Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown - Presidential candidates in Florida

Plus, COVID-19 cases continue to rise rapidly around the country and a look at how small business owners are doing.
27:58 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown - Presidential candidates in Florida
Hi everyone thanks fishing with us on your voice your vote to break down I'm Diane Macedo in New York. And I'm Terry Moran in Washington DC with just. Five days to go in this long campaign both president trump and former vice president Joseph Biden are making their closing arguments to voters in Florida today. One of those key battleground states where the corona virus is surging. Every single battleground state is now seeing an increase in new cases hospitalizations. Are on the rise in nine of those states an eight key states. Are seeing an increase in deaths now front line workers are speaking out about what they're facing every day. Sometimes you're taking care of someone who. Looks like Q whose security issue customer similar backgrounds are as you can tell. And that is these terrifying. I don't think I have to words to explain. The emotion that's in her room would hear about two. They too don't silence throughout 28 breeding machines because maybe they're no longer breathing effectively on their own despite everything else we don't try to help them out. Physically it is takes Austin. Takes need one to two days to recover after working a couple of shifts. And to feel better. Mentally and emotionally. It is also a trusting. Imagine. Being the only links between your patient and their families because they can't come in and visit. Hoping an iPad up to your anticipated and sit dated patient who can't talk back to their film morning. There when he was here in taxes and you. I really wish I hadn't done this site and I am sure it's gone and I should have gone to Florida fish and don't miss Abu. And it's just very heartbreaking to see it's heartbreaking to see he remembers passing on their loved ones and I. Yeah. But I just again I encourage everyone this is. Real food and. Front line workers getting emotional there understandably talking about their experiences and I'm joined now by doctor David Rubin director of a policy lab. At Children's Hospital of Philadelphia which tries to bridge health research. And policy doctorate in thanks for being here I know you guys are constantly gathering a new numbers and Polly C lab's latest projections. Suggest that all states except Hawaii will seek increase case counts over the next four weeks. And that it could overwhelm contact tracing efforts can you walk us through what that would look like. Unfortunately people seem numbers go up and down for awhile now I think if I would sensible messages looks. Happening now is very different this is like a tidal wave that is moving across. The country at this point we're seeing exponential growth now gained 25. Cities in terms of cheese incidents and to those people presume you would have. Stations they are climbing in all states is this country Siegel asked at this point. And we're seeing both icu admissions and penalties. Hello again and so we are expecting that the rate of death. Com it's cute increasing. This is what we've been expecting since the spring based on you know wintertime transmission there is a seasonality to the virus being colder weather. The viruses stands in the air longer people are often with other illnesses and people were congregating more doors and sort of seat. Folks get sicker because we're getting higher doses of virus when they get sick and we're potentially see much more. Rapidly accelerating. Disease incidence in the community and when that happens that they hope the artists. This almost always so much volume you can take before your ability to actually trees and who envy the origins. Those infections in terms of we're in the community they're coming from start to breakdown is just. Coming from too many locations. And I think that more sort of fidelity contact tracing and whether it's only your unit differ from region to region. And what does that look like for people on the ground in their communities are working in the health care sector we just heard from some of those front line workers in places like. El Paso and Salt Lake city's hospitals there are talking about things like rationing care. Facing we're gonna see more of that more state sketches that level. My concern is that you know this pandemic he got there she is not just among citizens among political leaders. People are not react. Acting to try to halt the spread it all they're waiting to see hospitals full before they actually make strong moves that the problem there is that. Once is once this takes off from when we talk about next financial spread. By the time your hospitals are told you this thing goes ahead as seeming you're juggling so quickly such numbers. Your weeks away from senior society in your hospitals and what happens at that. Point these you know what's cola familiar rescue people who change axis in our schools the quality care can diminish because she just can't reach every one. And then yeah tomorrow into situations reader action and it's tragic in a place like the United States of America that we might see in the next few weeks. So what we do at this point is there anything we can do to prevent that from being our fate. I salute. This