sunni Shia war would beside them when -- this year aside falls. -- Nobody is proposing to send troops to Syria American troops now let me say it this way. How would we do things differently. We wouldn't referred to -- shot as a reformer. When he's killing his own civilians. With his Russian provided weapons. We wouldn't be outsourcing. Our foreign policy to the United Nations giving Vladimir Putin. Veto power over our efforts to try and -- -- with this issue. He's vetoed three of them Hillary Clinton went. To Russia to trying convince enough to do so they thwarted her efforts. She said they're on the wrong side of history she was right about that this is just one more example of how -- Russia resets not -- It's -- where are we. After international pressure mounted then pres Obama said Bashar side should go. It's been over a year the man -- slaughtered tens of thousands of his own people. And more foreign fighters are spilling into this country. So the longer this is going on. The more. People groups like al-Qaeda are going -- We could have more easily identify the Free Syrian Army the freedom fighters working with our allies the Turks the qatari -- the saudis. Had we had a better plan in place to begin with working through our allies. But no we waited for Kofi Annan to trying. Come up and an agreement for the UN. That bought the -- side time we gave Russia a veto power over -- efforts to the UN. And meanwhile about 30000 Syrians are -- What -- my friend do. Different if you notice he never answers the question -- I would I it would not be going to the UN all of the ugly things. Don't go through the -- We are in the process now and have been four months. In making sure that help humanitarian aid. As well as other aid training is getting to those forces that we believe the Turks believe the Jordanians believe the saudis believe are the free forces in side. Syria that is under way. Our allies were all on the same page NATO as well as our Arab allies in terms of trying to get a settlement. That was their idea where the ones -- said enough with regard to the reset not working. The fact of the matter is that Russia has a different interest in Syria that we do and that's not in our -- What happens -- aside does not fall. Congressman Brian what happens to the region what happens if he hangs on what happens to be done -- Iran keeps their greatest ally in the region. He's a sponsor of terrorism. -- probably continue slaughtering his people we in the world community will lose our credibility on this. Look you mention the -- what would Romney Ryan do about that kind of -- we agree with same redlining actually they do on chemical weapons. But not putting American troops and other than to secure those chemical weapons the right about that. But what we should have -- earlier is work -- Those freedom fighters those dissidents in Syria we should not have. Called Bouchard -- a reformer. And we should not criteria should not wish that Russia tried to create an option should not have waited for Russia gives the green light. -- the UN and Russia is officially under there still -- the man. Iran is flying flights over rock -- and help is being harmed this to help the -- -- And by the way if we had the status of forces agreement that the vice president said he would vetted vice presidency on in Iraq we probably would have been -- to prevent that. But he failed to achieve that is well again let let me ask you quickly at a -- criteria for intervention. In Syria. Worldwide what is in the national interest of the American people about what is an international -- security of the American it was going to be should teach a national interest of our country. No humanitarian. Each situation will that will come up its own set of circumstances. But putting American troops on the ground that's going to be within the national security interest of the American people. I want everywhere we're -- studies out there embargoes and sanctions and overflights those are things that don't put American troops on the ground. But he taught at a pretty American troops on the -- Only. In our national security interests.

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{"id":17458849,"title":"Paul Ryan: 'Nobody Is Proposing to Send Troops to Syria'","duration":"3:00","description":"GOP VP candidate prioritizes \"national security interests\" over humanitarian reasons.","url":"/Politics/video/vice-presidential-debate-2012-paul-ryan-proposing-send-17458849","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}