Washington Cribs: Facebook's D.C. Office

How Facebook thinks new trends in social media will affect the 2012 election.
2:40 | 11/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Washington Cribs: Facebook's D.C. Office
-- -- and I -- spent time at his little cute little start up you may have heard of Washington Chris take a look. Welcome to a special Washington -- edition of top -- Amy and I are here it is really cool start -- called FaceBook. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're joined Garrett FaceBook by Andrew -- Angel Caplan of peaceful -- thank you guys for being here this is kind of cool space and I think I assume when you get the startup money comes through he'll finish the plywood and all that right. No the haven't gotten ever I -- and that salute -- important part of this culture actually went for it -- -- see -- And in this design with any -- office. Around -- or overseas offices to the same thing. -- wrong elemental. Basic idea is to maintain that startup culture sort of -- and the idea that FaceBook is just about 1%. Well I think everything that 1%. Again I didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- Do not saying it loud and -- Are you required when you look at -- and they say -- issued a pair of jeans. You must Wear anything you do experts it will be that your children tragedy -- Their comrades at some people had genes that started -- Kitna. You hit it all right so. What -- -- this incident -- -- wolves quickly that. Over here you'll see some some signs we've. We'll see you all are now -- -- -- you want here is. We do -- -- Still people here. We -- The conference remains. It's also very important part of our corporate culture. Our our apartments remains always had clever names. Staffers all vote on the clusters -- -- -- that you see some Washington companies. Around profits Rose Garden. Kissing babies and -- others. So as -- walked through you'll see a couple these Superman style phone booths. When we get down the main -- you'll see that another part of FaceBook culture is to have all all the employees worked really open. Collaborative space and so. It's -- -- Texas select FaceBook itself where would try to promote openness in sharing and collaboration. But you have private spaces ago if you -- if you want. -- -- fewer people -- hoping someone personally. Okay that's -- this is really important landmark here which is FaceBook wall or guests to come here side. Very pessimistic wall the -- as well. So we have guests from. -- from -- to -- salad. All the way to senator John Cornyn over their payment he's FaceBook live. We'll have to make sure yet. Records on its way. So now we're heading into the main work areas -- -- it's organized. Potency opens seeding basically have to neighborhoods. Here we have our communications neighborhood -- -- those -- work and Reston communications team. And then the rest of our. Policies and government affairs teams federal state local. All in this area here. And Nancy again it's just wide open it's very. Busy and -- most of the time which again to replicate the experience she would have when you log on. FaceBook news -- news. And all around you sayings everything about adults -- -- all around -- here we got a little if -- it was a result. Something we had here couple months ago -- -- law. Which again is part of corporate culture. Those originated headquarters. Opportunities for -- of engineers to get together stay up all night. And just work on what who what if they have don't necessarily directly related to the things that working on. For their day job salute most important FaceBook innovations and products about how to hack the phones like the -- but. Probably most things can act. -- and I -- -- what is the spirit. Now we got the example merchandise what -- these. Wall FaceBook is fueled almost. But happy. That they actually Kathleen -- Coffee eventful we've got -- in the water -- -- water and tons of snaps. It's not exactly like what you see headquarters -- -- -- -- and -- coconuts are angry and all. We got our answer this is the best kept secret a secret and conference from names were heading down now. -- call undisclosed location. And -- -- bunker he's in a bunker vote. So talk to us a little bit about your mission in Washington everyone is on FaceBook if they basically whether -- congressional office of -- of the White House -- but this is not just about making more friends right. Right what we sit down -- government -- So again so FaceBook obviously it's really an extraordinary growth in the number of users around the country -- world and that includes DC it's obviously. It's become real tool for political discourse and political discussion. And as a result of that a lot of policy makers members of congress their staffs. Who use the product. If constituents obviously he's a product and have a lot of questions. And review our role as. Being here to help educate them we're about it and to this we're entering -- -- extraordinary political year do you really engage in this election what -- what's the role of FaceBook. From your guys' perspective. People will be talking about the election people communicating this way but what's what's FaceBook -- -- an election. So politics has always been social right it's about it's it's people communicating with each other about issues about ideas about candidates it's always -- that way. FaceBook is a tool for all politicians to communicate. At scale. We have their constituents and the voters and it's also Wafer for their constituents the voters to talk. Back to their politicians and elected officials into each -- about the issues that are important. Aren't so what's the -- big thing that for this election year you know. Whether it was posting. Videos. What you know that was last time we now have Twitter we have all these others. Things going on out there ways in which you think that candidates can reach voters are that voters can talk back to candidates and others -- There couple things what we've seen so the angels -- that engagement is driven. You know. Impeachment is driven by behind the scenes photo galleries so. You know you always good shots that candidates can write what it. There -- -- We're also seeing use. FaceBook events. Some people RSV -- -- and route and they can use FaceBook places check at a -- so we're seeing these people using -- questions to really active. Crowd source of real time. Gauge the sentiment of their constituents in real time out. And issues that -- on the minds voters. I think I think we're seeing actually a lot of techniques seem to be competing with one another on an you can in most creative -- most innovative and that's why. We have great folks -- here to help them. Gentlemen it's been a pleasure thank you for having us here it is book he's he had. A lot of what shall -- officers. -- -- --

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"How Facebook thinks new trends in social media will affect the 2012 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15017322","title":"Washington Cribs: Facebook's D.C. Office","url":"/Politics/video/washington-cribs-facebooks-dc-office-15017322"}