White House blames Democrats for DACA deadlock

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders set the stage for a government shutdown blame game at the daily briefing.
16:36 | 01/17/18

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Transcript for White House blames Democrats for DACA deadlock
Either walk. On ABC news that there recline Ali and Perry Ellis park yesterday we find out the president is it serve our particular. The effort because we are looking down the barrel and now we're going to be joined by by White House correspondent. Just the few moments as well as the Washington post's opinion writer Christine and the first guys how close are we right now where the plane land her. Odds are sanders' they're saying that the the plane is going to peace in one direction one place but the others. It. Closes be checked out in the top Nazi per share. And Democrats know it checked out as bad for government Washington but terrible. Like their. Position right now and it's time. It's hard it is to take a wait shut down from the other work that was her ego in the all this a lot of that was. Why he hearings yesterday. Needs and future sectors showed just. Sent an emboldened Democrats now are about that'll as whole controversy that has really rile them up. I see it very hard for them as a party to walk away from time at this point as we were just talking about it to shut down is their leverage. If they pass something without docket it they lose their critical leverage can be very hard for them walk away from. I was shocked during the hearing Cory Booker kept referring to dreamers as his fellow Americans said they are my fellow Americans even if they don't have the proper paperwork or documentation. If you believe you Democrats really believe that these are there fellow Americans how thanking him not actually go to and that goes to break. For them I mean it's now is in the situation where they would look like it totally K. But you know there the digger the Republican House members are working on a deal with which has sweeteners for the dams the six year extension of the Children's Health Insurance Program. The other side is insane while. Why would we want we from that's absolutely and it's pretty. Tricky for Republicans but that interview really tough votes democrats' plan. At least in the house the Republicans if you will or won't they just get conservatives on board of it's not really name. We can't or exactly I was bringing Christina book from the Washington Post glad to have you join us here on a briefing room proceed. And I want to talk also about the dreamers because this issue of what to do with doctor recipients. Very much tied up in this. Odd that the White House has been suggesting for the last couple of days now that the Democrats who don't want to kill the dreamers because they're not serious about negotiating of course we have the president's comments from a week ago. We have what happened in the room what's your sense of how this is starting to to to shake out as we face the deadline of Friday government funding. While it's becoming incredibly acrimony and it really doesn't actually look like it will be possible to make a deal by Friday acts two days from. I think as you mentioned before what happened in the room B word that was said. Actually has a lot to say about what this problem it I mean if trump is willing to you and the Republican supporting can presumably. Are we willing to say such things ass holes about immigrants to this country. It really calls into question. Trumps values and their values in this entire negotiation process. You know Democrats as he said. Think of the dreamers as citizens if Tom can call citizens are almost citizens by these names. And he does he believe in anything that he's negotiating on this he actually even care about these people be streamers and there are issues. Andy what does that say about how much they can be. It's rustic either to work on a deal in the future to prioritize immigration to prioritize these streamers their time is running out. You know there work permits begin to expire on March 6 which is not far away. And I think when you talk about who will take the blame for all of this the idea that the president inserted race into this debate. And and blue this whole thing up that way. Really had a lot of the blame on him. The question of what he actually wants write me if it did we criticism from members of congress and on both sides. A casino with your take on this because the Democrats I think been cleared all they're trying to negotiate your they want to care dot recipients they want to put of these on the table they are. I don't know that it once there are present trump actually wants and we've heard members of congress publicly and privately say we want to know what you want what went last week he said I'll sign wherever you Kabul where there was a bipartisan deal out there. This is at least the second time his presidency that he's rejected that bipartisan deal. On talk he seems like a lot of what we're the president lands the pens and the last person is eager. I think that's absolutely true and that's something that you also saw happening from this conversation last week. I'm grand enter and brought a an agreement a compromise to the White House into the Oval Office. They had indications from the president apparently just hours before. That he would be willing to look at and sign this compromise something that did include streamer provisions. And also included tidbits for border security. But then apparently something happened in those two hours and now they have no idea where the president is in fact he seems on a completely different side. And I think it's just makes it very difficult to negotiate your head when you don't know what anybody wants or who is influencing why. And I don't think that you can blame the Democrats for that insecurity. Yes negotiating whiplash