White House on Affordable Care Foul-Up

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says people are enrolling despite glitches.
5:05 | 10/21/13

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Transcript for White House on Affordable Care Foul-Up
Picture last -- right so. There do you think you can -- cuisine given all the problems that we've seen people try to roll on this program is the way that's going to be the -- -- and -- let's. That's not at all what. I was saying the OK here's you know we've done. What ought not to -- and you -- people find -- not only will every week. Since a six month enrollment period. As I said the law itself as a written. Makes clear that Americans who have access to affordable insurance would need to have insurance by march 31. The people who do -- have access to affordable care. But do example to a state not expanding Medicaid and their states out there who are depriving. Their own residents. Access to expanded Medicaid because they made that choice or did other factors will not be panel that's number one. And when it comes to the issue I just talking to bring on -- about. And the February 15 marker period in terms of enrollment I would refer you to HHS for more details but they are working to align policies. The disconnect between the open enrollment period and the individual responsibility time friends which which exists on the first -- -- But the point I'm trying to make John and it addressing that that the question at the end of your question is. We're focused on providing. Quality health insurance to millions of Americans we -- three weeks into a six month enrollment here. If you enrolled last week or you enroll next week your insurance does not kick in until January 1 and ample prior experience shows that in programs like these most people. Don't enroll -- tilt towards the end if you're able to shop. For an extended period of time before you have to buy you likely to shop and in Massachusetts for example where a similar. Health care initiative was passed and the law. The average consumer. Explored his or her options. Six to eight times I believe the figure was before actually making decisions so again we're acknowledging. Clearly as the president did that the problems that exist on the website are not acceptable to him -- it. We are focused on. Making the consumer experience that are providing clear information to Americans about the variety of ways that -- -- Information about plans. As well as the variety of ways they can -- to them and our focus is on. Making -- Affordable Care Act work and making sure that Americans have access to these plants not on. You know figuring out who's to blame for a problem they clearly system we need to fix. Basic -- terms. You can't really charge people fine for not getting health insurance you don't fix this mess -- let me -- but I like working you. -- I appreciate what you're saying and I have answered now and we'll answer again people who usually what would it let me -- -- -- is not fixed. Well people still -- to pay. First of all. World way. It's still early in the process so you're talking about it February 15 and march -- first deadline it is October 21 today. So let's be clear about that -- three weeks into this. And that's number one number two as written the law makes clear that people who do not have access to affordable care. Due to a state not expanding Medicaid or other factors will not be penalized. All the factors can be -- website again -- -- -- written let's we were focused on implementing. And and the law and ensuring that people have the information. They need. What. I think is important to remember is that even through this people are. -- people are. Submitting applications. Success. And we need to make sure that we're doing everything we can because the interest is so high and the demand is so. Did the consumer experience is as good as possible and it. Every American out there whose -- -- getting affordable health insurance because he -- she has in the past had it available to him -- Is getting the information they need and getting it in a way that allows them to make the educated choices. About the variety of plans available to them that they need to make. The main contractor that built this web -- CGI they were fired by Ontario Canada. Opera problems up there didn't do. Administration choose the wrong people to build -- website but there -- a lot of people working on this odor free -- HS about contractors that's not something. That the White House overseas. The president. Make clear today did. He's not satisfied with the what the consumer experiences. With the web site. And the administration HHS and CMS. Are working 24/7 to improve the experience. Into the contract for top dollar was started at 93 million dollars that we're not. To 292 million -- where -- now where is that money coming from I would refer you to HHS for questions about HHS contracts.

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{"id":20637350,"title":"White House on Affordable Care Foul-Up","duration":"5:05","description":"White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says people are enrolling despite glitches.","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-affordable-care-foul-20637350","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}