Welsh soccer team saved by Hollywood stars

ABC News' Maggie Rulli takes a trip to North Wales where Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought the Wrexham Football Club.
6:39 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for Welsh soccer team saved by Hollywood stars
Finally tonight a town and it's beloved team out to prove that their best days are not behind them the storage is begging for Hollywood ending. And getting our Maggie ruling out with more. Cool running and all of the Rockies. Dodge ball or a everybody loves a good underdog and as we fifth tier team like the most minor Minor League Baseball team. Rex is definitely an under god. But every game night. The local pub is pack. Most people it's it's about this home hyperbolic it's it is their life I probably look Frentzen. And finally pulled out double strength and has always been yeah. In wreck some football and soccer to us Americans really is light. What are small sigh when it's just before pulling Thomas out to describe if you from Eric guest queen Jones has owned the turf for fourteen years and says. It doesn't matter that the team is in active back. Losing seasons missed it always shows up for their team. 59 in North Wales there's an extra Bosnia because tonight Hollywood's he's watching. Really sky's the limit these two. Ryan Reynolds and Ron Macklin from always sunny in Philadelphia she had become the new and unlikely donors don't wreck some football club. Wake up when Chris and I think he's so we've really been taken over by two. Hollywood superstars is fed pool really bone wrecks and football club and despite some real things crystal comes a little Rex and. No rhyme and rock can't make it here just yet because of travel restrictions but don't worry we propped parent experience with us to hope you picture it. Hollywood stars he maxim. Former industrial town just across the border into wails about forty minutes from Liverpool. The team the third oldest football club in the world. With some moments of glory in the past there is that was great certainly don't. But few and far between in recent years. Despite the losses thousands still show up for Avery gain. Team captain John Pearson says plane correct some is like nowhere else a thing of wanting misplaced those like a lot of you know what can cost sounds a comes together in difficult sobs. When the team almost when they grabbed nine years ago it was good paying parents who came to their rescue. Some locals went to gather their life savings to raise enough money to hike the team and this year another challenge. This season has been so tough because of co when some of the players have had the virus that had to reschedule games this one included normally these stands absolutely packed with fans but. Both players and fans say that this new ownership is exactly the hope they need. Could dead pool and Mac from always sunny really saved that day over zoo. It's just a really strange evening we we have a couple of friends rounds. However she Ryan Reynolds a logo which are thought he had a society it's not quite rights event of a white could cost companies face them on the screen. Yes crazy. Ryan and rob set up a video cards to win over that 2000 less strong group of fans that now on the team here we guardians of this great football club Spencer Harris the team's director and one of many volunteers who currently run the club says from do you want to Brian Robb we're serious. What we don't know his football Sama gives it give fuel confidence when you tell these people he left humble enough to say I don't know. They also quick to embrace the teen's sponsor try and people who. Trailers. For millions trailers has been written was beaten trailer manufacturer for six. Here's why Obama pitching in north we aliens trailer manufacturer and well because we just became owners of Rex association. Football. They are bound teams. You may have never heard of rest and the race course ground warn people of this site you would. We are humbled and we're already getting him. It all worked to site and shops it to. Fans voted not 80% in favor of their new famous owners the automotive centers and revisited in for Williams we found that day like Ryan. Are stealing shocked that their trailer company has now gone viral. Was found toxic for the club the sounds. Norse wheels of the. Poll that's proven it's the small spills on the my little boy it's just incredible and said real peace to the QVC the timing makes need it. The former mining town Drexel was struggling economically even before covic head. A lot of shops and closed. His mother rented premises lovers chatters who shops. That I she doesn't look as. Anywhere near his vibrant city news. Paramedics has been coming to wreck some games from what sixty years and says he's seen on the town has changed but also how the team can bring to tell me back. It's his club does well the time we'll do that the two inextricably linked. In just one week they've already sold half as many jerseys as they normally do in one year. Many complete with custom Reynolds and legally me on the back to her he'll become are excellent and now. I mean I the end of the season Cynthia yeah. I think this season tickets because of Ryan and rob coming in of the new owners. We won the golden otherwise busy opener they closes down a bit about writing them up and all eyes are on this small town in North Wales with a team that's a little guy with a lot of heart on surely could have got involved with the football club a couple of -- high in the way we act currently. But it gives the genie that they would read the contracts today and town where the fund will be in signify how we can go but for now the town is focused on this season giving thanks for Bryan about it. Look look it's gonna get emotional. I think it will be the making of this place they'll certainly be welcome with open arms and there I'm assuming you wanna work divided bailouts for shows. But was expected to be nail biter Indian innings wrecked some Ford nothing win. The teen seems Indiana winning streak. Quite fitting as this underdog story can just getting started. Maggie really ABC news breaks. And like Maggie says everybody loves an underdog go over some we are all rooting for your thanks to Maggie.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli takes a trip to North Wales where Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought the Wrexham Football Club.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74494363","title":"Welsh soccer team saved by Hollywood stars","url":"/Politics/video/welsh-soccer-team-saved-hollywood-stars-74494363"}