Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown – 1 week until Election Day

The presidential candidates make their final pushes for voters as COVID-19 cases surge in key states.
27:21 | 10/27/20

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Transcript for Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown – 1 week until Election Day
Yeah. Hi everyone thanks for speaking with us on your voice your vote in the breakdown I'm Diane Macedo a New York. And I'm Terry Moran in Washington DC to visit today marks one week seven days until Election Day it more than 67 million ballots have already been cast. Nearly half. Half of all the votes were counted in 2060 pretty incredible president trump and former Vice President Biden are making their final push campaigning in key battleground states. But many states are fighting a surge in corona virus shining a spotlight on the pandemic in the final days of the campaign. And it remains right at the heart of this campaign doctor Anthony found out she warns. Its sister cantor never really got cases under control from the spring we could still be in technically the first wave. And this is crucial more than 42000 patients are currently hospitalized. With Covert nineteen in the US at least 850 of whom. Are in El Paso County in Texas. Or hospitals are now at their limit. Davies Marcus Moore is there in El Paso with the latest markets. Diane and Terry another record setting day here in El Paso as they continue to see a rise in in case is an active corona virus cases of I'm just outside the convention center that there is expected to be turned into an overflow hospital public extra beds to treat all of the Corbett nineteen patients that have been. A flooding the hospitals. And they have been dealing with an alarming number of cases and hidden. This seems that this case is are associated with the eastern part of the city that's one pocket where they've seen a number of both cases and that also happens to be an area that is popular. Or for shopping. Am one of the reasons that officials are urging people to stay home up for two weeks they try to stop the spread of this virus they also. Have a curfew in place from 10 PM to 5 o'clock in the morning the hope is that that curfew what helped them flattening the curve and also. Ease the pressure all the local hospitals that are absolutely. Pat capacity they have simply run out of space regular beds as well as I see used. And the doctors here when you talk to them they say that every hour it is critical for them as they try to meet this unprecedented demand. Terry Diane. Marcus Moore there El Paso where there's a curfew workers are asking people to stay home stop shopping in the Indy really is. Just raging there right now thanks very much mark is the mayor of El Paso is with us now. For more on how his city is responding mayor Dee Margo thank you first of all for joining us this morning you know your busy. Sure have a career had talked just a little bit about what this state of things. Is right now you know we heard from Marcus hospitals there are being overwhelmed that sounds like you guys are really being inundated right now. What are some of your top concerns. Populations bush right now we announced thirteen 190 new occupations this morning. Our. On on hospitalizations. Right now we're getting matched. 892. 39 over yesterday. In an icu 206. 49 from August 26 from yesterday show. Berger were at capacity we were questioned help from the governor he's responded we've got. Four per trust chances have been installed this weekend we've got over 800 personnel brought him. Nurses physicians and respiratory therapist at the state and FEMA have. And help us who have been worse had enough of an alternate care site at our convention center. Starting our strategic vision. And maybe possibly going to pondered if we're Cardin where there were airlifting. Not over patients that we can to other facilities throughout Texas. Can't target. I know you said that hospitals are capacity outs and you've been setting up tends to handle the overflow we spoke with doctor Jill Hendrix. At the university medical center in El Paso and one of those tents last night take a listen to what he said. This is something that we've not had to do before. We have our own chance for. Managing some of art inpatient patients that come meant to be screaming but this is something different because we're happening to house the patients here. For a day or two until they're able to go home. It is surprising because we're not into flu season yet. I'm don't understand exactly where. They're all coming from concerning because usually fortified days after. How positive but he then you're gonna have some of those individuals in the advanced care and an even more it meeting in icu. And that is concerning because. We want to be able to take care of all of our patience. Mattie Phil hearing that and knowing that hospitalizations. Are expected to increase in the coming weeks. Well that's what we're even planet for and we plan for this for months Casey did. Senator discussions with some the governor's office and FEMA and we actually were questioned through. And I HHS and DOD you have access to the year we'll moma army medical center for us. They didn't DOD turned it down where would have sent resources. For a shouldn't. That's what we're trying to sort of this alternate care site not Sean good anyway you look at it and doctor Henderson is correct she checked the