Virginia Ultrasound Bill Hits Nerve

Governor may not support bill requiring ultrasound for women seeking abortions.
1:48 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Virginia Ultrasound Bill Hits Nerve
Always a lightning rod for controversy the battle over abortion being waged right now in Virginia is no exception. I have vote and opinion and a body which news. -- -- to control one protest outside the state. Bill. The legislature. Requiring -- -- for women seeking an abortion. Kathy Byron says it's all -- vote informed consent. -- consent. Has always been. Has been to make sure that a woman has the right to all the information not just some of it but all of -- Seven other states have already passed similar laws and one is being considered in Pennsylvania. -- the Virginia law does require an ultrasound. It doesn't require the woman to -- it making it less strict than laws in Texas and Oklahoma. In its current form Virginia's bill also requires the ultrasound to find and monitor the fetal heartbeat. And provide an image of the fetus this often requires a vaginal probe a practice one democratic opponent characterized as state sponsored rape. But these lawless. Are simply amazing spirit. -- -- -- -- We could cost you ten. Virginia's house and senate have each passed a separate version of the bill which is drawn both national support and outrage. While the Republican governor Bob McDonnell strongly opposes abortion the man seen as a possible vice presidential nominee -- recently been backing off his unconditional support for the bill. -- garnered a lot of public attention. But there's a lot of misinformation that's going -- as well. If Virginia -- governor can actually amend a bill after final passage by the legislature which is what McDonald's aides are signaling he may do. If and when this -- arrives on his desk TJ -- ABC news New York.

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{"id":15767455,"title":"Virginia Ultrasound Bill Hits Nerve","duration":"1:48","description":"Governor may not support bill requiring ultrasound for women seeking abortions.","url":"/Politics/video/virginia-ultrasound-bill-hits-nerve-15767455","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}