What to Watch for in Tillerson's Secretary of State Confirmation Hearing

ABC News' Josh Haskell and Mary Bruce tell us what to watch for in Rex Tillerson's Secretary of State confirmation hearing.
5:55 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for What to Watch for in Tillerson's Secretary of State Confirmation Hearing
He got two quick minutes yes there I've seen talking with senators need explanations scenes I've always performed with the worst thing about. Here and I hear a difference that. And yesterday period. Moments what we heard in the last 24 hours all the. On sixteenth street where about perhaps having compliment me. But the ability to spotlight but what's happening right its doors this. There's always going to be. About rats given Rex Tillerson the cozy ties gently. That these studios. The service globally and Russia are off with another that it really European subsidiary. When killers as the head of ExxonMobil. That company they're wrong Cleary was at all of those things are coming up. And so much. The stock to that's what you a lot of questions. There's about precious a lot of the crowd in people's money is allotted no comment on the way out want to eat what economic have to say they want to hear now. That's about all the way out here in an office. Yeah I think you're gonna see that every single page it's worth the nominee in the the Phillies the top administration but the chants from protesters and police. A lot of concerns whether that there would be related adverse. Chair but certainly different. You know yesterday and different government than they were but they just went right. It does seem I was at studio John Kelly hearing yesterday for security and he says he saw the intelligence report and believes that with the utmost confidence. You heard sessions kind of say a similar tone and her Rex Tillerson. He didn't I would sit and talk real tough on Russia and did acknowledge. That we don't hold Russia accountable that's very different from the person they're going to be working it seems like. They're almost going rules further than Donald Trump. Athlete he's getting. Yeah just kind of work that we've had very tough from the very. Questions. Account President Clinton when that's going into the war criminals what it would who's tougher sanctions in the there are a lot of those things I did and it continues east and really police he didn't iron curtain coming up. When you thought yesterday but senator sessions and with John Kelly an accident and no government spending. He's been found in front of we know there are also a lot of experience also. The afternoon session and a chance to Tryon meaning he'll invest in Weirton is assuming that rather controversial decisions of the incoming president. In all these jobs have so many players some responsibilities. I'm even talking some members of the public seem like me yet rightly Russia would have didn't really realize the emphasis on climate change. And that's what most of whose records we've seen the evil. ExxonMobil. And Rex Tillerson accountable for a check teacher yeah and dinosaurs outside the ordinary people. It'd be in court yet we unfortunately were outside and they were taking off their cost obstacles went inside and it took him back on not for us. I I agree. And isn't. Questions. About its old. And you. How that would it would. It would refuse to. And Anderson. It. Yes I've ever heard anything ended. Eight. I've supported benching Rex Tillerson has beaten her connects on his whole career one company and news. On his way to becoming a big. Support diplomatic dance and I went act I think senator or candidate yesterday. And he's. There. It. You're. I went public acts. Oh before bringing me ABC's where else let's talk Wilbon about. Congress on the parent want you to update us briefly because together going on Sunday night that fact. It is I mean here we're focusing on the hearings important thing from happening but I. Brandon worker yesterday he was talking about obamacare as. It really seems like we our home there's vote is there but what's gonna happen tonight what is your sense and what's happening. In. Other. They have they want to get this out of the house and it went in times of people that aren't. Signature block now they're chancellor Adam president a president and represent Pennsylvania in both houses of congress. Want to. We'll let that they want to replace it. Independents and Republicans want to get over these don't happen in Kodiak how long were you don't want to. Easy win when they are no winners at the present these. He's acutely aware of political consequences that it wouldn't let them an American. Coming. Republicans when there aren't a lot of problems with the they killed but what is and how they it's kind of with a wave of particularly in such as the collapse of reminding Americans and that's really like you're twenty on the big picture and I definitely always. Oh I think ABC's Mary Bruce we're gonna take a quick break and we're gonna bring in Mary Alice a little bit to talk more about. What Mary was just touching on dealing with obamacare also can be catching up to senators leaving. And coming in and out of this here show right now Josh passed both capital.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell and Mary Bruce tell us what to watch for in Rex Tillerson's Secretary of State confirmation hearing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44709988","title":"What to Watch for in Tillerson's Secretary of State Confirmation Hearing","url":"/Politics/video/watch-tillersons-secretary-state-confirmation-hearing-44709988"}