positives and progress so many days typically and a naturalization engine dies she used. An individual ownership of course the national standard orbit letters or did you. For several special who would try to communicate do you know who is that everyone of these statistics we Garber Y talk about numbers. Have a people they're people. And this pandemic has been affecting people helpful wise financially as well as. Emotional and that's what we're trying to do what. Well we know that it's a tough job and we appreciate your toddler your time today and your efforts are our strengths our hearts go out to you there in El Paso hoping you can get through this quickly there thank you. Evacuated to appreciate it pays his political director Rick Klein joins us now for more. As we've been talking work almost every day that pandemic driving. The that campaign that seems. Positive Eddie rates are increasing and eleven of the thirteen battleground states right now including Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin North Carolina and Arizona so. Given that given that they're hitting those states what are they telling voters there about this new search. We'll tell you as president says he is sick of talking about hope but it's the voters themselves for a living at and we have seen a disconnect between the president's rhetoric and his actions frankly and we people have experienced this pandemic committee of these dates have. Mandates around masks oh and almost every state you still have. Hi disruptions to daily life so that the president peseta were rounding the corner that we're solving this ignores the outbreak in his own White House and it ignores the reality on the ground and that's what did that was the finest selection it's been a through line for months now Terry. That the difference between the way people perceived the president's leadership around Colvin what he says about it. Vs the reality as it's being lived in these battleground state. It's Hendrick did their strategies right now Biden's campaigning in Georgia which hasn't voted Republican in the presidential race since 1992. Meanwhile trump is holding rallies in states that he won four years ago. What does that tell you about what they are trying to accomplish in this last week. Well president cup wins the election you're gonna hear a lot about days like today I'll Vice President Biden trying to expand the map maybe make a play for some senate seats by. Playing in the state could no one ever thought would realistically go for a Democrat this year they're very confident about this happening while. Presidential focused on hot today Wisconsin and Michigan yesterday Pennsylvania on one level you say well it's telling that he's suggest that focus on the State's that he won four years ago but. Democrats have been obsessing about particularly those three upper midwest states. In particular Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania for four years it has been drilled into their heads so the ideas president trump. He's is just on the pavement and doing as many rallies as he is in those states and and Vice President Biden doing far fewer events and setting a holding in Georgia a week out again it's a bold big strategy it is a risky strategy. But it is a market the competence of the Biden campaign feels we count. And rigged Judging Amy Tony very now justice Amy coney Barrett when president trump nominated. Judge Garrett now justice Barrett. He and Republicans so this is a winner issue forced house of playing out thirty thank. We just haven't seen it register as a top line issue among voters in battleground states it just isn't a top motivating thing I think it is. I helps the president consolidate his face and Casey's maid around the country but he may have actually endangered the roof the party's senate prospects. In a couple of states. Clearly the president trying to put an exclamation point on the moment with that extraordinary event last night at the White House echoes of the super spreader revenge. Where she was announced outside at the White House just a few short weeks ago the president doesn't really want to change the optics of that he doesn't remember that he delivered on his promise of appointing conservative justices of the Supreme Court on about what else is set about the trump presidency he has remade a third of the Supreme Court in just four short years. And Rick you know Biden has a has avoided completely answering whether he would pack the court if he does win the election the best he said is that he would tap the bipartisan commission. To explore a court reform if he wins. This is ambiguity on this issue of saying whether or not they would expand the court rule one what's the chances that they do. Expand the court if he wins the election and do you think his ambiguity on this issue. We'll hurt him with voters. There's no question it is a purposeful ambiguity he is not answering it a very direct question and there will be bills introducing the new congress he is worth fighting hopes the democratic controlled congress. That he will have to weigh in on. He's trying to ponds on the issue by saying that he brings to a commission I've heard about a lot Washington commissions over the years. You guys that have covered these things as well they rarely actually deliver the results is that it's a classic dodge. But in this case he's gonna come under enormous pressure after the election that took played by different rules