Voters in St. Louis on What They Would Ask the Presidential Candidates in Tonight's Town Hall

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks talks with voters outside Ted Drewes Frozen Custard in St. Louis.
21:24 | 10/09/16

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Transcript for Voters in St. Louis on What They Would Ask the Presidential Candidates in Tonight's Town Hall
Good afternoon everyone I'm Mary Alice park holly Harley teams aren't your instinct Lilly. Just a few hours of more rounds news men who can't name. Back to back picnic and again tonight and the of them aren't we drive over to watching university where that she will meet your here at wouldn't. At a local favorite. Its head through a present Essex shot here at the Atlanta to talk to folks about what they would act. Unlike the last time to. If they found. Out all out a statement or that it yet election will be asking questions that we're talking to voters. What would hate acts the two presidential candidate. Becky you live here in Seymour explain it in Ohio but you still came digest it president Aaron. And admittedly at how so what do you think it's. Point four hours and pre election cycle what would you act needs you can't happen. Asked. Out more about his plans to. Revamp the health care get rid of Obama care what exactly he doesn't mind. Com that's the next night to know him. I would ask Hillary. Chic and claimed to be it champion for women. And gave rights plan for Clinton foundation takes billions of dollars from mid east. Where they killed. I'm gays and lesbians where women don't have any rights. So I would nights and and then from her. And you know who you're going to be voting for yes there are okay and when did you descent had the last you know as a few days sitting at confidence. I was. This day in age where this video. Know everything that's going time. I don't it didn't change my mind. It's unfortunate. Accident that I guess thing. And I just being bit let me say. It's not campus that is like Hillary. Just. You mentioned health care which you stated that the single most important issue do you work in there okay I'm not a doctor and I work in a doctor's office and I just note it. People can't even before it. Care and doctors don't even take human caring sense doesn't cover anything. The rates are going up but not. It started out reasonable and now there recently and over 900 dollars a month Atlanta. It expects that when doctors won't take it and they won't pay for anything they need and he dynastic that's baloney. It's really interesting and. There ain't so again we are here talking to voters their questions for the candidates we're gonna eat tonight with questions front in the crown. It really appreciate it is like good down my August let's have volunteered to talk to thank you so much it's really just think. It might take it you do it here is seeing more entering you have our publisher time. You are an activist sort of explains you but what you do it right back here. On here they have actually working with I want amendments extending an infamous before we even talk about the election yet to talk about Missouri's right to. Missouri unlike other states have had a permit right in our constitution to vote. Since after the civil war and amendment six actually threatens to roll that back explain to people that they let that local issue. So what they're doing is imploding imposing voter I. We already get you have. But. Because it's it was definitely expiration date when all of two of them in the sixth as it. Actually means. People like him. It. So you're it has about voting rights issue if you are given you know your thirty seconds up there on the stage tonight to ask that she can't it's a question without heated topic you bring up. How would you always. Ask them spiritually to apparently clipped the right to vote in the news again as well received and answer questions. It seems Johnson conceded Texas and for me it feels like a direct attack. Especially here in Missouri. We've actually Natalie I think streets the best teams have actually been in the state legislature. We put more not a piece of legislation. Both locally and statewide so this looks like a direct attack on our ability to participate in the clouds. So. I got help here at its candidate talking to heart about how do you feel like parties and it's had been talking about this issue. Like and that means that locally here history. I feel that I totally plots that I knew that Nancy and it still like Florida you can keep that aims at the start. Scary and that eat dog is lovely people ought to be taught that deepening. Now there's three has not actually imposed. Enacted etiquette expert which means he'll be too. Number problems are not receiving. That helped the exit certain even though it's that we have options to do it. The state legislature in and it's nice helped us. So what way the rest of the day get a look like for your we've heard that some you know. Like an Alex hockey's at other reporters like it is going to be protests around it. Add campus where the debate thank held are you watching the debate with friends was threatening. In the streets it's the ultimate fighting. Eight fifty. A lot also as of delegates. Also. To raise voice specifically countless but the narrative they've heard so. It it does that. I have tightened lending I think yes the one that's an act that you can't. You. At CE night and into irrelevancy at organization that eating a lot of Bob like yourself wrap up at political events. In almost every night it's so. Or thirty seconds. Tonight what's the question. And so. Our time went on spandex and parent and we were right after the break sitting in candy. I'm still here American mothers fathers concerned citizens. Let me that would rights and responsibilities. That we support common sense that the justice. It hurts every communities up Lansing. So the question that I would ask I was there tonight. Is it Douglas recently Clinton's support background checks for all kinds. Now I do you know. That's Hillary Clinton does and that's why we have endorser has an organization. And unfortunately don't it's in. Are there any other got it to measures they like there is not adopted at a certain place where you guys are pushing her and you know any other way and ends. And it is that the senate with. Just a party issue RIR all of those bonds your group former democratic. What we are nonpartisan nonprofit organization so we weren't any candidate of any authority is supports common sense gun safety. So we do you have Republicans across his state career help needs to act as well as. I'm and possibly mean it's a severe case of hardware and not part of. Fantastic. In the past we've seen that this is and it Leon gun violence it's not an issue that he would be willing to address. That was all cities. Do you greatly so we're gonna read to mean hundred rounds and unfortunately it's. Smashed cities and dean of students that some day after. Until end of this that singular answer me. Air it Esther. It is evidence it's better and I am a single issue voters for me I lost my pockets again. Content on and on. What happened in sandy doesn't mean we have is passes capitalized organization. We're changing the conversation around and it's your. Our elected representatives responsible. Indeed don't support the policies that 90% of Americans support we will find you people so you didn't hear it and why. She attacked last night's bat health