White House criticized for muted response to missing journalist

President Trump says he's reluctant to stop trade with Saudi Arabia in wake of the disappearance of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi.
3:57 | 10/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White House criticized for muted response to missing journalist
And that we want to get to that missing Washington Post journalist whose last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Turkey. Now some new video may help reveal what happened to him as Turkish reports. Claimed he was killed by possible Saudi hit squad Karen Travers has the latest on this self from the White House Karen. And the White House says they don't know what happened to Jim often Shockey and the president in demanding answers the White House this week that they want to see this. First in a very transparent way by Saudi Arabia. And the president that yesterday that they hate the united think as investigators over there then that his administration working with Turkey and working with Saudi Arabia. Yeah close relationship with the Saudi crown race and it's not in line senior advisor Gerry Brewster has an especially close relationship with the crown Britain's. And at this involves creating quite a very tricky situation for the drug administration yesterday the president weighed in on this several times is but he had to say. We don't like it and we don't like it even a little bit. But as to whether or not we should stop a 110 billion dollars from being spent in this country knowing they have. For a five alternatives to very good alternatives. That would not be acceptable. The president there is talking about an agreement that he and the Saudi leadership had made last year when he made that trip to Riyadh his first trip as president. For about a 110 billion dollars in arms sales in the US and Saudi Arabia the numbers don't actually match up to that very very high price tag at this point but. They have been some members of congress who say that the administration should back out of that agreement that they should not go forward. While this is being investigated especially if it turns out the Saudi Arabia had something to do it shocking that parents. And possible murder but you heard the president say there yesterday that this is job this is money for the US economy and he would not willing to take that stat. Of course the big question is what is the administration going to viewing for now or no answer. Yes in one big hang up is that his shot is not actually US citizen though he was a permanent US resident and so it seems there's a little bit of the debate as to how much. The White House should really be doing. That is and the president made that point yesterday but I think there are concerns from lawmakers that there have to be a line drawn on something like this that there was hit squad that was brought from Saudi Arabia and Turkey. And that the notably have mentioned several times that this is good in general but also not good because this a person from office argue with a writer and reporter. Now we're getting some new video up to shaggy entering the Saudi consulate so of course investigators no data coming through that's trying to figure out. Exactly what happened here McCarron really quickly should ask you about yesterday at the White House through we can't let you go before we talk about Conway. We're you even begin here. This is one of the more bizarre White House event I ever covered I've been here for three administrations England been here for many more than that say they see nothing like that the before president Ron kind a wet in the oval office on it delivering it very long rambling profanity laced speeds. At the end of it the president said it was pretty impressive and asked the reporters there. What do you do after that and you have knocked about jobs education gang violence gun. You know mental health issues and of course his support for president from Diane in there is wearing that make America great again Red Hat. Since some of his friends tried to scare him into not wearing it but that when he putting on. He felt like Superman. Or as the that the note of that big hug to our colleague Jon Karl to some questions from reporters that in the end does. Air hub town Carl. Seen and covered it odd that it's certainly something he says he'd ever. Before we could get it done because of I was there this morning I did not expect a hug in the Oval Office from Kanye West. You never know you're gonna get it and I think your curse words not funny Oval Office yeah but you know it's another day here in the front White House keeping you guys on your shows Karen Travers in the White House thanks Karen.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"President Trump says he's reluctant to stop trade with Saudi Arabia in wake of the disappearance of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58463420","title":"White House criticized for muted response to missing journalist","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-criticized-muted-response-missing-journalist-58463420"}