Voters in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Weigh In on Election Day

ABC News' Deborah Roberts chats with voters outside the polls in Pennsylvania.
8:20 | 11/08/16

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Transcript for Voters in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Weigh In on Election Day
Hi I'm Deborah Roberts and I am in Johnstown Pennsylvania this morning just to see how the voting is going we're about two hours outside of Pittsburgh. Very interesting town it's one of the former steel mill towns or this rough times over the past few years it's the eighties really. And a lot of people here have been feeling very disaffected a lot of embracing O'Donnell talk about Donald Trump was here just a couple of weeks ago. And it's expected that his town might actually be a good showing for Donald Trump. We here at the west -- grove polling station where people of artists or deter an out briskly this morning about what as a hundred plus people. And one of the voters who is just showing up today is Martin lien who is here with a nice red sweater and her button I guess we kind of know you're evoke farmland. I'm I'm proud of yes but tried that so I'm you've felt this election because it's been so much tension in so much. Yeah vitriol in the air I think it's an anxiety that people don't even realize the level to which affects them. Hopefully. Hopefully we can makes side when this is over now in this area we fill out we've seen a lot of talk and signs a lot of people who seem to be. Leaning in that direction mostly because of the hard times here that joblessness and so forth but for you being at Hillary Clinton supporting USB like a fish out of water in some places. It's difficult. Many times on your FaceBook page you have to just paged through because there's no friendship worth either of these candidates are any candidate for that matter. It it's an all out too long to trying times how long have you lived here. So have you felt this kind of tension in this kind of anger before issue gotten involved in the process I think it's it's unique. Sadly I think uses the nadir. I'm in classes for being optimistic let's hope this is the nadir of American presidential politics. Certainly modern day Beek is back in the day you know we there's certainly has been some some rough times. You happy it's over happy that your gonna go and am finally cast that ballot in today's it very much so. And and I think. A concession a concession speech that would happen promptly would. Really make it over. I'm very hopeful some people are worried about the day after not so much today but the day after because there has been so much acrimony W. I believe the US citizens are better than that. I believe that. All right well good luck good luck go cast your vote and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today and we'll see what happens here in Johnstown right. Count down the time a lot of people who feel and that district counting down a lot of big sigh of relief that is just over we see a couple here just coming in. Somebody's waiting howry oh. She's waving to you know we beat up. On I thought general waving Timmy can keep me. But it and I just ask you you don't have to your vote I just wanna know how it's going how you. Felt about finally casting your ballot today we were very happy castor ballots weave or were tired of hearing all the elections. Nonsense and that we wanted to be over we just got back from London England and via the folks over there are having played a laugh about our. There are two candidates and Torre but. Inspect a manager accrue from Denmark today it still we just both to a a couple from Denmark in moreover London pubs. They think the same thing at how did you come up with these two folks. What's it been like in your and it your name please Cindy. Sandy and you David David and city had been like in your neighborhood in in amongst friends and family because a lot of people who've simply. Even weddings of almost come apart over this kind of vitriol the season. Latin that's true but. I think most everybody is just so tired of it it's it seems like this is gone on for five years. And we're just simply. Glad that it spa finally over. Too many insults you know let's stick to the real real issues and in knots and many insults and an insult and all this out yet. About the issues because Johnstown is a place that has been struggling we now are still for a long time and what are the issues at your caring most about today. Unemployment. Rob are drug problem it is very serious drug problem here and content on the list are our area here. To be very nice. Elderly Kleinman and deal order order folks die off than younger people move in and rental properties in the drugs are just everywhere. We've had our house broken into three times. House you've seen him a lot of change year. Do you wanna share who used voted for today sure trump. Trap and why tell us why. I think Gil he. If he doesn't insult the entire world that it sticks to the business I think maybe you change the country around hopefully. Did the insults bonding you don't how are you able to look past especially is a woman the insults to bother me and I just don't. Trust Hillary I I just can't I just cannot trust her. There's too much bag each there's too much background. And we don't need. Another four years of Obama but you trust on top. Over. Clinton yes I'm just saying as David said he's a businessman and if he doesn't insult the whole world. He wants to succeed I mean that's why he is wary hits and I think he's Smart enough to listen to the people he'll have around him. And that's what I am figuring is really going to protect us from Hillary is that he's just not going to do with himself he's going to have people around him. That are going to give him some advice and I don't think he's that stupid that he's not going to listen to the advice. And I think that's what's going to protect the American people Hillary had her own agenda that I just did not agree. A lot of people are saying it's not just about today it's also about tomorrow. At this point Hillary Clinton looks like she's got the edge. What if she wins in Donald Trump doesn't win how is that going to affect you just personally because a lot of people who word about the next day. I think not sure I just I'm kind of worried about the future if actually Maury about the future with both of them that I'm less worried about the future trump makes them. I'm not going to take up arms and fight anybody if he does have an. It that would be what it is more you know what does have to deal would just have to deal with it and hope. That. Perhaps a Republican congress can keep her. And check. So we'll see right we'll see tonight we'll see how John and you. From that the wife talked him yes but I haven't thought everybody and we got home from overseas. And everybody it and so. The ones I've talked to seemed be favoring trump. From the visible support from the signs I would say yes. Well thank you both so much for sharing your your sentiments and good luck good on debt thank you on a very beautiful Johnstown to by the way as Italian. We had to check that out we plan to check that out before it's all over thank you very much nice nice to meet you all. So we're here at one of the polling stations where folks are starting to gather as you can see in Johnstown Pennsylvania. You just heard to those who are very very adamant about the your support for Donald topic in one of difference here is. Quite excited about her support for Hillary Clinton. A very peaceful disagree he met happy to see. So we will see as the day goes on here just what kind of a turn out they're going amp here just outside Pittsburgh where things are. Very different probably in terms of what the electorate is like but the folks years seem to feel pretty strongly that they might deliver a victory for Donald Trump. And you know what will that make a big difference in Pennsylvania where traditionally has sort of swung Democrat. We'll see is going to be a very interesting day all right guys I guess we're gonna wrap it up to give me the rap but sizable talks later will go inside or we can't coincide actually. We will hang out here just talked to folks in just get a feel for what else is happening in will be back. To you a little later.

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{"duration":"8:20","description":"ABC News' Deborah Roberts chats with voters outside the polls in Pennsylvania. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43384700","title":"Voters in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Weigh In on Election Day","url":"/Politics/video/voters-johnstown-pennsylvania-weigh-election-day-43384700"}