White House Defends Healthcare.gov 'Bypass'

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refers to Jonathan Karl's questions as a "little soliloquy."
6:48 | 11/04/13

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Transcript for White House Defends Healthcare.gov 'Bypass'
-- -- you remember the president in the Rose Garden October 21 and I talked about troubles with the website and say you can bypass the web -- deployment -- person. And even said it what you get somebody on the phone you can usually takes about 45 minutes for an individual who applied. 45 minutes for a family. Good Mellish. Released by the Government Reform Committee. -- that. The CMS. Was talking about how. The very same issues -- affecting. Written applications phone applications in fact when the memo says at the end of the day. We -- all stuck in the same -- because all those applications have to go through. The web -- Have to go through the same computer system did the president know. It is very same problems would be facing consumers. When they called on the phone he said they can apply. Point 50 you know the answers yes as was reported widely at the time the whole point. Is this EMS processing paper applications through hell -- -- -- act up but it bypasses the need to create an account. And creating an account is what what what led to the bulk issues for -- in the initial days. Initially. On the launch. The marketplace is on October 1 you were not able to do that. By phone. And in response to the troubles that users were having on line. The unacceptable troubles that they were -- we -- up the staffing the call centers and made it possible for. -- Individuals who called and and enroll in you know to sign up and and bypass most importantly. The creation of an account so they can that could be handled by the Collins senators these applications are then processed through health -- -- And we're working to fix health -- -- -- but in terms of the user experience the whole point was to alleviate the frustration. That so many Americans were having. On line and to take that frustration away for them from them and allow. A live person -- -- -- to. Handle their questions and there. Sign ups and their enrollment for them so I know this and review -- spoken in -- of dramatic revelation but it was known fact at the time. We never pretended. Otherwise so I I think as a you know than -- talked people -- this they it. You know this is the whole point was to beef up the call on senators to -- to give. And the American people are looking for information a way to avoid some of the frustrations they were having on line but. But check. -- -- of them aren't exactly. I don't think about exactly what the president's he said you can bypass the web -- applied by phone -- in person. And it can be done and 45 minutes but these -- -- the end of the day we are all stuck in the saint -- all have to go through the -- immortal John. I get it but the person who calls isn't the one who continues to wait after the paper application is bill. You're gonna hear her markings entertaining but the president said he recently -- 25 minutes that was not true war. You and I think everybody else looking physically because there's a reason equivocal here because you call up. You you get your information you get the questions answered the need answered and then it's they take over from -- and then you find out you know what you're eligible for. And the process goes forward once -- -- what's your process you know once your application is processed the point was to relieve some of the frustration. Did Americans were understandably experiencing. And -- And what you hear if -- an individual roughly this is on average the the interaction you have when you give the information in order -- bypassed the creation of an account. And you sign up so -- you didn't have to do that on line. And then to enroll obviously would -- you know you would get in the information you need. That would be processed you would find out how much you qualified for and you -- be enrolled that way but obviously but the -- we have never said. That you wouldn't that the process the -- -- the process wouldn't still have to go through health care act out so this is. October 23 you sit there are more ways to -- exchanges. You see available on a regular he's there for ways to jump in exchange you don't like all -- real person. Local posters -- -- by mail order web site you sent a reporter for where's there's only one -- all has to go through mr. gazette health care. -- -- -- -- what everybody said and again you know you can I you can have this year absolutely by yourself but the what the president gave the American public the impression that they can imply. They could apply pressure and told people they get iphones -- if -- fall and the paperwork is filled out for them and the process has taken over from there they'd all. Won't have been brought wind when their paperwork was processed through health care -- but they don't have to go online to do it is the point. John that was the whole purpose -- while we are fixing the web site making it. Meet the standards that we set that Americans -- have this alternative way. With beefed up staffing and new rules allowing the call on senators to do this the -- and Collison is to do this to provide that relief to Americans are frustrated by the experience I think you. I'm not sure what you think -- discovered here John but it was a -- asking whether the president thank you can bypass the website actually just at all to collapse. So which I think we've been through this. The US you call. You have an experience with you have a conversation with somebody in the balance and you give the -- information. They process it for you they -- the creation and account which is where most of the bottlenecks were happening. Four users on on the web site. Eventually that still has to go through health care act of what you've you've you've done the work with eventually -- -- -- -- We'll look at whether you want nothing from from Kathleen Sebelius told me this was active as October 24 -- Phoenix Colson a person on the other phone. Can get questions answered uptick in -- 250 languages as well as walk somebody all the way through the process and enroll at. End of the day. Right at the end of the day you give everybody you give somebody your information when you column and sign up for something right now John and somebody takes your information and they process that. They process whatever is your signing up for enrolling in you know. They can do that monster off the phone you don't have to stay on the phone that's the point is to is to relieve -- Americans were frustrated by the their own role that it's -- right. Also I think everybody else here understands what I'm saying I'm I'm sorry I can't. It's -- yes.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refers to Jonathan Karl's questions as a \"little soliloquy.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"20779794","title":"White House Defends Healthcare.gov 'Bypass'","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-defends-healthcare-bypass-20779794"}