'The View:' Candy Crowley on 'Terror' at Debate

Candy Crowley Weighs In
3:00 | 10/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View:' Candy Crowley on 'Terror' at Debate
I don't mean remain truly moderate I mean you have to duke because something -- -- up until that point where you interjected it seemed as though objective right yeah straight -- now. Up until that point it seemed that way to -- -- some -- at that point it didn't seem that way what do you say to those people would think that there's some media bias coming out of that debate. I'd say listen to the thing I said right after it which was your point. Mr. Romney you're absolutely correct it took them weeks to get past -- was a tape rolled it was a riot outside the embassy which is. What do you say the first place I just thought we were gonna get this team back in the decision mother kind of thing that gets -- hit -- everything it can't places that I thought possible attack. Both what you said talked about present Obama was true test that you did save in the Rose Garden the day after that it was terrorists but. Acts of terror that's the it that we did not mean I feel like the definition of is he as he he didn't say act it this is an act of terror. He said these acts of terror because he'd done some other ones but it was in the Rose Garden talking about and Gaza. So I didn't think it was at this hugely popular people -- can look at those running the prison that they look at this through and I get back. I I totally understand that it did not. Come to me is like I'm in -- check a fact check this it came to me as could we get past this because that's the point he is this is a semantic thing. -- and I understand that what they're trying to say is this was an act of terror and you didn't want it to be an act of terror Mr. President. Because. You wanted to be the successful person here and that would be a setback for you that's what he was trying to save money -- alcohol weren't.

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{"id":17500393,"title":"'The View:' Candy Crowley on 'Terror' at Debate","duration":"3:00","description":"Candy Crowley Weighs In","url":"/Politics/video/view-candy-crowley-terror-debate-17500393","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}