year and any knives and that's we've got some jump in ago following this region and a lot of people are having their Halloween parties. Sleep over parties that there is an annual Thanksgiving and it's these informal gatherings were happening and saw what below what you put our regardless mostly because we know the best and we need to be extremely careful how we need to protect vulnerable marvelously our families and real protector of little ones we. I'll masks we are so. Marketing about the mayor's it is Britney to recognize he learned different. These right now and everyone's masks needs to be on we need to hang on very small groups. And if we all committed to that more people that you there really cure all they treat Thanksgiving. We'll see some of this is I don't take the pressure on hospitals. The other big area of concern is schools would of these projections mean for in person learning. Some optimism the tell you we're seeing lots of great success is schools across the country of particular contact tracing is in place we know these schools plans. Are really really strongly that you safest places to be an epidemic is and is who with a strong safety plan. Com and we've seen very little evidence and those in most areas and in school what we're calling transmission where the event is a large cluster originating. In this school during the school day and once we get these really high. Also. A disease burden community were so many people contraction in its rapidly accelerating. Even the best start to become unbeatable I think sister a lot of these start reverting back. To online learning practically further lurches. Many many try to continue with elementary school kids. But as well as with their special education accused of Putin's rule given that leasing Laurie transmission. In those age groups. But it's going to be very hard to cheaper usually keep schools going three in class instruction as we reach these really arteries. Doctor Irving it hoping we can slow this down before any of that happens we appreciate your time today thank you. I don't know probably I'm. Thanks doctor this is a global pandemic of course a new virus in the human species and Europe. Is also battling a new wave of corona virus cases the country of Belgium has become a hot spot the government they're warning. That its intensive care units could be overwhelmed their within the next two weeks our colleague ABC news foreign correspondent James Longley and is there. And he joins us now for latest James. Good to see there what are you seeing on the ground how does it feel. What are authorities doing. Terry if you'll scary I'm going to be honest we have just into the ashes the town and now from hay in Brussels. TV and I dare Belgian mother thought a 21%. Infection rate in the population that is already huge. The edge has a 41%. Infection rate. And we went to hospital that we don't rent special access to an icu an adult to that saying the hospital is already under water. Numbers dot I see you tripled in the last three weeks and spend shutting me he said that he has had to treat patients knowing that he is covered polluted their doctors. Dot hospitals across here is now going to work knowing that they are committed positive we'll let asymptomatic because they have no choice he says what choice do what happened to go to work. The numbers here are escalating at a huge rate case is it going off. Cases are getting into hospitals I'm fed faces a fanning out unmasked his wife health system here is getting overwhelmed and it's why health systems across Europe. A terrified of the second wave which doctors are saying is already well us from the fast hard. Well let's talk about that second way first thanks for that good news there is. A learning process here that it way it's being treated it is more successful death rate is down but look across the border of France on one side. Germany in the other I've read there imposing lock downs. How is that working how's it going. Well yeah I mean trolls in Germany a spirit but what's going on here in Belgium at the moment as saying something like forty to 50000 new cases a day. In for also. Turning able to treat about 5000 to keep it kind of under control sadat's why they're getting into lockdown. Present president McCall and address the nation saying that the the amount of ours and a population fall Iraq's exceeds. Any of the even most. Pessimistic models of the French government has saved from midnight tonight the country guys. Talking to a national down not a severe as the summer soap schools remain open factories or remain open essential businesses caught. He's a paper you need to show authorities when you leave the house he needed in a summit you're gonna need it again so you cannot leave. You'll house without permission. It's got lost about a month the Germans are gonna try to do the same for the big issue Terry across here is that there's no real joined up system every country is going in alive. Each of them tried to get their economies to contract they know that thick seasonal downs with severe emotional and economic impact on people. But I feel like they have no choice. And the cold weather coming there just a couple weeks in advance of the United States James Longman. He may be telling us our future thanks. Tenneco the crisis here in the USS using making a big impact on voters and possibly especially senior voters president trump support among this age group was critical. 