care voting rights issues and safety issues and today. You said that you may know at this place that viewers saying that you need right. In your sleep as your kid like her pastor at. Oh yeah absolutely I think our kids come here quite often and I've gotten very used to driving here from our where we live in south Downey. Assets in those damning. It's that you were up on at this stage tonight what would you act and it's about. Well a I think first and foremost we need to know what their plans are Social Security the question finally came up. And last. Last week with the vice presidential debate but nobody really got into the meat of the issue. If no action is taken and we're going to see 101000 dollars taken out of every person's Social Security check. That receives Social Security that we need action now we need to know what the candidates plans are to move forward with Social Security. But I mean that's that I have to go back to some other point still if you don't have the right to vote that you don't have the right to really did decide what's going to be happening. In your government. The next four years. And certainly we have a lot of members talked about expired items he no longer Iraq. Who have eight IT networks where everything else they need. Let him amendments were passed they wouldn't be allowed to Election Day either so. There's a lot of issues out there I certainly would start with the Social Security questions but. I don't think there's any shortage of issues that to come up investment. So it waits on alleged that the security not have asserted that it nontraditional Republican he's actually talk them being in favor of expanding. As a security programs as a Texan and I and it's been accidentally it instantly and and homes Peter Paul Ryan and advocate for some more sort of let it at so. Sort of witness and it in the population that you are good that the Eric. Republicans. Changing their I had done ten warrants it lesson to sit out as that sort of thing over with voters here. Well I and our main goal it they are he has been to make sure that our members know what plans are so we've. That a web site we've asked the candidates for their plans and they are up there on the website for everyone to see in their actual words what they would do rounds of security so. We're we're very fortunate that both. Nominees actually gave their plans to lessen they're up on the web site for people who read. We just want them to be talking about them out on the campaign trail this list. So and number of issues we'll preview of some of the topics that will very likely come out tonight as lower healthcare blaming issues and AT. Social Security at JU the most important all all right now for our purpose is just before lines and that's like. Order frozen. At the hotly how to play I order grids you. That life obviously right now that I can't think that average hockey that's giving him little topics that. Selling it and it's threatening. Clots and it but I bring art. So let's get. Like. Thank you have talent but added I think I've been alone together. It was the latest. Huggins and frozen custard is different and ice cream and that it actually is a custard and has exited and it's booked and then mysteries of the super rich. And tonight I hope you enjoy it but it's sort of an acquired taste if I think it's much richer than regular. Editor locally oh yeah definitely. Did bruises. Nicer unit. It is at its earnings quality and leave it behind him right. So I went spinning in the thing. That's. After a pause yeah. These circuits in the. I do not get out battling. It's bigger. But barred them. All. That accurate and it. I think so and long. Snob appeal to you what else would not blatantly. And I and let you. We gonna get at them and. Well and it. No idea what flavor. Yeah. It is slower. Into the lane. Patient. I can't idea. Ethan and it happened it. Let's look at Arnold and Clark me. People don't like. Question or anything and it's certainly not in name. Fertility. It what what would you. My dad. It is something in the Air France I was his campaign. I don't know yeah. Right now. What would you ask the candidates tonight you're there. I'm company. Now. I felt that I had a scant but still an issue as I. Outright know more about like. Read our policy please. Doing hasn't. Spelled out entirely. Yeah that's right. That's an issue at its height difference night at a certain part of the world others work my way. I mean that's why they feel like that's. An. Various. Saves I think that's. That. Let's meet me ordered like everything. Thank you comment. Should we just like you got them back. Yeah and. We're asking you you can't. Can't you. You know it's it's baby season if you aren't I'm home I'm. We're asking folks she went and it currently. It lasted about an accident. It. That. It. A OR are right. There custard is done. It. That's. Chocolate there's scant and it means it's Nickerson here next. Don't use that you. Oh but we'll hear issues sisters. And you're boring like. You're. Not just. Absolutely not interested you can talk. About me and she's married. It. She's okay with. That woman stands enemy and that it. The comments. It's. One but it was almost eleven years ago. Open meetings. In the it's. And and the path. So it amazes us talked about the support this is. That they can find this for eleven years ago. I'm Alison opinions. Winner. Widely I don't think it. Well I absolutely it's. No doubt about why is there a late night. NN. Monica. But it is so it just that you're playing it over downtown and it sounds like audio. Not do you think you're I got back it was eleven years ago that it went out. If they're feeling that it. Any concern about ads on transit expects that women. Know. None at all I think that any man who has two ex wives or zip through that's still a Dorian is doing something to limit. Is and I think his daughter is a prime example I think she's an excellent businesswoman. Think secures yourself and I don't understand why that's such a mission. Bill Richardson. Killer's status would I think your example is staying with me and it could that he did it could very important. Well I PG even and it's not just any other questions you brings the candidates and I don't enjoy. Your predecessor and getting goats rightly or acting like everything in my opinion yeah. Or spicy. Outlook. They are. It would at this plant that you of the night. This problem. It is going to promise to share it if it's like any other. And I really let me dealing. Really yeah I'm snows sweep at the lake just eating Snickers bar gets Tipton. At exit is amazing and I'm meet him and that is obviously passed out later. Britain I had my. I'm hungry yeah I'm just upstate now plan but now that it met Eric and out. I have written this the next this island trying as I'd like. This is the Mike ground. Does the diet. About the company and about. There really really sweet day in blizzard I really. And they are well we talked a lot of folks. A bold spectrum. Like you see things are on your mind that you are obviously it's. I think that your friends and they working on dvd if you are playing to watch the debates and I. In the event in Saint Louis tonight and we will continue to be talking to voters were critical. Over to campus watching university where they they went out we're headed there next will be. All I hear all day lives anymore is like that so keep watching ABC news thanks.

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