VP Debate Moderator: Who Is Martha Raddatz?

ABC News correspondent talks about her experiences overseas with U.S. troops.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for VP Debate Moderator: Who Is Martha Raddatz?
We've been that -- and all night about how is that we are to have our friend and colleague ABC's Martha Raddatz moderating tonight's debate. She is somebody who's been extraordinary work overseas dodging bullets and lots of dangerous places. So now gonna take a look at some the most amazing moments from her career and also the answer -- this question what makes her more nervous going to -- war zone. Are doing which is about to do tonight. We're on the -- With she is fearless. We -- the lead ship in the US carrier strike group and fair. I really had no idea I wanted to be journalists when I was -- I just fell into it. In twenty years covering. National security and foreign affairs Martha Raddatz has -- eyewitness to the world in crisis. What is amazing about this night is -- -- -- that we -- -- of the Haitian people after all the suffering. I want people to know about the world. I want them to remember I want people to feel I want people to question. But to find answers she's traveled to a foreign countries and war zones to numerous accounts. You -- live vaccine. But. Fighter jet the only reporter to fly in an actual combat missions over Afghanistan. Far from Iraq she turned her award winning war reporting into a New York Times best seller. And despite a long list of exclusive interviews with world leaders and four star generals -- being named moderator of tonight's debate came as a complete shock. When I got the call. I joked it was it was like. -- winning the lottery and when you hear that you've won the lottery whatever they say you after that you don't hear it it is an honor to be honestly. With with. The two men who have devoted much of their lives to public service and to be able. For the nation to ask some questions. Surprisingly that tougher assignment for this season reporter is not dodging bullets on the front lines but being onstage -- between the two candidates. Perhaps it's navigating political barbs -- you don't body armor. And I consider that staying out of the fray and brokering an honest conversation the nation for the night. I hope it's a -- and ninety minutes where you really do. Learn more about the total picture. Of who these candidates are. And what difference they want to make I hope you find some truth in their answers and and buy them debating one another. That you that you configure a few things out that maybe you didn't during the campaign. So I am going to cost journalistic objectivity to -- did mad dads paper airplane and say that Martha Raddatz and has spent time with -- in war zones and in. More than a few bars here in the United States is a wonderful wonderful correspondent -- human being really pulling for her tonight. Al we should also point out of Paul Ryan -- a little research on Martha -- watching some of her stories on the Internet.

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{"id":17457468,"title":"VP Debate Moderator: Who Is Martha Raddatz?","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News correspondent talks about her experiences overseas with U.S. troops.","url":"/Politics/video/vp-debate-moderator-martha-raddatz-17457468","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}