of under the argument that Republicans essentially broke the system. That isn't how Joseph Biden is wired but if he wins the election they'll be a whole lot of Democrats who think that is part of the promise that he has to deliver on. I quickly follow up on that how do you prevent that from becoming. A slippery slope we see them voting with percentages change we see the filibuster and they're talking about getting rid of that. We talk about packing the courts how do you stop that from just changing this system entirely. What Joseph Biden hopes that either be kind of a calming influence that he brings around the entire electorate Democrats and Republicans together now a lot of progressives will say. Good luck with that is wishful thinking that as a bygone era in Washington but it is essentially what he's campaigning on. The complication Diane is of course if he wins the election he won't be entirely what he won on he will be based on the votes of many young progressives who think far more radical change. He's in the offing and it will be the president Biden under a democratic controlled Washington to temper the expectations of so many in his own party. And there he is it warm springs Georgia we're seeing which was Franklin Roosevelt's. We're trade Roosevelt when he tried to packed court got clobbered by public opinion kind of countries pretty. Pretty careful with the Supreme Court but I want to back that corona virus pandemic and especially. How president trump seems to be addressing this the White House this week the size policy office released. Got a list of accomplishments of the president in his first term in office and right at the top was ending the cold mid nineteen pandemic. Given what people are seeing not just in case what hospitalizations. With what's happening to Frontline workers does that work. Wally it doesn't matter with reality but we're the president hopes that he can match up with the perceptions is that people are tired they are frustrated they are probably sick of coping. Now he is banked his entire reelection campaign on the idea that he can sell to the American people that we machine that it around in the quarter as he says. The economy is on the net and that's the issue said. It works for him if he's re litigating the past if he's confronting the very real. Situation on the ground so many these days it is so much tougher and that's where did you start to see some points separation was Joseph Biden people really don't trust he did the president's word on corona virus overall. Five news of the approval gap on Biden vs trump on this issue that's. Probably the investigation that Biden has a run on and it's the worst for trump to have to run on and we seen time and again those issues just confront the White House so directly. The White House itself but the physical building as well so many places where the campaigns being waged. Carrie Rickey talked about Kobe fatigue so let's give people little break. Can play a little game of stump Rick Klein shelling. Brick love this game. All right question what whoever the last time a Democrat running for president won the state of Georgia Terry feel free to steal if you know it. I think we both know this Warner I don't you have to go back to you have to go back to Bill Clinton and it took that three way race against ross' throw to make it happen who. She can look at the map today it's so different than it used to be had there were so many southern states that were red and even reliably red. Not that long ago so it's striking that we you know dissidents in the course of that one generation in a couple of presidencies we've gone from Georgia being glued to deep reds have now purple again. But the way I did not know that pressure was coming and I had lived in earlier than it last happened in 1992 said do I get partial credit for that yeah this. Yes sure. And again how to cut the island today I. Let's see what elections the highest voter turnout in history. I believe that the going thinking is the 1960 election had the highest turnout has some voter eligible population tonight. I'm sorry and correct it can help 81 point 8% of eligible voters who. Took to the polls and 18762. Electoral Rutherford B. Hayes over Samuel Tilden 1876. Eligible voters of course the very interesting turn a lot fewer people and a lot fewer types of the vote fear exhibit because that's it's an admirable argument that a judge's they're not gonna give us your and that's. Rick it's always great to talk to you thank you so much for giving us a break down and thanks for him to voters for one answer I gotta be careful and I don't look like that thanks guys. Can we come back as we continue to see record early voting numbers there's a major effort underway to depressed turnout particularly among Latino voters. We'll look at who may be behind these kinds of attacks and why they're so effective. Plus for sixteen million Americans have already voted but most of you probably didn't do it. When this month's that islands wagon and more on that after the break. Welcome back as we told. Get the top of the show a staggering 67 million Americans have already cast their ballots for president many of them are voting in person in states. Where polls have been open apparently and then we caught up with a few of them and here's what they had to say about your voice your vote. Never voted nearly did what but I want to take this time because I've heard. Yes standing. And I have known