Vice Presidential Debate: A Psychic Predicts

A supernatural look at what the candidates might say.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vice Presidential Debate: A Psychic Predicts
All that such a great movie it's all a dream. Yeah I know enjoy. Hey happy birthday you gotta love that scar and that -- with -- -- -- here five. Spoiler alert there for the week which is why it's always more fun to cut and write the ending. And that's what we've been really insiders find out what they think might happen. During the vice presidential debate. She dies at the end. The Washington says the vice president will go all Scranton -- on the Romney Ryan budget the real -- go back in shape. As for predictions on Brian Pease a numbers guy just happen given the demand that we -- well I don't -- -- It it would take too long -- -- -- path but that's what Washington. So releases a higher power to get a glimpse at what may come from Thursday's face off. Really copies -- believe a -- it real Joseph Biden making gap. During the debate we'll show by anything adapt and innovate and I call on the highest positive forces Hollywood -- Father son holy spirit -- Well at first he seems very confident this is her heart knowing his answers being straightforward. Already knowing -- -- -- whose answers to questions that are being. Thanks and -- similar actually to Cuba could. And that it looks like -- get some guidance during the questions. Towards the end he seems to -- and something -- -- kindly. Points and. -- the third here is what we should -- -- we're thinking yes you know it'd break now we'll pulverize. -- -- Now explain neatly wraps. And it just around. It. -- -- The next question is will mark the moderator. Was should control that it. Him. Stressed out. -- -- feeling very put it I think that they're gonna. But yet she will you will be able to control the debate. And -- just think there's also some kind of manner perhaps someone -- Perhaps as Jim -- the ultimate guy's ex. And that's 170 didn't -- thanks Kelly yeah. It might get into the takeover tourism. Com. Trying to fit square peg into a round hole at this point Georgia trying to leave us where Diana you I'm -- to say. Himself -- the big winner Thursday's debate go on to victory November 6. I can tell me. -- -- -- seen.

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{"id":17452993,"title":"Vice Presidential Debate: A Psychic Predicts","duration":"3:00","description":"A supernatural look at what the candidates might say.","url":"/Politics/video/vice-presidential-debate-2012-psychic-predicts-17452993","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}