we're here White House correspondent this leaving into the conversation. A right now Cecilia. What do you make of that the back and forth this and how much can you tie. The fact that rideau staring down the barrel of government shut down to that episode in the Oval Office a week ago Thursday. I mean I think it's directly connected I don't know that it. It's entirely connected but it certainly part of it you've got both sides definitely sticking their heels in on this front. Look I'm I was really struck by. What are the questions it was asked directly upstairs standards of the buck stopped with the president. The resident who wants credit for literally everything including. Whether there were fewer airplane crashes last year under his tenure in this White House but when it comes the shut down he will have absolutely. No responsibility for he does not want to speakers on this one and and really they couldn't give any clear guidance in here. Today's briefing as to how much the president would even be involved. And this administration would even be involved. In these downed the wire last minute conversations that are happening as she stepped on Kellie Adams street as have been talking about was down on Capitol Hill today. There certainly is involvement happening but. But the president that the White House is not laying out exactly what the president is doing really saying. What we're hearing behind the scenes they're telling members you've got to get this. So the narrative the houses this is all Democrats this is all Democrats America instantly then. If in fact this shutdown does happen but. You know we gotta be realistic about this this is a Republican administration right now controls. Both houses on this White House and and certainly it will face their fair share of this when in fact this ever happens you know the clock is ticking. And and ended the Republicans there's that continues of infighting all throughout the ranks in Sicily stick with us for a moment because. I want a place of it happened earlier today on the senate floor senator Jeff week has been outspoken this criticism. Our president trump went to another level it seems to me today on the senate or tickle. When he seventeen was a year which saw the truth objective empirical evidence based truth more battered and abused and it any time in the history of our country. At the hands of the most powerful figure in our government. The enemy of the people was how the president of the United States called the free press in 2017. Mr. President. It is a testament to the condition of our democracy that our own Preston uses words in for mostly spoken by Joseph Stalin. To describe his enemies. When a figure in power reflexively calls any press it doesn't suit in fake news. It is that person who should be the figure of suspicion not the press. And a comparison this all on obviously not and not her very well over at the White House Cecilia. Be the fighting back at lake they're saying it's as low poll numbers which is not running for reelection race had nothing to lose here. In this battle the White House's in a continuing to agencies. I'm actually surprised we haven't heard from the president directly on that what yet I would imagine there's. A treaty to be had and and I can't convert the outlet here there's a nickname for Catholic president Tran has already senate now equally likely lightly and I forgot yet. How can probably hear that C like. At. School will meet queen this is this is and our driver we right now between these two despite the fact here in the same party. Oh so this is not going away anytime soon. This comes the these comments from from the senator there com as we are awaiting. Some details on how this White House or this administration no no word on whether it's me from the campaign and the White House is going unveil the so called fake. Use a word awards at the president has promised twice and move the date. Since his first promise that he's gonna unveil these today at some point the White House says this is happening. Look at this is a constant drumbeat from this president. I don't argue with it I don't know that this is something it will be covering heavily the fake news media awards it's not I'm not looking for a war and if I gala guys he'll be sure to thank you. In my acceptance. That would be a lot really appreciate that billion it. Get back in the room get it through Rick Perry and Rick Scott series is just out thank you slavery and look. Toward. It's Harper's deposed him. Let me. That at six hours have been warned the White House staffers that the president might if the old. In one street over another but you might. Staffers Sony's very careful involved themselves. What effort this may be. And so they've been since they're working. From ethnic Lawler directly. I just moments a month ago where an incredible Republican unity came together to pass them. Speaks we think he's legislation. And a lot of infighting seem to certain totally tempered and now less than one month back from the holidays you have a remarkable day with these statesmen like. Exactly and John McCain both coming out today and accusing the Republican president a dangerous behavior essentially engaging in demagoguery. Once again we see basically three party system via truck Republicans other Republicans. And Democrats and that long. And go moment of unity themes are. A casino developer at the Washington Post what you read into what we presumed to be insistent that this White House going toward these. Be neutral president has been built in this is just the city changed it once he says today we still don't know at 2 PM. You're Washington what's going on today with the capital there actually gonna happen what would what kind of I was acting. When I was I don't know that I need to vacate its report that Christie wouldn't what's your sense or just plain. Yeah I mean it really doesn't seem like even they are