everything. You know voting times it's definitely something and I don't have to be carries it is just and millions. Necessary like taking its. The mail in ballots its. Stores hustlers I felt better about Vista and in person and I think that's the safest way. We Americans. It's our right field goal so this is great I'm right where I came from in Nigeria. You don't have been her right to do and it's an incredible protested his commitment to America again you can do whatever you wanted to visit Tikrit just went into. Early voters there around the country eager to exercise their right but efforts are under way to try to depress voter turnout particularly. Among black and Latino voters today we're going to take a look. And disinformation campaigns targeting both of those groups starting with Latinos according to pew research Hispanics are on track to become the largest minority voting bloc. In the battleground state of Florida roughly 2.4 million Latinos are registered to vote making up a record 17%. Of the State's total. Rachel Scott has more on why and how they're being targeted. For Maria Baez health care is a top election issue hurry year old grandson Daniel has special needs and still struggles to walk on his own. He's the reason she votes and he's also the reason she fled Puerto Rico in the wake of hurricane Maria. I mean to have my grandson Hussein Graham says. I'm thirsty. Pay them. I'm thirsty and to not have any cold water to give him. That was one of the reasons I decided I had to leave Puerto Rico for. Voters like Maria face significant challenges as first time voters even as US citizens Puerto Ricans who live on the island have no say in who becomes president. He's holding moved to the mainland. When they come here all all the sudden they they don't know what. Do Republicans stand for. What Democrats four of them all the sudden they have to come here I'm participating the big profits. I'll hear a word of platforms are under our established here but it becomes a live in more completely. Helping Puerto Ricans navigate the democratic process nonprofit nonpartisan groups like Latino justice. There right now we have our campaign on their wasteful Conway noise which loosely translate to the sooner the better and the aim of this containing stories Latino voters. In Troy in Spanish. Book particularly Latino voters were leaving rule areas that don't necessarily get the same attention. The group this hassle not only providing resources but combating disinformation. Which has been a major problem in Tony Tony. Bogus story spreading right wing conspiracy theories often in Spanish popping up in community what sap chats FaceBook feeds. And even extending into the mainstream radio and newspaper outlets the editor of the Miami herald's Spanish language sister paper recently apologizing. For running up she'd media -- are comparing black flags matter activists to Nazi thugs and other anti Semitic and racist contact. That answer ran for more than eight months disinformation. Has always been used to create confusion and fear around voting by mail. There's a lot of misinformation particularly on social media right you cannot go into any social media and not see. False information. About gold by mail right now it is not favored Howard leads to fraud but we're trying to tell people is that none of that is based on facts. It just seems like would pay your job is still born every election year but especially now with the pandemic. With all of these misleading and false claims that are being spread. Tech counteract the confusion that your job is so critical right now. And at the other they have very. Comfortable I think that we are reaching our communities were making the best out of this. Come on a new digital landscape and having reaching to places that we were. Not normally be able to because it would be difficult to go to in person we're not having. Just in a tough personnel took over on his ground so we're trying to really return community wherever they are the maker of the Havel's visit originally. And Rachel Scott joins us live now Rachel what I know about where this disinformation is coming from who's behind it. And there's certainly a lot of finger pointing going on here you have Democrats looking at Republicans especially when it comes a pushing out. Information about mail in voting need to looking to the president heading south let's. Christie's unfounded claims that it leads to widespread voter trot and then they're attacking Republicans saying they're pushing out misinformation about Biden's campaign in socialism that you haven't some campaign responding and saying. The real does information campaign is god and trying to distance in south. What they call a socialist platform so. It and the White House here you have a lot of this finger pointing going on but we know that the disinformation. In an election cycle is nothing new we know that Russia. Hats and influence in the 2016 election the debt a Director of National Intelligence this year. Saying that China Russia and Iran were at it again trying to influence the 20/20 election. And then of course it does not help when you have some Republican candidates out there actually endorsing conspiracy theories like ridicule on conspiracy theory that means a lot of voters how they're confusing trying to figure out. Could it tracks and original white target Latino voters specifically. I want your look at suppressing the legal right one way to look at this is looking