22016. Win but according to an ABC news Washington Post poll this month. The president Joseph Biden are now running about even among voters over 65. Today we hear from some residents of the villages the largest senior community in a nation in the. Critical battleground state of Florida. I think we should have found close soon. And being an informant faster. Maybe mend a towing masks. Social distance scene found doctor thought she is one of my heroes and I think we should listen to him. The win I speak to my friends who won now the Republicans provided riches as I said growing group. And we ask him stand the virus is very big. We have done nothing different since March and we looked the same lights that we have I play golf three times a week 177 years old. I'm gonna hide it if god wants you to die of the virus sometimes I guess that's driven back regions thinking going on a cruise of November. There's Joseph Biden meeting with families when somebody's died unnecessarily. That's what presidents do defenders than none of that behavior. Demonstrated by himself from. Embracing science having a nationwide plan and having testing having tracing all those things we should be able to do. And do nothing to politicize things and then back in demonizing democratic governors has resulted. We outsourced his responsibility fifty governors. We ended up fifty different plans. Or. Voices from the villages in Florida up next. Despite some good numbers. On the economy today over rebound from the depths millions of Americans are still out of work can continue to struggle as a corona virus pandemic drags on. We're here from some small business owners about what they're dealing with just five days from Election Day now. Plus we've talked a lot. I'll Pennsylvania may be deep tipping point state this year but when the polls closed that numbers there could be a little misleading and we're gonna explain how. How minimum. And yeah. Right now this part of the all of wall. Jack you migrants goes back to miles apparently keeping hadn't been handed flyers made a Reuters. Flames shooting up into this job here. Right apparently. We're. Right now. Watched its. Passion for FaceBook watch this and we'll being alive is all about. C whose lives it's gonna what's really. I'm extremely. Good storyteller. All designs different for you to stream street in street and everything. ABC news live streaming everywhere right to you ABC news lie it's that easy to go there. The American here on the ground in Iraq it. An 181000. Yeah I miss my only candidate. Ventures. There's serial. I yeah. Should cause you aware that this industry was one of the most hardest hit industries from this pandemic. Just the sheer amount of cancellations leaving getting over the last two months. Not based on people's fear is. You know I just feel like half my day sometimes so just every client customers even two months after opening that wanted to cancel her membership because they realize that the general tobacco they're free to go back. You know we know the there's a place they can get it. You know not only half physically but mentally better this this you know being dormant for all this time. This is not doing for anybody that Jim is a good safe fun place indeed and now we'll see back and 121. It's been tough to see the leafs. We were close for the first five months. We re opens would have limited staff. I have to work double time. In the kitchen. Dishwasher. Cleaning and doing everything. To make sure that we could just deal with limited. The new we have so many tables. But we try to Meet the Press today things are cheese gymnast we just don't now fixing customer base. Of course diner on the inside. Even knew which opened keep Priscilla over the past and it didn't I'm cautiously optimistic. I would see what happens with Hebert nineteen. It will be interesting to see what happens. We're hated to meet your holiday season where. You're still in need of the next couple of months and if things remain the scene you can count the parties in the celebrations of the New Year's. You kind of have to see what happens and then hope you live in new concept will be able to make a little over the revenue would take delivery. Many units it cautiously optimistic we're. Obviously in the eye and. Troops are. Those are just a couple of small business owners still struggling during this pandemic but we did get some good news on the economy this morning new numbers shows 751000. Americans. Applied for unemployment benefits last week still a very high number but the lowest we've seen since March. The US economy also grew a record 33 point 1% last quarter. That's the biggest rise in history though very much worth noting it also followed the biggest drop in history the previous quarter. At a economy is a major talking point in the presidential race just five days away from Election Day so let's take this conversation. Two or virtual roundtable joining us today business economics correspondent Deirdre Bolton and political director Rick Klein good afternoon to vote thanks for being here Deirdre. Well these numbers tell us how devastated the economy there's not a lot to unpack here so what do. Business owners like the ones we just heard what should they be seeing in these numbers. Yet may have a hard climb ahead but I will point out there are some bright