sure what's going on just in the briefing right now I think Sarah Sander said they. She wasn't sure what the awards are going to look like or when they were happening or even if they were happening. But it's not getting a lot of traction here. I can't I'd I do think that it's. It's really interesting and a bit worrying to kind of focus in and think about how the president is using the phrase they use and how it's kind of spiraled out of his control all that's. And Jeff flick talked about it on the floor I'm in John McCain actually published an op Ed in the Washington Post about it. Today. In the briefing you can't Sarah Sander said that the president was open to back and forth with journalists that there are journalists in the press briefing room right now. But that's that's not what we want as journalists from the president we don't want sort of back and forth and pretending that some news his stake in some news it's real. We want the truth and they want to be able to ask the president important question. And that's what it takes to run a country to have real information as citizens need. Results America supposed to be sort of a city on the hill right and you see a ripple effect. Dictators are using the phrase speak news so that they can clamp down on journalists and their own countries. We're not really setting the example that we should be setting and it's coming straight from France it. Yeah I think the news has changed a lot of time he was an easy dodged a city. To rebut something like it's become weaponized. But by this White House by the press and that was McCain's point the world is watching your team. Your cues from. How we view things might. Watching the president. And yesterday we saw banners at his own cabinet being accused of sitting silence and contributing to. Europe in each depressant your anti went on acres were asking a question. So let's let's move on to that the news on the roster fronts the band was on Capitol Hill yesterday we're now expecting to see and maybe again on the hill but also. Intriguingly talking to Mueller and his investigators what we're learning to us about is it possible Woody's we have a different story health. It took them smaller and vaccine that's how well it sounds very much like he's going to be talking a lot more about other matters that he wasn't apparently was on the hill. He was there for ten hours but he wouldn't talk about anything during the administration or during the transition. So only talking about campaign thefts have left out of big chunk and so probably covered that would Mahler it you know lucky he. Used executive privilege to not answer these questions. By the house and bring back my subpoena and and fight that. Yeah I mean response from both Democrats and Republicans Lee's house that was pretty sweat they were not buying this argument and executive privilege. They had witnesses and cleanup before and they think it's. I'm just an and ends that they not enough lakes stand on the air I was free surprised how quickly lawmakers came out of that room and said that they subpoenaed him. It's much harder to ignore as the. Despite what you may decide what you see even in Michael Wolfe's book about the Johnson junior and others. Clearly there's no love lost between him a lot of people who are still working at the White House today but as people at least and are reported people we've talked to it seemed to suggest these optical reservation. No that raised her hope that. I think that. I think that they are clearly worried about how it is with other White House insiders rate near the Republicans Nazis after Steve Bennett who's next to equal to Christ. Of the hill investigators animal investigators can be claimed executive privilege it looked like testing the waters you saucer sinners are saying. That there's been decades of oppressive and with White House staff and he privilege there's also been that it's about being tried in court not going swap the White House. You know legal fights of all around all right guys final thoughts before we we've for a close things out that the seat have a what you learned today and in watching the briefing in and watching things develop today. I think there's a lot of confusion emanating from the White House announced that Sarah Sanders herself can't really tell us whether the president and plant later today or whether she out of an idea about what you want to do with doc and the dreamers. They don't wanna shut up they know it'll look bad but it's not clear that they have any plan other than trying to blame the Democrats. Justin I completely agree it's the president your that blame game he's Ringo. And and to that point not knowing what they want them here yesterday in street wanted the original deals one point. Three billion well that's balanced one billion in one year. No mention Macs and still very affluent. I was struck the ice volume and a lack of any answer four how actually sound isn't very at this point and in. Certain linking two days in advance looks like you're planning on for a check out she wouldn't say it that way obviously lack there was no talk how. She says her and I it is it's usually prepare for their prepare the blame game they're also hearing tentatively congress because they you'd throw it to accomplish as night congress but I think that's important piece of political position here. It's not just that say although the Democrats wouldn't be able to say. We sent it to bipartisan buy apple eaters get it done. We it was looking for those figures between the president and his allies on capitol supplant Alice apple. Are right that does it for today be sure to follow its online and download the ABC news our thanks to Christina for joining us you're on the briefing room. Look we will be back with you next time it don't see it read you're the White House. Thanks for joining you on the repeat.

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