Paul Ryan Rattles Off Obama's 'Broken Promises'

Vice President Joe Biden, Rep. Paul Ryan discuss President Obama's past four years.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Paul Ryan Rattles Off Obama's 'Broken Promises'
And I'm going to move on to -- in question because we are running out of time. Certainly known you said it here tonight. That the two of you respect our troops enormously. Your son has served -- perhaps someday your children will serve as well. I recently spoke to -- highly decorated soldier who said that this presidential campaign. Has left him -- -- he told me quote the ads are so negative and they are all tearing down each other rather than building up the country. What would you say -- that American hero about this campaign and at the end of the day are you ever embarrassed by the tone. As president -- I would say to him the same thing I say to myself -- serve years Iraq. That. We only have one. Truly sacred obligation as a -- That's too -- to those we send in -- harm's way and care for those who come home. It's only sacred obligation. Everything else falls behind. I would also tell him that. The fact that. He this decorated soldier you talked about. Fought for his country. That should be honored. He should not be thrown -- category 47%. Who don't pay their taxes. While he was out there fighting not having to pay taxes somehow not taking responsibility. I would also tell him that. There are things that have occurred in this campaign -- -- every campaign and I'm sure both of us regret anyone having said particularly in. These these these special. New groups -- come out there raise all the money they want not have to identify themselves and sent most scurrilous things. About the other cases. It's it's it's an abomination. But the bottom line here is -- ask that hero you reference to take a look at whether or not. Governor Romney -- present Obama. Head -- state conviction. To help lift up the middle class. Restore them to where they were before in this Great Recession hit and they got wiped out. Or whether or not he's going to continue to focus. Taking care going to very wealthy not asking them to make any part of the deal to bring them bring back to middle class economy this country. I've asked him and take a look at. Whether the president of the United States has acted wisely in the use of force and what went -- to slipshod comments being made by my. My friend -- by governor Romney serve. Serve our interest very well. But there are things that have been sending campaign's idea I find. Country and. Personalized -- and to a service to our country second -- -- we -- not impose devastating cuts and military. Which compromises their missions or safety. And then I would say you have -- president. Who ran for president four years ago promising hope and change. Was now turn his campaign into attack. Blame if things. You see. If you don't have a good record to run -- The new paint your opponent as someone to run from. That was what -- Obama -- 2008. What he's doing right now. Look at all the string of broken promises if you like your health care plan you can keep try telling that the twenty million people. -- projected to lose their health insurance of obamacare goes through or the seven point 1000007 point four million seniors are gonna lose. Or remember we said this. I guarantee if you make less than 250000 dollars your taxes will go up of the 21 tax increases and obamacare twelve of them hit the middle class. Remember when he said. Health insurance premieres on the down 25 dollars per family per year they've gone up 3000 they're expected -- -- -- 2400. Or whoever said. I promised by the in my first term I'll cut the deficit in half in four years. We've had fort budgets. Four trillion dollar deficits. A debt crisis is coming we can't keep spending. And borrowing like this which -- keep spending when we don't have. Leaders run the problems to fix problems. President Obama has not even put a credible plan on the table and in the -- it is for years to deal with his debt crisis. Best to budgets to deal with this Mitt Romney's put ideas on the table. We've got to tackle this debt crisis before it tackles us the president Ecstasy is a plan. He gave a speech we asked his budget office can we -- the plan they sent us this Press Secretary he was a copy of a speech. Witness -- congressional like Elvis tell us what pres Obama's plan is prevented -- crisis they said it's a speech we can't estimate speeches his seat. That's would get in this administration speeches. Or -- leadership Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified. To fix these problems his lifetime experience -- proven track -- bipartisanship. And what we have a president who broke his big promise to bring people together to solve the country's biggest problems what I would tell him. You don't have to settle for -- And I do better than this -- -- get equal time hey you you'll get just a few minutes here a few seconds really. The two budgets. The congress and introduced him eviscerate it all the things that the middle class cares about. It is not 91 -- nineteen million people off Medicare. It won't -- 200000 children often early education. It will eliminate the tax credit and people have to be -- children to college it cuts education my 450. Billion dollars. Indeed does it does virtually nothing except continue to increase the tax cuts from the very wealthy. And you know we've had enough of this like the idea that these could so concerned about these deficits nine point now. He voted to put two words and credit card did. Where we're going to -- -- we're going to the closing statements about sex act that you're gonna have not ugly nexus. Is not cutting taxes and by the way our budget. We have not many like 3% a year instead of for a half percent like they proposed not -- let me -- money all of this is not -- -- -- -- just for a minute and I want to talk to very briefly before we go to closing statements. About your own personal character if you are elected. What -- you both into this country as a man as a human being that no one else could. Honesty what no one else could there are plenty of fine people who could lead this country. What you need are people who when they see they're gonna do something they go do it. What you need when people -- problems they offer solutions. To fix those problems were not getting look. We can grow this economy fashion that's what -- five point plan for stronger middle class is all about a big twelve million jobs higher tickled by getting people out of poverty in the middle class. That means. Going with proven pro growth policies that we know work to get people back to work putting ideas on the table working with Democrats. That actually works and I'm president you're -- get to that -- that issue of what. You could bring -- -- -- human being and I. Really gonna keep -- -- about fifteen seconds ago he gets forty negative T didn't have charity he didn't have -- let me tell. I. Money. My record stands for itself and understanding and help me. Everybody knows whatever I say I do. And my whole life has been devoted to leveling the playing field for middle class people can even break. Three main street Wall Street the same holds the same responsibility. Look at my record is all about the middle class there in the people grow this country -- -- -- -- in this country that allow not for the top.

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{"id":17459253,"title":"Paul Ryan Rattles Off Obama's 'Broken Promises'","duration":"3:00","description":"Vice President Joe Biden, Rep. Paul Ryan discuss President Obama's past four years.","url":"/Politics/video/vice-presidential-debate-2012-paul-ryan-rattles-off-obama-broken-promises-17459253","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}