spots for personal spending a what we are all spending does it seem to be remarkably holding up pretty well. That's two thirds of our economic act CB. You also have businesses that are investing and housing that's doing wow that's in large part thanks to the Fed's work keeping rates low why is that important it just means that any kind of borrowing is cheaper. On the other hand though this is a backwards looking number two it really reflects this third quarter GDP when we were coming out of lockdown when we began to spend more money when we began to feel a little bit more comfortable. Especially in the northeast is summertime warmer temperatures. So this number is backwards looking he really represents that coming out from lock down and then a huge piece of the puzzle here. It also happened while most Americans were receiving a stimulus that obviously is no longer a factor. Long story short most economists and in speaking with say lesson. To get tax increase the virus create locked down levels for the US economy to be an even keel. We are here and very moderate low growth for a very long time to hand. And Rick. Super V that's what president trump and drug administration are calling this there they're saying this is a rocket ship economy now. Have put him in charge and everything will be all right. Joseph you've been telling us how stable this race has been for months nothing seems to a budget could this be the news. That president trump is looking forward to change the dynamic of this campaign which is we don't against him. He's definitely going to be talking cut accorded it already has been in Terry if this is about undecided voters I could see this being something that might push them. In a particular direction late but of course the election really isn't about undecided voters so many voters already tens of millions already cast their ballots and so many more say they've already made up their minds. Bottom line though and then I think this is probably true months ago as well. If this election is about the president's handling of hope it nineteen in the pandemic could probably loses if it's about his stewardship of the economy. But he can falsely make a case of people who have. I've begun to see and sense the recovery. Then he's got a fighting chance and I think that it probably is the strongest message he has over the last couple days the question is whether that number. Confirms the way people are experiencing the economy are living their lives right now that's what makes any particular data point a potentially troublesome. And here here on that point you know you so that the GDP numbers looking backwards so. How do you factor and a how the economy is doing right now besides just looking at the stock market like what does it mean to. The average American at home. In saying you gave one great indication earlier we had those initial weekly jobless claims figure coming in. The better than what most economists had expected but still always so stubbornly high and we're just plaque telling here this is dean 32. Week in a row. That we are staying at this level on I think when you speak to most Americans. You know the problem is that 40%. Of the workforce. At one point or another and sometimes depending on the industry the person is and has had to apply for benefits. One time two times in three times since we started these lockdown so I think for most people ages simply comes announcing do I have a job. Do I feel like I'm fairly compensated can I pay for what I need to pay for. Basics and then anything action of course goes into that economic calculation of growth. And Rick how this goes politically who as they look at those very basic things in their lives of voters do. Rick counterargument what's Biden's best case to be the Steward of the economy and whereas the president we gotta be good reason to think of it the other way. Of I think for Vice President Biden is to say look even if he were to concede that things are getting a little bit better for things that good for you personally at the beginning. That tax cut that was so heralded what did it do for you personally. Where you any more secure in your life in your livelihood did you feel. Like you personally I hear community was better off given all of the disruptions and all of the other things even before covic. If president trump wants to talk about the economy before Joseph Biden has been argument for that and I think. Four for president trumpet this time the reason that you see the different images the he'd really. Ties back to the pork campaign campaign messaging and who they want to be as president the fact that the president will go out there in these big rallies right now despite. Another Covert wave and this fact that don't Joseph Biden is out there and much more limited fashion. Talking about the importance of vigilance and that's where it's entirely different visions of where we are at this moment and where they would take the country and that's president. And you could see that there is you are speaking Rick there was president trump live that is rally in Florida today. And a lot of his Florida supporters there without masks packed together that is. The trump rally perfect picture of it Rick thanks very much and Deirdre Bolton as well for taking us inside the economy and its impact on the campaign. So as we look ahead to Election Day and then perhaps election