Volunteer Pilots Rescue Dogs in Danger

Removing dogs from "high-kill" shelters, delivering them to new homes.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Transcript for Volunteer Pilots Rescue Dogs in Danger
Here Potomac airfield near Washington DC pilot -- young and his team are preparing his -- for very important flight. Make sure knows bird's -- to him -- the -- and we're here to bring to dogs. From. I kill shelter in the person county North Carolina. Up to a rescue in blue bell Pennsylvania. Where they will put these dogs up for adoption. Mike is part of a volunteer organization -- pilots and -- that works with animal rescue groups all across the country. To transport rescue dogs to their adoptive homes. A parking -- Like control this is voluntary effort we pilot Stuart. And we don't charge anything we do what's it like to -- we want to -- dogs. 67 not. Not. Mike is flying to North Carolina today to pick up the two dogs from Rhonda beach who runs chances Angel rescue. Every week -- visits the shelter and picks -- dogs that are not -- up for adoption and are running out of time. Partially due to lack Spain during practices the so called -- -- shelter. Is one of many in the rules -- that face a higher than average influx of animals. For many of -- east on 72 hours is all they have to get rescued before they face the gas -- We check the dogs -- -- we -- out there for the Foster parents to get let. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And person that's been the pilots come in and receiving rescues enabling us to save a lot more dollars. -- -- a team of local Foster parents who provide temporary care. But because they're not enough permanent homes available in the area. She -- partner with the pilots and cause organization. Transport dogs to adopters and other states it's just amazing resource rescue -- I have really take advantage of it and. He's done quite -- -- runners on the way to meet Mike the pilot and the Foster parents of today's canine passengers. For these caretakers passing on their Foster dogs is a Smart rewarding experience. And Amazon and its uranium and it is -- the national retail giant thing. I want to do something to you and annals of Bali action -- can't afford the amounts that is my life. And in doing them and then CNN found their home. Nations. Arson dogs at 1 o'clock at least it's -- happy and sad. You know -- actually encourage coming in -- -- and winning by a great thing they've done you know. After a few final group photos it's time to say goodbye. Whose -- this Saturday. -- mixed emotions buddy and Rudy are loaded on a plane. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- After a few final preparations we quickly take off towards Pennsylvania. This is probably. My fortieth rescue -- have done maybe more -- over -- 108 dogs. Because I see these dogs these dogs are jams they. Have so much love to give. And people have so much love to give them that it's a shame that -- being put to sleep focused. Right as we approach the terminal Rudy seems very eager. To meet its new family. -- Looking for -- and -- and. When I see the dogs go to their new owners. And the look -- their ally when they see the dog that heretofore -- just seen a picture on the web and actually see the dog can that would connect with the dog. They just. They swell up for the most in Idaho. It's nice that god has a higher hotter than hell Kelly -- -- And immediately so to me that is rewarding -- and that this cause and have a good life. And I don't know who's better. Because of the person. For having on the rescue. In blue bell Pennsylvania Fabian Lester while ABC news.

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{"id":17027445,"title":"Volunteer Pilots Rescue Dogs in Danger","duration":"3:00","description":"Removing dogs from \"high-kill\" shelters, delivering them to new homes. ","url":"/Politics/video/volunteer-pilots-rescue-dogs-danger-17027445","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}