Watching GOP Debate With Latino Voters in Florida

Gingrich wins over at least one new voter in Hispanic hotbed state.
6:07 | 01/28/12

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Transcript for Watching GOP Debate With Latino Voters in Florida
Najaf in here in Miami we just finished watching this evening debate from Jackson -- here right now. With -- -- -- -- and we are gonna talk a little bit about what we saw tonight in the debate will start with you yet -- what -- -- mean impressions. Up next today. -- they think that that it be immediate once that's been mostly in I haven't you know -- -- yet. About entities -- -- Republican nomination. And I think it means that I mean. Who who's going to be mine and hateful to blow -- else. Not yet. So how how -- tonight's debate change your opinions of any it became its. Well there bus station in the mean. Re getting -- meat -- Wasn't in a very important. Factor for -- -- need to. Really an inch screen actors nation. And two in the one mean would be in the first and only two. For us to -- that precedent you know here in the states. -- -- you know outcome you know. Elections. And also -- -- association -- mean about the agreement. He's a very very important. Think even before all of us you know. The Americans. In the United States on the I think their -- he illegal. Students -- mutual happening DSM opportunity as a legal once you need to pursue. An impeachment his country. As Selena -- -- -- when we heard a lot of the DREAM Act. Tonight. That is clearly a major issue in this campaign what was your reaction to a we heard from from the four candidates tonight about -- -- -- our eighties. Amazing to me back. And especially Gingrich. Act I have seen a compassionate man and man that is flexible. That understand what's going on the penalty issues. -- or not only floor for a adds. Immigrants. This country I -- to -- in eight states in 1979. Active political asylum. And we have been fortunate my family has been part you know we regret it at me political status act here and we -- illegals but there's. Maybe making videos of them. People that are in this country for can't when he -- -- -- -- art alliance. That -- that want to gain their freedom. Two B two BE -- don't have duplicated for their -- -- of illegals of the DREAM Act is very important. And I believe begging ring which west planet of the candidates with that was more open to that idea. So -- -- -- -- if if Gingrich struck you as compassionate. At tonight's debate. What kind of impression -- Mitt -- -- Hewitt. I think that Mitt Romney its act. He has -- flexibility in my eyes he's very Asian black and white he wants to be portrayed as as a person as a candidate. That is floor that is going for old age is -- he's really not he's very -- black and white in his position. And I didn't see him as a candidate that admirable for. So for a couple of hours ago you might have been undecided. Right now you sound a little a little closer to having -- agreement. I already -- He and and one of the things that I -- -- -- expect. Last one of the last questions that they ask. About religion and act -- still -- very important part of myself because that is Michael he. And they all served very well -- in the sense that our founding fathers. Happy -- yet act act heat as created his -- he gave us the right to free. And it is very different to me that we that the approach that they're believed he says that it will ask for guidance. Or ask for from our creator and that definitely -- my decision. And I don't want to be -- -- four and Gingrich being please. Area now yet -- you what you would form part of of the the youth vote which is obviously. Very coveted in in this election. -- here this -- while watching the debate what are your main takeaways. We'll. The candidates spoken up a lot of float that things they. Imagine a lot of good. These two to think involved immigration and it's very reported that the youth you know the young people. Understand everybody all the candidates. Debates and -- You know make -- practices -- you know for live work and keep. All right well us. We'll it was the end. So -- obviously the use though it is is a very coveted. Demographic this year in the elections what -- your maintain questions and it's that they. Pretty much every. Things they deal is full of all you know very important issues here in the United States. I believe one of the most of putting words was immigration. We do to you know keep that in mind you know the youth then we need to -- home. Look out for our friends and all other people that don't have opportunities that we have you know we're here. You know we citizens but we just let you know -- of others as well. And does better when it better when it. Absolutely well a very good point we are gonna leave -- there to look I have and we thank yet to -- much for letting us into your home. But he thing you know what's the -- we view the -- primary it's going to be a close one Gingrich and Romney are battling downed the wire. It seems that we've got one vote for Gingrich -- here if if not more than one boat we'll see about that the Florida primary coming up. On Tuesday from Miami Matthew Jaffe for ABC news and Univision.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"Gingrich wins over at least one new voter in Hispanic hotbed state. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15460753","title":"Watching GOP Debate With Latino Voters in Florida","url":"/Politics/video/watching-gop-debate-latino-voters-florida-15460753"}