week. Our friends at 538 are starting did. Game out all the possible scenarios Jeffrey skelley joins us now Jeffrey you go to really interesting article in which everybody else can read on 538 dot com. About how people should brace themselves in the possibility of what's called a blue shift that's where a state on election night looks like get voted. Republican red and the numbers evolved as the week goes on the votes you count it. Two blue explain why that might happen or perhaps more importantly where that might happen. Cheryl I articles specifically look at Pennsylvania so you can also see this happen in states like Wisconsin and Michigan. Where the processing for balance and so many people are voting by mail on this election. The processing. Can be such that. And those cease they really can't store dealing with a there's no balance until the day of the election and that's particularly true for Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. I can't start processing mail ballots until 7 AM in Pennsylvania and and when the bulls and Wisconsin could so. Thinking about what happens in Pennsylvania. Two murders in distended. A lot of Election Day dealing with Election Day voters under the rules can be trying to count as Menino about is they can't vote because they can't start we at a time like states like Arizona. And Florida allow. May delay just how much of that mail ballot vote they can count in Pennsylvania. And because we know it pulling dead voters see Clinton go by mail or overwhelmingly democratic Clinton detergent Biden. For that reason we expect. The loses we counted goes to be much more democratic. And the election invalid because you know Republicans. Plan to mostly go to. In person on Election Day in some increased. This delusion that people are talking about where. Initially on election 1980 got a wee hours of the morning he could expect president tried to have a meeting Pennsylvania but not pulled up. Well how biggest swing are we talking about here because president trump. Is conditioning the battlefield you my taster to tell people don't believe any votes didn't come in into the counted after election night. So how big dealership to how do not much you believe might he have I know you trend game that out of the article. Right so there hypothetically because you know exactly how the counseling to go Pennsylvania's been trying to make investments to quicken. That they kind of mail ballots but. Bristol the presidential primary only about. Half of all democratic votes were in. I now created him on election night whereas a little over 70% of Republican guards were in it. And so if you're sort of chic what we know about other pulls a Pennsylvania prince Joseph Biden has about five point lead there and the average. If you Berlin by an outside points in the end. Might mean you can see it's good we saw something like the primary in terms of that greater accounting you might see is much is like 1516. Point. These are trauma like three it might swing all the way Chillicothe fire quickly forgotten once everything's counties say you could see a pretty big shift. Well that is. Armed with good knowledge there Jeffrey Skelly and 538 thanks very much count all the votes that's the basic growth finally Diane back to you. Ten start crowds lovers Terry admits what happened in Massachusetts. The husband supports trump. They'll waive his voting providing that they are not about to let that get in the way of their long and happy marriage Julie launch date of our Boston station. Has this is Boston. Story it's. More important in politics. He's our relationship. Fraud scheme children around go have been married for 34 years together nearly forty and how your relationship he's don't know I. We think. We've had our moments from children is backing buying you know rocky trump. And in this political climate they both agree avoiding all and always is next to impossible Agilent steam as I hike key and I really can't it's a compromise they decided early on there's nothing wrong with cordially disagreeing cry wash that taste this message to Washington. We realize. There is something more important than winning free a party. Trend when you for the people that's what's really important in Geneva completely glass sided. The drop those already voted it will accept the eventual winner I just want to go back to normal. You know homeland people signed you know owned next woody Chama until Dolan. He does everything different. And it drives people nuts they warn him. To be she's a certain way flurry suppressing any should be president Shellee shouldn't be. Time passes and he's ready just in an excuse me just minutes. See each. Rocky and killed setting an example for the country maybe agreed to disagreeing every now and then we can do it. Amen amen to that god bless don't think we want the senate to settle arguments that way that might that a little weird because. Kyra I want another breath hear your voice your vote to break down I'm diet and estate LA to new York and. That I'm Terry Moran in Washington we'll see you back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern and be sure to tune into our full coverage on. On Election Day and starts at 7 AM eastern George Stephanopoulos will anchor. Election night coverage. Without political team at 7 PM eastern. Right here on ABC news line.

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