at the largest minority bloc in 20/20 that is expected to be the Latino and a Hispanic. Population and they're gonna be at this heat demographic. In this election are absentee influences and pretty big states like Florida and Arizona and so they're looking to suppress the vote that's one way to start looking out what demographics are going to be key in deciding this election but experts also say that language is such a barrier in these communities where is there dominant language. And then on top of that when you have so much of these conversations taking place. On social media apps like what's out what people communicate with their family members I don't live in the United States or don't live on the mainland here at a lot harder and harder for social media giants to control what sort of information is Brad on those private chastise and. Mare Rachel Scott thanks for that and a reminder to tune in tonight for our ABC news live special America's future in the power of village Tino vote that starts at 8 PM eastern. Let's talk more about this information in this election season we're joined Bradley erect regard she's professor of public policy at Harvard university and an ABC news. Contributor so let me ask you first we heard Rachel say look we're there's always been disinformation to some extent in the campaign. This time in this day and age as weeks garrison 2016 seems more intense targeting not just Latinos. But African American communities create all of our families well know somebody's food eaten it up. So why how and why is this happening and how big threat isn't. Suited to huge that. We should all be concerned about arts and illiterate. To see that says it disagrees and misinformation. You are motor depression. A steady are American political guidance for a generation rate decision act one and beat the images as part. The voting rights that would act in 1960. This is wants that kind. Elections free and our nation. It's more recently into her daughter teen. Aren't you actually it's off and sixteen is the election the full. Rights. Mark Hilan impunity it communities vulnerable populations. Oh in the race. Within voting rights act. Us until we see and that corporations are mixed information in this information. And crawl which are designed to think people long ways to closing up polling stations very. And. Dangerous and corrosive as he's a one oblivion. Robo calls that went out to tens of thousands of minority voters a State's right across the midwest falsely claiming. That voting by mail would give credit errors in the police your information. For outstanding warrants in debts take a listen. Now. Great but that you know that if you. By mail get personal information will be part of a public database that will be lead that police department to track down old Warren. Indeed bad credit car companies to collect outstanding day. This EDT. Even ambition to eat breakfast from mailing ability to check people for mandatory vaccine. Has just missed the shocking dose is that true. And is there anyway if not as I expect it's not. He's anywhere to hold people were doing that accountable. It certainly. Is what and he. Is it's me. Fraught really important right now is why what or. Who art who was. Disseminating. Information and can be. So it can be at all. Com information this is why we are number important speech. Multiple technological. Arms that are designed really to bring real information to people to bring real. So when it ends meet. The insurance false information and resigns. Its. We're gonna get a good information out there you know we've also learned since 2016 about coordinated efforts. To suppress African American voters in 2016 after all the struggle for the franchise after all the bloodshed and the passion that was. I've done to achieve that so what kind of an impact now are these campaigns to try to roll back Blackwell Americans from voting. How much are they happening. Do you understand it. Art art art she didn't. Our African American vote. A little overwhelmingly. For. As a block import content is huge and aren't just. Democrats on the streets of these scenes together. We're seeing the one we should be insured are actually two areas we should tensions. How much. Does it on African and Eric kittens. Our outreach. And how much is if you Americans turning away from politics and general. Sure things that are ones spot the election more generally you're among black. Great analysis nearly a writer Greg thanks very much for joining us on this important issue. Yeah I'm. And in case you're wondering what early voting looks like for celebrities. Lady Gaga is giving us a firsthand look last night she posted this video herself and seven out of floods and drought law firm mail in ballot she cat's in the video category the ballot drop the city real illness. Jerry at a value that I know is where my highest heels. Forum this metallic boots when I go out to vote. I'm I'm thinking of my handwritten costume that immunity weren't on Halloween and a law that he. How can we sit and didn't give us video of that legacy. That are gonna happen. I will that. Does it brassiere and your voice your vote could break down I'm Diane this data only New York. And I'm Terry Moran and wash we will see you back here at 3 PM tomorrow and make sure to keep it here on ABC news live full coverage on Election Day we'll get started at 7 AM eastern. Paul de La have a great day.

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